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Author Topic: 875pt Dark Eldar Doubles Tournament List.  (Read 5479 times)

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875pt Dark Eldar Doubles Tournament List.
« on: March 20, 2018, 10:20:57 PM »
Hey Guys,
I am looking at taking part in a doubles tournament in June. The tournament has a bit of a twist though, in each game you play with a different partner!
Army comp is 875pts from a single battle-forged detachment.
What I am currently looking at is:

+Outrider Detachment+
Archon- Agoniser, Blast Pistol (Hatred Eternal Warlord Trait)

6x Incubi- Klaivex

10x Kabalite Warriors- Sybarite, Dark Lance, Blaster

Fast Attack
6x Reavers- Arena Champion w/ Agoniser, 2x Blasters

5x Scourges- Solarite w/ Shardcarbine, 4x Dark Lances

5x Scourges- Solarite w/ Shardcarbine, 4x Blasters

Dedicated Transport
Raider- Shock prow.

As you can see it's not the most optimised list but one that does have some fairly serious firepower for such a small points level.
I have seen one list so far which is 1x Flying Hive Tyrant, 2x Trygon Primes and then some Genestealers and Ripper swarms. Quite Nasty!

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Re: 875pt Dark Eldar Doubles Tournament List.
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2018, 07:17:15 AM »
Hey AP. I love this list. I think its PERFECT for a doubles scenario... you can just go super aggressive and let your partner either play for objectives while you go out and hunt down choice targets.

The Reavers are a bit of a point sink but I think its worth trying them in a real aggressive list like this. I like the double blaster configuration them. I'd hide them out of LOS and perhaps work with the Scourges to take down choice targets and then mob stuff in combat just to cause problems. They can also assist the Incubi if you run into huge mobs of dudes.

Are the Warriors on foot? If so I like the Dark Lance. You can help out a bit with the objective game and can even use Webway Portal strat from Chapter Approved to keep them out of trouble till mid-game. You can practically null-deploy with this list and only have the Raider and the Reavers (although you could webway them in too, though I wouldn't recommend it) on the board and hopefully out of LOS.

Anyway I really dig the list man. Its not super hard hitting, but I think you can pull off some surgical strikes and eliminate vital chunks of your opponents army, especially with the great anti-tank/monster you are rocking.

Any alternative units you are thinking about fielding? If there is anything I'd swap out it'd be the Reavers... perhaps sneak in a Razorwing (not sure on the points). Just a thought. But if you like it I'd rock it. Anyway let me know bud. Good luck!
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Re: 875pt Dark Eldar Doubles Tournament List.
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2018, 09:19:28 AM »
Completely agree with Cav, awesome list. Dark light is king right now and I live that you're using your scourge to maximize this. I'm actually thinking of changing my heat lance and haywire blasters to all dark lances, but I'm just holding out until the codex drops before I undertake the change. Personally I'd drop the reavers for a second transport for the warriors. Having another raider would help your troops gain mobility and add more potential dark light. I'm assuming the raider you are taking is with a dark lance. Either take another raider or split the warriors to two five man units with a blaster, each in their own venom, if you can shave the points. Three transports and two jump units will make for great target saturation confusion for your opponent and make the list even more mobile.

Even if you don't make any changes, I think you have a very strong list.


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