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Author Topic: Corono V Battle Four; Yarrikk's revenge?  (Read 3815 times)

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Corono V Battle Four; Yarrikk's revenge?
« on: April 5, 2020, 06:07:24 PM »
This is a battle we nicked from the old "Battle Missions" book. Clash of Hero's.

You get regular formations, but are limited to one named character for hero/HQ choices. The goal is for the two to fight, if one character is killed by the other that side wins. If not, then it is victory points.

Ork List:
Ghazhkull Thrakka
9 Mega nobs
Battle wagon with kannon and 4 rockit launchas

30 shoota boys, three with big shootas, nob with big choppa
10 Kommandoes, (two squads of 5) 4 with burnas, 2 nobs with big choppas
10 tankbustas
Truck with wrecking ball and grot

Umi List:
Command squad with ministorum priest, medic, vox, two plasma guns, two hot shot guns, sarge with power sword
Ogre body guard with shield and war club and mask

Executioner Russ
Punisher Russ
10 Guardsmen, plasma gun and lascannon
10 guardsmen, plasma gun and lascannon
10 guardsmen, plasma gun and lascannon
6 special weapons, three flamers
6 special weapons, three meltas
10 tempests, medic and two plasma guns
Vindicator assassin

Set up; He won the roll for set up, However I was done setting up before he was so got plus one for the first turn roll. I won first turn with a 7, and he failed to seize initiative.

Umi set up========ork set up

Turn One:
The orks moved forward, the BW moves 12, the truck moves 12 and the shoota boys move 6 through terrain. The kommandos appear out of nowhere and move towards the assassin, then used a command point to mob up. The mega nobs open up and kill off a special weapon team of meltas. The shoota boys wipe out a regular squad, the tank bustas cause 12 wounds on the punisher, the BW shooting causes 5 wounds on the exterminator. The BW charged the executioner (a slight note here; due to my opponents "generous" measuring when he set up the tank was only 9 inches away rather than 12 so the charge of 10 made it in) the death roller causing 2 more wounds, the truck charged the punisher and caused 3 more wounds. The Kommandoes charged the assassin, overwatch missed, and they kill the assassin very dead.

The umies valkyrie shows up and drops its guardsmen, one dies from landing on his head instead of his feet. The scions gravchute in, the two remaining guardsmen squads move towards the Yarrick crater. The executioner and punisher back up from combat.
Shooting from everything kills the BW causing it to explode. Ghaz and his mega nobs are dismounted for free. The remaining flashlight shooting causes one wound on a mega nob. One the other side the flamer squad causes wounds on the truck but it makes its saves.  The infantry squad charges the truck and Yarrick and co. with the guardsmen from the valkyrie charge the mega nobs and Ghaz. The infantry kills the truck causing it to explode, killing one guardsman and one tankbusta. In the Ghaz/Yarrick fight lots of swinging but the mega nobs made most of their saves, but the wounded mega nob took 2 wounds from the body guard and died. Yarrick swung on Ghaz and caused one wound but Ghaz invuln save saved all the damage. Ghaz obviously surprised only caused one wound on Yarrick who didn't save and took 3 damage.

Once again the supper alarm was sounded so a complete lack of pictures occured.
The Kommandoes moved towards the guardsmen squad, the shoota boys moved towards the guardsmen.
The dismounted tank bustas fired on the punisher and killed it, the shoota boys fired on the squad that had killed the truck and killed all but two, with the big shootas shooting the weapons team, killing 4. The kommandoes cranked up their burnas and killed 5 guardsmen. The kommandoes charged the remaining guardsmen, and the shootas charged the two weapons guys, while the tankbustas charged the two remaining guardsmen. Overwatch from the flamers was painful killing 7 shoota boys but the charge went in killing off the last two weapons guys. The tankbustas killed their two guardsmen, the kommandoes killed off the last 5 guardsmen of the other squad and consolidated into the tempests (sneakey). In the Ghaz/Yarrick fight we had to take turns activating, so the megas killed off the guardsmen, then the priest, then the body guard.  One more mega nob died.  Yarrick did cause 3 damage to Ghaz which made him angry and he hit Yarrick 4 times for 12 damage. Yarrick failed to make 12 iron will rolls and so he fell squished at Ghaz's feet.

The umies decided to leave, and the orks would have killed off all the umies except there was fresh squig waiting to be consumed so we let the flying thing take the last of the umies off the battle field and the executioner rolled backwards off the table.

A GREAT VICTORY FOR THE ORKS (we killed Yarrick again)

Ghaz stomped the body of Yarrick for a long time to make sure he wasn't coming back again.

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Re: Corono V Battle Four; Yarrikk's revenge?
« Reply #1 on: April 5, 2020, 10:33:10 PM »
Ghaz is da biggest and da best for a reason.  Great Ork victory.


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