Corono V Battle Three: Rescue Yarrikk

Started by SKEETERGOD, April 5, 2020, 03:44:11 PM

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This is a continuation from the last battle (see battle two) where the mostly dead Yarik was left behind Ork lines and the end of the last battle.

It seems the body guard ogrin wasn't all the way dead yet, and picked up the limp form of Yarick and hid in the destroyed taurok. During the rainy night the AM marched all night to get some reinforcements and fix the exterminator. The orks were no slackers either, marching loads of boys to the battlefield to do some lootin the next morning.

This is the Rescue mission from the main rule book, modified slightly to only one objective that the destroyed taurok was where Yarriks body was hiding. The orks are sleeping waiting for the rain and daylight, while the grots are the sentries. (I spent a command point to get two units of sentries).

Ork List:
Warlord; Warboss with combi skorcha and eadwhoppa
Warboss with big shiny shoota
Big Mek with combi skorcha and KFF

One unit of shoota boys; nob with kustom shoota, 3 big shootas, 26 shoota boys
One unit of choppa boys; nob with PK, 3 rockit launchas, 26 boys with slugga/choppa
One unit of Ard Boys; nob with PK, 3 big shootas, 26 boys with slugga/choppa

Two units of 10 grots and Runtherd

Umies List:
Company Commander
Command Squad, medic, two plasma gunners, Vox caster, two hot shot las rifles, sgt with power sword.

one unit of 15 Guardsman, heavy bolter and one plasma gun
one unit of 10 Guardsman, Heavy bolter and one plasma gun
One unit of 10 Guardsman, heavy bolter and one plasma gun
One unit of 10 Scions with one plasma gun and medic.

One unit of 10 vets, heavy bolter and one plasma gun

Two special weapons squads with three flamers each

Vindicare Assassin

Executioner Russ with lasconnon, and multi melta sponsons


Set up:
The orks set up the three squads in the shell holes around the taurok. The grot sentries formed a line across the board. The umies set up with Creed and co. in the middle and the three infantry squzds and two special weapons teams towards the outside edges. The vets started mounted in the plane. Both the Valkarie and the executioner started in reserve.

Turn A, B, C, D, and E; The grots moved around and got many opportunities to sound the alarm. However the umies burned through command points using silenced weapons to pick of the sentries, or moved away from the grots.

Here is one where the assassin has to move because of grots   but was saved by silent shooting from Kell.

Basically the first five turns were the umies trying to pincer the orks in preparation for Creed and co. to break out Yarrikk and the body guard. Rather than post move by move of sentries and umies I will just let the pictures do the talking.

Here is where the company commander had to charge a runtherd to prevent noisy shooting from sounding the alarm.

An idea of the the amount of moving, the Creed and Co. getting closer to sleeping orks

At long last silenced shooting failed to kill the grot sentry, and the alarm is sounded

Turn One: (yes I know, the orks should have gone first, but I didn't catch it until after the battle)
The body guard carries Yarrick out of the wreck and gets into the command squad. Creed and co. lay down ineffective fire on the Ard Boys killing nothing, the scions also tried but ard boys with a cover save are hard to kill. On the flanks the umies tried to shoot the shoota boys and found out their flamers were out of range and their flashlights did nothing but sting a few boys awake.

The ard boys fired their sluggas at the assassin killing him. (three big shootas and 26 pistol shots) The shoota boys moved forward and advanced a massive three inches and fired the big shootas at the flamer squad killing them all, and the shootas at the regular squad and wiped them out too. The choppa boys moved forward and something about my running dice advanced snake eyes. The Ardboys and Warlord charged the Creed and Co. rolling 12 for the charge and got them into combat.
The ard boys had a case of not enough coffee and only killed four members of the command squad, two wounds on kell, and a wound on the priest. The umies did little better only killing three ard boys.

Turn Two.
Creed and Co. fell back from the combat, the valkary hovered in and the vets disembarked, the two squads on his left flank moved closer. In a mass amount of shooting the ard boys were all wiped out leaving only the warlord and the nob.
The scion squad charged the warlord and nob and got themselves wiped out.

I spent two command points to keep the ard boy nob in the fight with insane courage.

The choppa boy squad advanced through terrain and got nice and close to the Creed and Co. The shoota boys moved forward till they were half out of terrain. The shoota boys tried to shoot down the valkyrie, but only caused 5 wounds. The three rockits shot at the valkyrie and caused three more wounds. the sluggas shot at the command squad and killed the commander and the last guardsman. The choppa boys charged and did their best to kill everything. They got the ogre, the priest, Kell, the vox, the sarge, the medic, and two wounds on Creed. They got all but Creed, darn. Killing the ogre was great, as he dropped all the way dead on top of Yarrik.

Turn Three;
The executioner moves on the board. Creed makes a linebacker move, falls back from combat, picks up the fumbled Yarrikk, moves into the valkyrie, The vet squad also embarks. The valkyrie then moves 20 inches to get off the board. The other umie troops backed off to the board edge. But the executioner fired all its guns at the warlord, once again killing the guy with the eadwhoppa.

(where did da umies go?)

With all the umies except the executioner off the board, the orks advance towards the executioner. All three rockits hit and cause 9 wounds on the tank. The tank moved off the board.

ANOTHER GREAT VICTORY FOR THE ORKS (the umies left the battlefield for us to loot) However Creed kinda thinks the umies won as they the got the not all the way dead Yarrik to a nice cozy hospital bed on the orbiting ship.

The Ard boy nob looking around and seeing nobody to tell him different, went over to the goo pile that was once the warlord, took his teef and picked up the ead whoppa. Visions of greatness took over and he was ready to lead the next Waaagh. (as soon as he got some more ard boys).
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