1750 Orks vs. Ad Mech: Beachhead

Started by Roboknee77, May 27, 2019, 01:39:49 AM

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1750 Orks vs. Ad Mech: Beachhead

I wanted to see how my Orks would do against a Knight so Uncle Tungsten obliged and we met up at another local gaming store to have at it one more time.  This is probably the last friendly match before we start up the second part of the Orthos Campaign.  We picked the city ruins table already set-up at the store and got down to it.

Ad Mech Forces
Stygies VIII Battalion

Tech-Priest Dominus (Trait: Xenarite Studies)
Tech-Priest Enginseer

5 Rangers
5 Rangers
5 Rangers

Fast Attack:
3 Sydonian Dragoons

Mars Battalion

Belisarius Cawl
Tech-Priest Enginseer

3 Kataphron Breachers
10 Skitarii Vanguards
10 Skitarii Vanguards

5 Sicarian Infiltrators

2 Kastelan Robots

Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment: House Taranis
Knight Warden

Auxiliary Support Detachment: Imperium - Officio Assassinorum
Eversor Assassin

Ork Forces
Bad Moons Battalion

Warboss on Warbike w/ Attack Squig, Shoota, Da Killa Klaw, Brutal But Kunning (trait)
Big Mek on w/ Kustom Mega Blasta & Kustom Force Field

30 Shoota Boyz w/ Nob w/ Big Choppa
30 Shoota Boyz w/ Nob w/ Big Choppa
30 Shoota Boyz w/ Nob w/ Big Choppa

15 Tankbustas

Heavy Support:
3 Smasha Gunz
3 Smasha Gunz
15 Lootas

Bad Moons Battalion

Warphead w/ Warpath & Fists of Gork
Weirdboy w/ Da Jump

10 Grots
10 Grots
10 Grots

Mission and Deployment
We randomly rolled the Beachhead Eternal War Mission from Chapter Approved 2018.  An objective marker is placed in the middle of the map and Uncle Tungsten rolled Hammer and Anvil for deployment.  He picked the Eastern Half of the map leaving me with the Western Half.  We each placed one additional objective marker in our deployment zones.  We both picked buildings in the middle/rear of our deployment zones.  Scoring occurs at the top of each round starting in Round 2.  1 point for controlling the objective in your deployment zone, 2 points for the middle objective, and 3 points for the enemy objective.  Having deployed first I got to go first unless Uncle Tungsten could seize the initiative, which he did not.

That is a lot of orks

That is also a lot of Skitarii

Alternate View of Ork Deployment
Alternate View of Ad Mech Deployment

Top of Turn 1
There was surprisingly little movement in my turn, the forward 2 groups of boys advanced up the board.  One group claiming the middle objective and the other moving into the open street.  The warboss and the warphead follow the boys and that's it before the big guns opened fire.  The lootas rain dakka down on the forward group of Rangers and wipe them off the board, gaining me a victory point.  The northern smasha guns open up on the Kastelan Robots who manage to make all their saves.  Nothing is in assault range so the Ad Mech spring into action.

Orks 1, Ad Mech 0

Get moving lads!

The rangers are wiped out from the catwalk

Bottom of Turn 1
Uncle Tungsten begins moving his forces up the board to get into firing range of the orks.  Unlike the orks, the Skitarri troops were in range to provide some fire support to the big guns of Knight, Robots and Servitors.  The combined fire of the Knight's Missles, Gattling Gun and Rangers Sniper Rifles destroy 2 of the southern smasha guns and leave the last one with one wound left.  Two servitors erase one of the northern smasha guns while the tech priest dominus and a servitor kill 14 of the boyz on the midfield objective.  The Kastelan Robots and Central Vanguard force kill 22 of the boys on the street who only lose 3 to morale due to mob rule.  The Ad Mech score for first blood as well, tying up the score.  It doesn't look too good for the Orks as they almost lost a whole unit of boys.

Orks 1, Ad Mech 1

Where did those boys go?

March of the Skitarii

Top of Turn 2
We start scoring objectives controlled and I get 3 points total for controlling my objective and the midfield objective.  The Ad Mech score 1 for controlling their objective.

Orks 4, Ad Mech 2

Now that the Ad Mech have moved up the board it's time for the orks to advance and start beating things up.  Thanks to a squad of boys in the Tellyporta and Unstopable Green Tide 60 orks show up on the board at the end of the movement phase.  The tellyported orks claim the midfield objective and the Green Tide arrives on the sothern edge of the board near near a squad of Rangers and Vanguard.  Before the boys arrive the boss fails to get within charge distance of the knight and has to settle for assaulting a group of Vanguard instead.  Having been buffed by the warphead with the fists of gork and warpath he kills 5 of the 7 vanguard that remained after the shooting phase.  The last 2 fail their morale chack and ran away.

