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Author Topic: Novice Kitbasher/Newbie to Plasticard  (Read 4685 times)

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Novice Kitbasher/Newbie to Plasticard
« on: August 30, 2017, 09:09:32 AM »
First let me say hello! Been modeling and playing 40k now since just before the launch of 8th ed. Currently I have about 2400pts of Deathwatch (the start of my kitbashing experience), 2000pts of Thousand Sons,and am now working on 2000pts of Iron Hands successors Steel Confessors. This leads me to my inexperience with styrene/plasticard.

Allow me to basically plot the course for where my Iron hands are going real quickly.

I have 2 terminator squads (tartaros and a standard close combat squad), 9man reiver squad  and then lots of dreads (1x contemptor, 2x venerable, chaplain venerable, leviathan),a captain termite, and 2 techmarines.

Goal: Each model will be a techmarine of varying rank (higher rank means more servo arms or mechadendrites). For example my rievers loadout is bolter carbine and so I plan to cut the hands off the grapnel launchers and attach them to servo arms.

Problem: I'm struggling with how to bulk up and 'iron hands up the models with styrene. I've looked up pictures and have found some work another 40k person has used which looks fairly advanced. I don't want to replicate his work by any means but like his ideas. How does one go about doing things similar to this.
More of his work can be found here IRON HANDS du 7ème Clan - Page 4 - Gangeek Style | le Forum
Any help would be greatly appreciated (help including tools I need, techniques used, etc.)


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