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Started by Aurics Pride, April 17, 2016, 04:08:41 PM

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Aurics Pride

I have a game this week against an unknown opponent. All I know is that it will be 2000pts.
I have put together this list to try out a couple of units, please feel free to comment/criticise

Corsair Prince- Jet Pack, Void Sabre, Haywire & Tanglefield Grenades, Shadowfield

Sky burners coterie
Corsair Baron- Jet Pack
5x Corsair Reavers- Jet Packs, 2x Fusion Guns
5x Corsair Reavers- Jet Packs, 2x Fusion guns
Nightwing Interceptor- Kinetic Shroud
2x Hornets- Pulse Lasers
Corsair Lynx- Kinetic Shroud

Titan breakers coterie
Cloud dancerBaron
3x Cloud dancers- Scatter Lasers
3x Cloud dancers- Scatter Lasers
3x Cloud dancers- Scatter Lasers
5x Corsair Balestrikes- 5x Eldar Missile Launchers
Pheonix Bomber- Kinetic Shroud

Harlequin allies
Shadowseer- Mastery Level 2, Mask of Secrets, Haywire Grenades
Death Jester- Haywire Grenades
Solitaire- Haywire Grenades

The Reavers and Harlequins are going to get into the opponents face as soon as possible with the jetbikes and bale strikes using jump shoot jump tactics. The Lynx will be used as a distraction carnifex and hopefully take out a couple of targets while the Hornets and Flyers do the hard work.

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Eldar Missle Lanchers are rather expensive point wise, Dark Lances are cheaper and open up the unit to hunt down 2+ armour as well as high AV.

Scat lasers are nic since they can be used for medium armour and anti-infantry. Given the number you are taking I would consider some splinter cannons to get a bit more volume to your anti-infantry.

The spare points could be used to bulk up your reavers a little.


Auric how did this game go?
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Aurics Pride

Quote from: Ibushi on May  9, 2016, 03:34:47 PM
Auric how did this game go?

Messy is probably the best way to describe it!

I came up against an almost Null deployment Space Marine army with Grav Centurions, Grav Devastators and Sternguard.
My opponent gave me the first turn and I left most of the army in reserve, Only deploying the Harlequins, Jetbikes and Balestrikes.
First Turn
In my shooting phase I managed to destroy a Rhino, Razorback and 4 out of the 5 men in a tactical squad (leaving a lascannon).
In his first turn 3 drop-pods came down, I lost 2 of my jetbike units, my balestrikes and lost the Death Jester to a very lucky lascannon shot!
Second Turn
My Lynx, Nightwing and Pheonix show up. All three deepstrike in and combined firepower from the Lynx and Pheonix wipe out the Centurions and his Warlord Librarian. Nightwing doesn't do anything and the remaining Jetbikes dented the Grav Devastators.
His second turn the Sternguard come down and with a couple of very lucky rolls destroy my Lynx  :'(. He forces the Nightwing to jink and takes a hull point off of the Pheonix.
Third Turn
Prince and Reavers show up, Hornets outflank. Sternguard get absolutely shredded by the Reavers Fusions/Shuriken. Nightwing manages to pop open another Rhino despite jinking, Pheonix does nothing and the Hornets totally whiff! Solitaire tried to charge a tactical squad and died to the overwatch.
On his turn he managed to take out the Reavers with a couple of Combat squads, leaving just the Prince all on his own. A drop-pod managed to take out one of my remaining jetbikers who decided to flee (and fail to rally).
Forth Turn
Nightwing and Phoenix drop a couple of Drop-pods, Hornets took out a couple of the Devastators that the solitaire attempted to charge and then the Prince finished them off.
With only a couple of combat squads left the game was near enough mine but he did quite impressively manage to take out the Pheonix and the Nightwing! A lucky Lascannon shot took out the Pheonix while 4 rapid firing bolters managed to get past the jink of the Nightwing.
Fifth Turn
The Hornets shredded one of the remaining combat squads, leaving just one man alive and then finally the Shadowseer managed to get a power off (For the first time in the game) and Psychic Shrieked the remaining squad, totally wiping them out.

I am sure I have probably missed a few bits (my brain isn't working quite so well today!) but as you can see it was a very bloody game, I didn't expect to face an army that was quite so aggressive so early and this did throw me off a bit, I found that I was reacting most of the time rather than being able to dictate the play which is what I find you really need to do with Corsairs, managed the victory though.

Got a 2000pt game against Tau tomorrow and will probably be using a similar list, may drop out the Titan Breakers Coterie for a Craftworld Eldar CAD.

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