The boyz previously in control of the mid-field objective move up the northern street toward a group of rangers, make their charge and wipe out the rangers in a flurry of boots and gun butts.  They pile into the Ad Mech's Warlord, hoping to stomp him in the next round.

Finally, the Tankbustas are jumped from the backfield into the ruins of a building near the knight in hopes of dropping it in a hail of rocket fire.  They lose 5 bustas on arrival from the infoslave skull stratagem, acceptable loses.  Unfortunately they roll poorly and only manage to take off 11 wounds from the knight after two rounds of shooting.

Unstoppable Green Tide!

Here come the rokkits!
Get their boss!

Bottom of Turn 2
The Ad Mech also bring in reinforcements, a team of infiltrators pop out of a manhole in the smallest of areas between 2 groups of boys and the northern smasha guns.  The knight decides not to risk any Tankbustas surviving and unleashes gattling fire, a heavy stubber and flamer fire unto them destroying them all.  The southern vangaurd kill 5 of the orks that returned due to unstoappable green tide.  The Kastelan Robots wipe out half the tellyported boys and the infiltrators kill another 5 before assaulting the the boyz threatening their warlord.  They couldn't assault the midfield orks due to removing boys to take them out of assault range.  The dragoons also assault the boys on the warlord and wipe them out easily.  The knight assaults the boys holding the midfield objective, killing 5 and the final 5 run away due to morale.

The assassin also showed up, looked cool, and did nothing.  Strategic removal of boys from previous attacks left him without any targets to enage.

Meanwhile, the servitors had missed all their shots at the warboss and charged him.  The boss intervened and krumped the servitors with da killa klaw and piles in closer to an enginseer but doesn't engage.  Da boss' sights are on the knight.

Who didn't check that man-hole for infiltrators?

Cawl observes the battle
The knight is afraid to fight Da Boss!
An Assassin appears, looks cool, and does nothing

Top of Turn 3
The knight is too far from the midfield objective to control it we each only score 1 point for controlling our own objectives.

Orks 5, Ad Mech 3

At this point I think Uncle Tungsten and I are cursed.  While at this game store Mccomas and I were able to play past closing to finsih our battle.  Tonight though the store had to set-up tables for a tournament the following day so we had to call the battle.  At some point we will be able to play past the 2nd round.

The Boss and Warphead move on the Knight if we continued

Infiltrators and Dragoons out in the open
Ork backfield still relatively secure

Post Mortem
Having to stop after 2 rounds again we both agreed this could go either way if we could have continued.  For my part, the warboss and warphead were poised to take on the knight.  The lootas were going to focus fire on the dragoons since they could move fastest and then the infiltrators.  Finally, the reaming 25 boys were going to work on removing the last group of rangers and vanguard.  If things worked out only the HQs and Assassin would be left.  My opponent did have enough CP to bring the Knight Back but it would only be with 3 wounds left.

Unrelated to the shortened game, I was happy with my deployment.  The grots and smasha guns let me secure my entire deployment zone from any deep strikes.  I don't think either of us made any major tactical mistakes.  I could have possibly jumped the tankbustas to a place they would get shot at coming in from reserves but they were always going to go down after one round of attacks due to their threat to multiple of my opponents units.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it, and thanks to my opponent!


Awww man! Bummer you couldn't finish that one--it looked like it would be close, though I'm thinking the Orks probably had it.

Uncle Tungsten: how did the Breachers do? It didn't seem like they impressed.  :(

Uncle Tungsten

This was a fun one! The only point I'd bring up is that the dragoons fully intended to stay at -2 to hit range of those lootas.  The warboss could totally krump the knight; the machine spirit was whispering to charge him earlier, but I figured I'd make a push for the center  instead. Could have maybe nabbed another vp for kingslayer if the knight got the drop on him.

The breachers weren't too bad, really. They could be a decent speed bump in some cases, have some ranged threat, and can babysit backfield objectives.  I didn't expect them to do much against the boss, although he did cleave through them with more ease than anticipated. They'll stay in the roster. I may bump their number to six eventually. With their base size, they do deny deepstrike area rather nicely for troops.

Good game, Roboknee!


I didn't realize the Dragoons stacked a -2 to hit penalty.  That is nasty.  I'll have to remember that the next time they show up.

I agree with Tungsten's assessment of the breachers.  They added some decent long range fire while holding his objective this game.

Thanks Tungsten, we'll finish a game eventually.  ;)


Good to see the orks in action. I know you were only allowing your opponent to feel good before you krumped him. Good Stuff!
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