Bloodbowl Slann miniatures, a new option

Started by the solitaire, May 6, 2016, 08:34:28 PM

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the solitaire

As an avid Bloodbowl player I am always happy to see options for the available teams.
One team that I found a few options for but never liked any of the options available were the Slann. A special, unusual and fun team to play and to paint.

This went live today on Indiegogo and these are miniatures I like a lot. Sculpted by Pedro Ramos and manufactured in the UK. When I read about these becoming available I pretty much made up my mind that my next new team would be Slann (ok, they will be my girlfriends new team, but I decided to buy them as soon as they would become available)

So, when the campaign went live it took me a whole minute to pledge for a full team.

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