Fire Dragon Crimson

Started by magenb, June 1, 2018, 02:29:46 AM

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Turns out I'm so old that I can't find a current conversion chart for this paint.. it's a deep purple for those of you with out grey hairs ;)

any way, what I'm actually looking for is the right colour to highlight it with? Do I go with a light white dry brush or something like pink horror?


Hey Magenb! I am getting a few grey hairs already, yet even I don't remember such paint :) I guess it should be pre-2000.

Anyway, I definitely wouldn't recommend highlighting deep purple with white, especially if you're planning to drybrush - it would look too chalky. It's better to start with something with colour in it, like pink horror - and then, if you feel like it, you may go for a second super-light pass with pure white.

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gah now I feel really old ;)

well here is the colour, it has a Leviathan wash on it on the model.


Pretty sure you're looking for Screamer Pink. Its a great color and goes on pretty nice. You can lay down Khorne Red first and paint over it. I use this stuff all the time. Its great.

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I have a fully grey beard now and getting them in my hair too, haha. I think it was called warlock purple back in the day, not positive tho.
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