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Started by Hades Hound, February 16, 2016, 06:48:03 PM

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Hades Hound

A friend of mine recently gave me a box of hellions, and seeing as how I'm rather at a loss on how to use them, figured I would ask you guys before I put glue to plastic. How do you guys typically use them? How have you armed your helliarch in the past? (read: too lazy to commit to magnetizing him) What are your opinions on stunclaw vs. agonizer vs. glaive? And overall what would you commit them to on the battlefield?


Honestly Hellions are a real challenge to play. Their best role is as a harassing unit that sort of lurks on the edge of play until a target of opportunity presents itself. Pouncing on small to mid sized infantry units on mid-field objectives late in game is handy use for them. They can add swift support fire with their splinter rifles as well. Be cautious with them and go for standard shooting infantry and they can prove useful.
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Man they are such lovely models, be a real shame not to use them... I used to lurve my hellions in the old codex using the Baron, real infantry killers and scoring made them useful indeed... I always used to run the Helliarch with an agoniser back then to assist the Baron in CC, using Hit n Run to frustrate the enemy.

Maybe run a plain helliarch now, to escort the reaver spam and give them some poison firepower support would be useful?
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