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Author Topic: CORONO V Battle Five; Blunt The Spear Orks vs Oomies  (Read 3453 times)

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CORONO V Battle Five; Blunt The Spear Orks vs Oomies
« on: April 10, 2020, 04:59:19 PM »
This Batrep is a continuation of the battle for Corono V. The umie forces saw the orks making a pincer move towards the city and moved to protect their supply lines. My son was not allowed to use Yarrick as he is still in intensive care from the stomping he got from Ghaz.

My son being at the rebellious age of 30, decided so that since he couldn't take Yarrick then it would be a 100 point battle. I agreed. Rather than try to make a new list, I took my 48 point list twice plus a few to match his ponts.

The battle is Vanguard Strike set up, with No Mercy scenario. He won the dice roll and set up first. He actually got done setting up before me so had +1 to the dice roll but I rolled a 6 and he rolled a 3, then he failed to seize the initiative.

Ork List:
Battalion One
Warlord; warboss with Ead Whoppa and combi skorcha, Might is Right
Warboss with Ded Shiny Shoota and PK
warboss with combi skorcha and PK
Big mek with KFF and combi skorcha

10 boys nob with PK, riding in a trukk with big shoota and wrecking ball
10 boys nob with PK, riding in a trukk with big shoota and wrecking ball
10 Ard boys nob with PK, riding in a trukk with big shoota and wrecking ball

3 units of 1 megatrakk scrapjets

10 Tankbustas, riding in a trukk with big shoota and wrecking ball

Battalion Two
Warboss with big choppa and combi skorcha
Warboss with combi skorcha and PK
Warboss with combi skorcha and PK

10 Shoota boys nob with kustom shoota and PK, riding in a trukk with big shoota and wrecking ball
10 boys nob with PK, riding in a trukk with big shoota and wrecking ball
10 boys nob with PK, riding in a trukk with big shoota and wrecking ball

3 units of 1 megatrakk scrapjets

OOOMie list:
Battalion One
Command squad with priest, medic, vox, two plasma, two hot shots
Tempest Commander
Tempest command squad 3 plasma guns and a medic

10 guardsmen, lascannon, plasma gun, sarge with sword
10 guardsmen, lascannon, plasma gun, sarge with sword
10 guardsmen, lascannon, plasma gun, sarge with sword

6 Special weapons squad 3 with flamers
6 Special weapons squad 3 with flamers

10 vet guardsmen, lascannon, plasma gun, sarge with chainsword

5 Tempest guardsmen, 1 plasma gun, sarge with plasma pistol

Everser assassin

Spearhead Detachment:
Tank Ace
Executioner russ, las cannon, plasma cannons, twin bolter
Punisher russ, las cannon, multi meltas, stubber
Leman russ, big gun, las cannon, multi meltas, twin bolter
Leman russ, big gun, las cannon, heavy bolters, twin bolter
Taurok prime, twin gatling gun and two auto cannons, twin bolter
Valkyrie with Las cannon, missile launcher and door heavy bolters.


111 points ======================vs=======================112 points

Set up:

Turn One:
The orks move out in a rush of waaagh! The Warlord eager to get to Creed makes his truck advance 12. Lots of shooting at the punisher, actually everything in range shot at the punisher, and killed it. First blood for the orks.

The umies move around a bit, Creed and co move towards the warlord. The assassin appears behind the orks. Shooting from three lascannons and one leman russ kills the warlords truck, but it didn't explode. The warlord and his ard boys got out. The assassin hit the warlord for 3 damage. Lots of other shooting and one more truck got destroyed. Lots of flashlight shooting thinned out the ard boys and the other mob that got detrucked.

Turn Two:
The orks move forward (what an unexpected move) and the warlord gets really close to Creed and co. The other mob moves towards the executioner. Shooting from the scrapjets was a lot of missing but the tankbustas seriously damaged the tank ace russ. The shoota boys killed off 6 guardsmen, and lots of slugga shooting actually killed some guardsmen here and there. The Warlord charged Creed and co. with the ard boys. The other squad charged the executioner, and a trukk charged the vet squad. The warlord swung with his mighty ead whoppa and caused 4 mortal wounds and two regular wounds. Kell jumped in front of the axe and was cut in half, Creed failed his save and was wounded. The ard boys killed off all the command squad and the nob killed the priest. The truck killed off three more vets, the lone plasma gunner passed his LD with the help of Creed, and the other boss and boys killed the executioner.

