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Author Topic: 2 lists for a Maelstrom Campaign  (Read 4787 times)

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2 lists for a Maelstrom Campaign
« on: September 6, 2017, 07:05:57 AM »
I'm going to be fielding my new Necron army for the first time in this campaign, so would appreciate any advice.

Campaign will be a series of 2 matches where we take turns being attacker and defender. Defenders get some helpful deployment rules but we don't know what they will be yet. Total points across the two matches is 3,500, each list has to be between 1,500 and 2,000.

No unique characters or LoW (which is fine, because I don't own any)

I'm planning to try out a few different units across the two lists, hence they are quite different.

List 1:
Destroyer Lord with Staff of Light

20 x Warriors
10 x Warriors in Ghost Ark
5 x Immortals with Gauss Blasters

5 x Lychguard with Hyperphase & Dispersion
C'tan Deciever

Night Scythe

Fast Attack
6 x Wraiths

3 x Heavy Destroyers

1911 pts, 8 drops (Lychguard & Immortals deploy via the Night Scythe)

List 2:
Command Barge -Staff of Light, Gauss Cannon

10 x Warriors in Ghost Ark
5 x Immortals with Gauss Blasters

5 x Triarch Praetorians with Rods of Covenant
C'tan Nightbringer
C'tan Deciever

Fast Attack
5 x Destroyers inc 1 x Heavy.

Spyder with Gloom Prism

1,589 pts. 8 Drops.

Any suggestions for list changes or tactics would be much appreciated
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