Apothecary or Command Point?

Started by Wyddr, January 24, 2019, 06:02:26 PM

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I want to like Apothecaries but...I just don't.

Got 70 points left in a Deathwatch list. I can either proxy an apothecary or buy a command point and a few power fists. Which would you take?

EDIT: Now that I'm looking at this, you *can* buy a command point for 50 points, right? I remember reading that...somewhere...once...

Or is that *just* in AoS?

faitherun (Fay-ith-er-run)

I don't believe that is a rule in 40k.... if it were I would make use of that all the time!

As to Apothecaries.... I have to agree that they are rather lack-luster. I'r rather see them give a FnP 6+ with a 3" bubble 
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Outside of adding a few bodies to squads (and I don't really have the bodies), there's just about nothing the Deathwatch can get for 70 points except an Apothecary.


As for Apothecaries, I think they should have a 6+ FNP bubble and they should automatically restore 1d3 wounds worth *of models* to any given unit. Then they would 100% worth it. Now? Meh. I get to replace 1 wound on a Primaris *or* flip a coin to get a guy back. For that many points? That's just robbery.


If you post the whole list maybe we can offer some other suggestions for where to spend those points?  Or point out some places where you can shave off a few more points so you can afford to buy something objectively better.


I didn't have a lot of non-proxying options. Ended up exploiting the new Bolter rules and dropped a few Auto Bolt Rifles so I could buy a naked 5-man Vet Kill Team (had to proxy).

They paid off better than an apothecary.

There are legitimately *few* options available for 75 points or less, be it known.

Besides squad upgrades, you've got a naked Captain, a Chaplain, 3 naked bikes, a primaris chaplain, or 5 naked vets. Oh, and a drop pod.

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