The Tempests disembarked from their taurok and moved towards the orks. The 3 vets pulled back and got into the taurok, Creed fell back and got into the taurok.  The tank ace russ backed up to the board edge, and the other russ moved into the corner. The Valkyrie showed up and strafed the truck that had charged the vets, killing the truck. The tank ace kills a truck with the big gun, and his other guns miss because of the KFF on the tankbusta truck. The russ in the corner kills a bunch of boys, finished off the ard boys, and the taurok thinned out the herd of boys in front of the tempests. The other squads fired and killed off a bunch of boys, I had to spend 4 command points for two insane courage stratagems. Of note, the assassin hits the warlord for 2 more wounds and the lone plasma gunner kills the warlord. The Tempests charged the squad that had killed the executioner and killed all but the boss.

See that lone plasma gunner in the crater? Keep and eye on him, he earns the MVP of the battle.


Turn Three
The newley disentrucked boys move towards the tempests. The lone warboss heads towards the plasma gunner to see if he can get an easy point, and the other warboss moves to get into range of the corner russ rolling snake eyes, he didn't get far. The scrapjets move in to try to shoot the two russes and the taurok. The shoota boy truck turns around and heads for the assassin. The shoota boys were out of range but the ded shiny shoota and the big shoota on the truck fired at the assassin causing one wound. Four of the scrapjets shoot the russ in the corner killing it. One scrapjet and the tankbusta boys cause 9 wounds on the taurok, and the other scrapjet sent his missiles to the next battle. The full boy squad shoot and charge the tempests and the tempest command squad. The warboss charges the tempest command squad. The lone warboss charges the plasma gunner and loses his last two wounds from overwatch. (that is one lucky plasma gunner) The boys and boss wipe out the tempests and the command squad, and the nob killed the tempest commander. The last truck charges the tank ace russ and causes two damage.

The umies in the taurok stay in hiding, the taurok turns around to shoot at the boys. The valkyrie strafes the shoota boy trukk, the tank ace shoots at the last truck load of boys causing 7 damage on the truck. The taurok wipes out the boys, and the lone boss stands there wondering why all his boys fell down. The assassin shoots a warboss and causes 4 wounds and the lone plasma gunner shoots the same boss and kills him. He spends a command point to have the assassin shoot again, and this time he gets the head shot thing and the assassin killed a warboss.

Turn Four:
The last truck boys disembark and the truck backs off from the tank ace russ. The last of the boys and the last boss move towards the taurok. The shoota boys move towards the assassin and get point blank. The tankbusta boys truck turns around and heads toward the valkyrie. The tankbustas shoot at the valkyrie and get 6 damage on it. The shoota boys loose everything they have at the assassin but because of his shadow he was hard to hit, so 12 shiny shoota shots, 20 shoota shots and 3 big shoota shots only caused one wound on the assassin. The boys shot sluggas at the lone plasma gunner and missed. The 4 scrapjets fired at the taurok and all of the rockits went into the next battle field, or outer space. Two other scrapjets fired at the tank ace russ and got 4 more wounds on it. The shoota boys truck charged the assassin and caused one wound, the last full squad of boys charged the tank ace russ and killed it. The other squad got mowed down by the taurok overwatch as he spent a point for 5's and 6's to hit on overwatch. But the lone boss and the nob made it in to combat and killed the taurok. Creed and his three vets disembarked.

The valkyrie spun around went into hover and disembarked its two squads of special weapons teams. The assassin fell back from combat with the truck. The valkyrie unloaded on the truck and blew it up. The shoota boys all climbed out of the wreckage just fine, but then the six flamers and six flashlights wiped out the squad leaving only the boss with the ded shiny shoota standing there. Creed and vets fired at the nob and warboss killing the nob. The plasma gunner fired at the warboss and got two wounds.

She who must be obeyed ordered us inside for dinner, so we didn't do any close combat nor play a turn five.

Orks 15
Umies 12

A grot crawled out from under his destroyed truck and dragged the ead whoppa over to the choppa boy nob and sold it to him for six teef. The nob, picked up the axe and swung it around. Accidentally cutting off the head of the the warboss standing behind him. He shrugged his shoulders as the remaining choppa boys started calling him boss.

On a different note; I have begun to see a pattern here. My son seems to always get fed when he comes over to play a game. Hmmmm, am I paying to play?  :o
Also after dinner, I took that plasma gunner and painted corporal stripes on his cuffs and a Honrifica Imperialis medal on his chest. And painted "Boss Killer" on his base.
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