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Author Topic: Ideas for adjustments to Imperial Guard Infantry Platoons  (Read 4280 times)

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Ideas for adjustments to Imperial Guard Infantry Platoons
« on: October 6, 2015, 08:08:25 PM »
These are some ideas I've had to improve Imperial Guard infantry platoons.  Please tell me what you think of them:

The Platoon Command Squad:

First, increase the Commander's Wound characteristic by +1.  This is admittedly a very small change, but one that I would like to see happen.  To me, 2 wound characters should be the supporting leaders who sit nicely between the basic 1 wound unit leaders and 3+ wound commander models.  Exactly what a platoon commander is.

Then, change the platoon standard rules to "all friendly Astra Militarum units within 12" may re-roll failed fear, morale and pinning tests".  This change would actually make this thing worth having, and also therefore, existing.  It would require the regimental standard's rules receiving a boost but I think that that can be done.


Increase their (that's normal commissars) wound total by +1, and give them the aura of discipline special rule.  Currently commissars aren't as useful as priests and that's a shame.  Also, give Lord commissars the voice of command special rule.

Conscript Squads:

A minimum size of ten models.  You shouldn't have to buy more than one box of minis to have a legal sized unit in my opinion.  I'm also debating giving them the option to take a vox caster.  Thoughts?

Combined Squad rules:

OK, I've got two ideas for this, each one having an effect on infantry squads, heavy weapon squads and special weapon squads.

The first idea is; change the rule so that units of the same type within the same infantry platoon can be merged together pre game.  So, infantry squads can be combined together as normal, but heavy and special weapon squads can now also be combined together as well.  This set up wouldn't allow cross squad combining however; a heavy weapon team couldn't be merged with an infantry squad for example.

The second idea is; remove the option of taking a heavy weapon team for infantry squads, and allow infantry and heavy weapon squads to combine.  The first part is to simplify it and prevent confusion; the opponent would be able to see how many squads are combined by counting the heavy weapon teams in multiples of three and the infantry squads by multiples of ten.

Speaking of special weapon squads, I think that they should have the option to take melta bombs, and replace their las guns with las pistols.  Thoughts?

Finally, I have an IG formation I'd like to put forward; the Imperial Sheild Infantry Company:

1 Company Command Squad
1 Commissar
2-5 Infantry Platoons

Special Rules:

All units in the formation (even the ccs) have the objective secured special rule. 

In addition, when receiving orders from a unit from within the same formation, they may reroll the dice.  Call it dedicated vox network or something.  Finally, a way to get around the lack of vox casters for conscripts, specials and heavys!

What do you guys think of this? :)


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