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Author Topic: Corono V Battle two - Orks vs AS  (Read 3661 times)

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Corono V Battle two - Orks vs AS
« on: March 27, 2020, 09:52:46 PM »
This is a 100 power point battle between the Astrum Militarium and The Orks

Scenario: We were tired of the stuff in the current rule book so we nikked a scenario from the Generals Compendium from a "few" years ago.

MEETING ENGAGEMENT: A dark and stormy night, two armies are marching to find their enemy, when the storm breaks and the sun rises, they are surprised to find the enemy headed in the other direction. Victory is determined by points. VP are first blood, kill the warlord, and one point for each enemy unit. There are no line breaker points as there is no actual deployment zone.

For those who don't have their old copy laying around the scenario is this; Write your army list as a marching order. Then on your side of the board you deploy your units on the board in the order of march with all units touching the long board edge.

Orks Marching........... ....IG Marching
(make sure to click on the thumbnail for the bigger picture, especially the really cool orks)

IG list by marching order:
Executioner... 10 man squad plasma gun and lascannon... Punisher... 10 man squad with plasma gun and lascannon.. Chimera with Creed, Kell, command squad w/medic... Taurok with Yarrik, body guard, command squad w/medic... 10 man squad with plasma gun and lascannon... Leman Russ with battle cannon, lascannon, sponson multi meltas... 10 man squad with plasma gun and lascannon... Leman Russ with battle cannon, Lascannon, sponson heavy bolters.  Valkarie started off board with guaranteed first turn arrival.

ORK list by Marching order:
Truck with warlord boss with kombi skorcha and ead woppa, 10 skarboys, nob with kustom shoota and PK... Megatrak scrapbuggy... Truck with boss The killa klaw and kombi scorcha, 10 ard boys, nob with kustom shoota and PK... Megatrak scrapbuggy... Battle wagon with deff rolla and 4 rockits, KFF big mek with combi scorcha and big chopa, 15 tank bustas nob with PK... Battle wagon with deffrolla and 4 rockits, Kff big mek with combi scorcha and big choppa, Capt Badruck, 10 flashgits, 3 ammo runts... truck with boss with kombi scorcha and PK, 10 choppa boys nob with PK... Megatrakk scrapbuggy.
Orks riding in vehicles 

Turn One:
The orks won the roll off for first turn and the AM (IG) failed to seize. The orks being quite happy to see something beside heavy rain turn to attack the umies.
With much shooting the flashgits and two trucks wipe out a squad of guardsmen and earn first blood. Shooting from scrapjet buggies wounds a few tanks and the tankbustas wounded the punisher (11 damage seriously slowing it down).
The umies surprised to see orks turn to meet their foes.
Lots of concentrated shooting dismounts the flashgits.
Shooting from the punisher and the executioner kill off the scarboys truck and the ard boys truck, shooting from two squads of umies seriously thin out the scar boys and of course the scar boy truck exploded killing one. I had to use two command points for insane heroism so the nob would not run off.

Turn Two:
The orks continue to move forward, the flashgits moved to cover, the ard boys moved to charge the punisher, the warlord and scarboy nob move up to take out a infantry squad.
Shooting sees the tankbustas kill a leman russ and the flashgits tried to shoot down the valkarie, but since they had moved and the valkarie was flying they only caused 2 wounds. The scrapbuggies caused more wounds on other russes, another scrapbuggie got lucky and killed the chimera dismounting creed and his command squad. and the choppa boy truck killed a couple stray infantry. The ard boys charged the punisher and killed it, the warlord and nob charged the vet squad killing off all but the sarge. A scrapbuggie charged the executioner and caused a few wounds, but more inportantly kept it busy so it couldn't shoot anything.
Creed and his command squad moved to take out the ard boys. The lone sarge fell back so the other squads of umies could do some shooting. Yarik and his taurok moved in front of the flash gits and killed one. The umies did some shooting and tried to take out the last truck but had a really bad time. The valkarie tried to take out a scrapbuggie but the gunners must have been distracted as there was a lot of shooting but no hitting (almost like orks). The squad of umies did kill off the scarboy nob but failed to wound the warlord who laughed at the lascannon that bounced off his chest (actually it missed but he is a warlord so you have to talk it up a bit)
Creed and co charged the ard boys, Kell ended up in contact with the nob and Creed in contact with the warboss. The IG did some amazing swinging and when it was all said and done the ard boys were gone. Creed and the boss were still at it failing to wound each other.

Turn Three:
The choppa boys disembark to after the Russ in the corner, while the truck heads towards the other russ that was being pesky. The warlord moves toward the execution that is stuck in combat with the scrapbuggy, The flashgits shoot at the valkarie and cause a few more wounds, The tankbustas shoot at the melta Russ and kill it (denying the truck the charge, so it was really funny) All the other ork shooting does nothing. The choppa boys charge the corner Russ and kill it.   The warlord and scrapbuggy fail to kill the executioner. The flashgits charged the taurok and tried to surround it to get a cross fire on yarrik and co, but the killed the taurok and left a corrider for that pesky Yarrik and bodyguard to escape.

