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Author Topic: new to the boards  (Read 4077 times)

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new to the boards
« on: October 25, 2017, 03:06:07 PM »
hey guys.  I am new to the boards, well been a lurker for a while off and on, but decided to join.   I have been in the hobby since '97 so i am not new to the hobby.  Been playing 40k since second edition and last few editions it has been sporadic at best, mostly due to lack of local stores/hours not being compatable or really close for that matter.   Also I am an ex outrider for those who remember and worked for GW for a year.   

That being said, i have played just about every army out there.  Eldar has been one that I tend to start painting and never seem to finish because I try to give them so much painting love that I tend to sell them off before I ever finish painting much.   This time though, I am going to stick to it.  I sold out my stuff nearly 3 years ago about 9 months after 7th started.   

I quit for a spell mostly because the local store I was going to, the meta wasn't that friendly, and I was trying to finish up my degree in Illustration.  So I took a two year break to finish that up, and I was also sort of holding out for plastic sisters of battle (aren't we all).  So 8th edition rolled around and I got dragged back in.  I opted for an imperial army so I could ally with sisters one day, so i started a new primaris army, but then again they came in the starter box.  I went with imperial fists, and while the models are outstanding, i wasn't overly pleased with the units in the game play side.  The lack of options and cost makes for a limited army and to be honest, I have burned out on painting marines again (which was bound to happen) before I finished painting the army.   It also doesn't help that work got busy so my time to paint them dwindled as well as my interest in that army.   

I also got my son to playing and trying to talk him into a xenos army, and I was trying to encourage him into eldar since I knew I would probably have to paint his figured.  He was more interested in necrons or admech, the cyborg/robot armies.  So I talked him into admech out of those two.   But I still wanted to paint an eldar army (for some time to be honest).   So new codex and the new start collecting box has sealed the deal.  I am diving right in with a wraith army to start.   I am creating my own craftworld, (sorry not painting any more yellow after those fists).   I always loved the look of their models and I guess now, I will be hoping for plastic sisters, as well as plastic aspect warriors (cause I don't really want to deal with finecast or those sad to say, old sculpts). 

So time to dive into some discussions on this board.   (also if you are on Bolter and Chainsword, I have been a member their for a while under the name Midnight Angel so some might recognize my stuff if I post it here). 

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Re: new to the boards
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2017, 03:56:50 PM »
Welcome aboard.

You'll find lots of fellow Eldar players/collectors who have been stuck on the path since 2nd ed in here, so your in good company :)

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Re: new to the boards
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2017, 05:03:31 PM »
Welcome to the site!

Your son will like the Adeptus Mechanicus. They have a fantastic model range (all plastic), and lots of cool abilities and tricks. They really can lend themselves to a variety of playstyles.

The new Primaris Kits are really nice, they are very much like the Horus Heresy Legions, as units are specialized, rather then generalized. But, they have a few neat units and tricks. Lots of great plasma weapons too.

I can see why you might get burned out painting them. Imperial Fists look awesome, but yellow is a tough colour to paint
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Re: new to the boards
« Reply #3 on: October 25, 2017, 05:55:32 PM »
Welcome to the site Kora!
What a post to ingratiate yourself to the forum!
Good to hear that you have got your son involved and I am sure that he'll enjoy the Admech. Always loved them personally and I am fairly sure that I will end up with an army of them at some point!
I look forward to seeing you around the forum.

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Re: new to the boards
« Reply #4 on: October 26, 2017, 04:39:21 AM »
its not the yellow that has burned me out, its the boring nature that is marine armor.   That and I have painted marines so much over the past 20 years.   painting yellow is much easier with a yellow primer anyways, its just I lost interest in painting them very quickly but also partially due to work.  I still have the dreadnought in the build stage, as I just don't have an interest in them right now.  I really should at least finish the dread up and prime him before I get my hands on the eldar. 

AS for my son and his admech, he has enjoyed playing the game, its getting him to paint the models that is the problem.  And its hard to paint his models when I barely have time to paint my own.  But I am still trying to get him motivated but it appears I may have to paint his figures too. 

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Re: new to the boards
« Reply #5 on: November 8, 2017, 10:56:45 AM »
Welcome :)


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