Space Ninja Clown Pirate Ghost Elves 1850 ITC

Started by Hannibal.Lictor, June 23, 2016, 02:07:27 AM

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So as the title suggests, I am putting together a list that at the very least will be fun. It's basically a masque detachment with some corsair help and a shadow specter shrine formation. Unfortunately the masque detachment is clunky and doesn't really allow for much in the way of customizing. In the end I have the three troupes (2 caress 3 kisses) in starweavers a sky weaver unit of four with glances, the nigh useless voidweaver a ML2 seer (mask o S) and a jester.

The corsair contingent is a prince with reaper of the outer dark, a shadow field and a void saber. A void dreamer with the same gear. A four cloud dancer band with dis canons, and a warp hunter. The Shadow Specter Shrine has an exarch in one unit on top of the default three guys for a total of 10 models.

So the basic idea is that I have two troupes with a 2++ if I need it and one with veil of tears. I also have a ton of turn two charging that will be the main push of the army. The undercurrent stratagem involves leadership shenanigans. With the shadow of death special rule, death is not enough and the Mask of secrets debuff, there are enough modifiries to go around; though I don't expect them to all work in tandem at once.

The warp hunter is kind of a no brainer, and will just drop as many bombs as it has turns to shoot....I figure 2. And the bikes....well why not try to untravled road and go with funky guns? The specters are a bit of a odd duck. personally I really like them and they can do some good work as the blaze MEQ and armor pretty reliably. they also get that extra dice on her thrust move, so they can truly asshat it up.....or just grab objectives like bosses.

It's a pretty aggressive list, but hey, so am I. What are people's thoughts? I have played with the cast of players for some time and really like these idea of being able to run  and charge.

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