Fantasy Flight Games and Games Workshop to Go Their Separate Ways in 2017

Started by Irisado, September 9, 2016, 03:43:53 PM

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This is disappointing news in my opinion.  I rather liked some of their role-playing collaborations, and even though the standard of editing and proof reading of some of the books was a bit of a let down, the concepts and narrative were well executed.

If anyone wants to pick anything up, I'd recommend making it a priority before the year is out, as it doesn't seem as though they will retain any of the collaborative works in stock come 2017.
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I've played none of the 40k games they made, so I'm nonplussed about this. I heard good things about the world conquering one, but I never found the price worth it for something I might never play.
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We've done drunken Dark Heresy and drunken Black Crusade. Fun games. I've got a pile of their 40K RP stuff for Heresy, Crusade, Only War, Rogue Trader. Good background material while maintaining the grim darkness we've come to expect.

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