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Started by Shane Sanderson, December 11, 2015, 06:42:29 PM

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Shane Sanderson

hey guys, i noticed this site/ forum has been a bit quiet recently. So with that in mind i just wanted to know what is everyone working on?

I've just finished building a tomb stalker and spider. Got one more to build along with loads of other kits. I'm starting a big campaign in the next few weeks and we've written a huge dialog for it. The first mission I'm only taking scarabs, wraiths and spiders. The plan is to play it as if the tomb hasn't woken up properly and only the caretakers are around. Those pesky blood angels have stumbled on to it, it'll be a planet-strike game first. Him against my caretaker army.

so what do you have on, please share!


Hi Shane and welcome to 40konline.

For a long while I have really fought the urge to start a Necron army as I have got so much other unfinished stuff it wouldn't be right.

Your campaign sounds interesting and I look forward to reading how you get on.
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Yeah, the Necron boards have been dormant for a while now. Waiting.

I've long toyed with a Necron army, but it will have to wait. Building Guard right now.

If I were, I would be using Trazyn, as his fluff is just so unbearably cool. I don't know how effective he is, but so what?

Shane Sanderson

Hey guys,

Yeah the campaign should be good i hope. I'll  keep everyone updated on how it goes. The first game is kinda of an auto lose really. I kind of have to lose other wise it wont work. After that each game will decide the fate of a different part of our campaign board.

That's why i'm only taking scarabs and wraiths. and the tomb stalker.

I've always built my armies up slowly, necron armies are fairly easy to get a good working list. As our troops are pretty class.

All the named HQ options are good too.

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