The Valkarie turns and shoots the flash gits, the two squads of infantry reposition to get shots on the last battle wagon. The valkarie kills a flash git, and Yarrik and co kill another one. The two infantry squads shoot up the Battle wagon causing 11 wounds. Creed and Kell kill of the boss and consolidate towards the warlord. Yarrik and co charge the flash gits who fail to hit anything with overwatch. So Yarrik, ogre, medic and vox guy all get into combat. It wasn't pretty the ogre kill 3, Yarrik killed three, and the gits only killed the vox caster, but caused 5 wounds on Yarrik that the body guard took. The warlord and scrapbuggy failed to kill the executioner, but it only had one wound left.

Turn Four:
The choppa boys got back into their truck, One scrapjet moved in behind the valkarie, another to the front. Between tankbustas and two scrapjet buggies, the orks finally shot down the valkarie. The combat with Yarrik and co went badly with yarrik killing off the big mek, the ogre killed the flashgit nob, and yes the medic killed a git.

The executioner falls back from combat, Creed and co move towards the warlord, the two infantry squads move to get clear shots at the battle wagon. The lone sarge from the vet squad keeps moving behind other units so I cant get a clear shot at him and the VP. For once IG shooting was accurate as heck, The executioner and lascannon from the two squads finished off the Battle wagon. The tankbustas disembarked close to Yarrik. Creed and Kell kill the warlord and one squad charged a buggy. The squad did 3 wounds on the buggy and it caused 3 wounds back. Creed and co consolidated into the other scrapjet buggy.  

Turn Five:
The last two flashgits fall back from combat leaving Yarrik and co exposed. The tank bustas shoot at the body guard and Yarrik  causing five wounds on the ogre but only one wound on yarrik and the medic healed Yarrik and the mask of something healed three wounds on the oger. So, the tankbustas charged. Again, causing lots of damage to Yarrik but that dark ogre kept getting in the way. Meanwhile on the other side of the board the scrapjet did no damage to Creed and co, who then promptly killed the buggie and consolidated towards the other buggy combat. The Infantry squad did nothing to the scrapjet and the scrapjet killed one. Yarrik and co killed six tankbustas, caused four wounds on the big mek. So I used two more command points for insane bravery and was really tempted to start stomping dice as a lesson to the other dice to stop rolling wrong.

Creed and co moved towards the other scrapjet, the squad that was involved fell back and with an order from Creed got to shoot anyway. Bringing the scrapjet down to just one wound. On the other side of the board the other squad fired at the truck and the plasma gun and lascannon killed the truck but it didn't explode so the choppa boys and the last boss got out. The fight between Yarrik and Tankbustas continued to deteriorate with The tank bustas unable to hurt anything. However the nob with PK finally learned how to use it and killed Yarrik. However Yarrik stoot back up with Iron will and sneered at the nob. This obviously is what caused one tankbusta to run away.

Turn Six:
The disembarked choppa boys headed towards Yarrik and Co, and the last warboss headed towards the IG squad.
The boss used his skorcha to kill two guardsmen and then charged them. Overwatch from a lucky plasma gunner caused four wounds, and lasguns got another wound. But the one wound boss made it in. The choppa boys charged and joined the tankbustas. The two flashgits fired at Creed and co and killed two guardsmen. The last scrapjet buggy charged the ogre. (Sorry, but at this point we were told to hurry up as supper was ready, so no more pictures.) The choppa boys waded in and killed that pesky medic and the nob with PK killed Yarrik really good this time with three wounds and Yarrik stayed dead. The scrapjet caused a mortal wound on the ogre and the ogre caused a wound on the scrapjet. The last warboss killed four guardsman, and a lone voxcater caused a wound on the boss.

The IG squad fell back and an order from Creed got them back into the fight. The shooting from that chewed up squad finally killed that boss. Creed and company tried to double time to rescue the ogre but rolled a two for advance. Shooting from the last squad of infantry killed one flash git, and a long range shot from the lucky executioner killed the las flash git. (that executioner had only one wound left so he didn't overcharge) The tankbustas did nothing, but the choppa boys finally killed the pesky bodyguard.

A GREAT VICTORY FOR THE ORKS. (We killed Yarrik) However Creed thinks the umies won.
ORKs 14
Umies 17

Once again, the lone surviving nob wandered over and picked up the ead whoppa and decreed himself the new boss. The big mek just shook his head.
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Re: Corono V Battle two
« Reply #1 on: April 3, 2020, 11:55:31 PM »
That was an epic battle.  I really dug the set-up, much different than usual.  Truly another great Ork victory as they got into a nice scrap.  Also glad to see the 'Ead Whoppa get picked up by another Nob, ready to take the fight to the Humies next time.

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Re: Corono V Battle two - Orks vs AS
« Reply #2 on: July 27, 2020, 09:40:55 AM »
Well... Remember, orks don't loose... :)

Cause We's Da Orks, and You's Not!!!


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