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Author Topic: Two 1000pt potential Harlequin lists  (Read 9323 times)

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Two 1000pt potential Harlequin lists
« on: May 22, 2015, 08:23:46 PM »
These lists are designed to be part of a doubles tournament.  Ideally I will be playing with another Harlequin player (if he can get the time), but there is a chance they will fight alongside something else.

The first list is designed using the standard Masque detachment:

Masque Detachment

8 Harlequin Troupes:  7 Caresses; Troupe Master w/ Caress.  204pts

5 Harlequin Troupes:  4 Kisses.  115pts

5 Harlequin Troupes:  4 Kisses.  115pts


Shadowseer:  Mastery Level 2.  85pts

2x Death Jesters120pts

Fast Attack
2x Starweavers140pts

Heavy Support
Voidweaver:  Haywire Cannon.  75pts

Total Points:  999
Model Count:  25

The Shadowseer joins the larger troupe unit to protect them with Veil of Tears, the other two units go in the Starweavers along with the Jesters.  When the Troupes jump out, the jesters remain inside to provide a stable fire platform. 

I was contemplating having one of the 5 man units to have Embraces instead of Kisses, giving me more volume of attacks on the charge, but in the end I decided to lean towards the offensive punch of the Kiss of Death attacks.  Still not totally sure if that is the best idea, however.

The second list was using the Serpent's Brood formation:

Serpent's Brood

6 Troupes:  5 Caresses; Troupe Master w/ Caress; Starweaver.  228pts

6 Troupes:  5 Kisses; Troupe Master w/ Kiss & The Laughing God's Eye; Starweaver.  230pts

6 Troupes:  5 Embraces; Starweaver.  205pts

2 Skyweavers:  Zephyrglaive / Haywire Cannons.  130pts

2 Skyweavers:  Zephyrglaive / Haywire Cannons.  130pts

Voidweaver:  Haywire Cannon.  75pts

Total Points:  998pts
Model Count:  26

A more balanced approach, no psychic presence.  The ability to get back in a transport after an assault is a nice touch, but it is a shame that the transports are so flimsy.  The overall combat effectiveness seems to be limited, there is no fear factor that the Solitaire brings to the table, and no messing with leadership that the Jesters bring. 

I am leaning more towards the first list the more I compare the two.  I think it just has more bite to it.
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Re: Two 1000pt potential Harlequin lists
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2015, 09:45:46 PM »
I suppose it really depends on who you end up playing with, but my vote is for the first list.  I'd say that Jesters and a Solitaire are a lot scarier than skyweavers, and the Shadowseer can keep the large squad safe (shame there's no room for the Mask).  The second list feels really weak to me, and has almost nothing that can threaten at range... and nothing is too difficult to take out with shooting.  The first one I feel is more resilient and adaptable.  The shear lethality of the Solitaire, plus multiple shots with Death Is Not Enough, will decimate a 1000 point list.  You'll easily hold up your end of the table, and can come to the aid of your buddy on the other side.

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Re: Two 1000pt potential Harlequin lists
« Reply #2 on: May 23, 2015, 12:35:31 AM »
Both look like fun.  If you opt for the first list, consider sticking some of your elites in the Heroe's path formation.  It will be trickier to support your on-foot squad supported with the 'seer, but between his small model profile (letting him hide completely behind terrain), his awesome cover save, and the fact that he can infiltrate, you ought to be able to position him to keep him safe while also throwing dance of shadows or veil of tears onto the troupers at a distance.

For the slight hassle that goes to your seer, you get the ability to easily start shooting things with your death jester  turn one (you bet your bottom opponents don't think about running off the side edges of the table when deploying!) while also splitting him off into his own objective-scoring squad with an admirable cover save.  This also lets you outflank your solitaire, which I find to be a huge help.  Infiltrating him generally makes him get shot up by my opponent's small arms fire on turn 1, and deepstriking him means risking scattering somewhere you don't want to be.  Outflanking gives you pretty good odds of winding up somewhere useful, and you have more control (especially with his movement speed) of where on the table he winds up making it easier to hide behind cover.  An outflanking jester isn't terrible either, baiting your opponent towards a board edge with your main force, then shooting them off the table with the jester, going for rear armor on vehicles,  positioning him so that he can more easily shoot that character hiding in back, etc. 

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Re: Two 1000pt potential Harlequin lists
« Reply #3 on: May 23, 2015, 01:14:01 AM »
As much as I love the Heroe's Path, I don't think it will benefit the first list at all.  Sadly, Veil of Tears cast by a Path Shadowseer will not affect the Troupe.  It will also prevent him from having his Path Jester on a Starweaver when one of the smaller Troupes is also embarked.  Outflanking doesn't really help a long range shooting unit, who's best used when the opponent is close to the board edge (turn one).  If he can't find enough terrain to keep a Solitaire hidden for a turn before he charges... there simply isn't enough on the table.

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Re: Two 1000pt potential Harlequin lists
« Reply #4 on: May 30, 2015, 05:02:15 PM »
I like the second list, because of it's firepower and mobility, but I would miss the effects of the awesome shadowseers (who are the best!).

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Re: Two 1000pt potential Harlequin lists
« Reply #5 on: December 16, 2015, 10:02:42 AM »
Overall, I like the focus that the first list has. It's clear to me which units fulfill which roles which I feel is extremely important for force composition. My only concern about the first list is that the overwhelming majority of your "anti-tank" (if you can call embraces and kisses anti-tank), is in close combat, and the strength of said anti-tank is STR 6. Running mono-harlequin, I doubt there is an effective way of getting some decent anti-tank short of haywire cannon skyweaver spam.

But regardless, I'd recommend including either haywire grenades and/or fusion pistols into your first list. Because I just can't shake the feeling that once the opponent puts a dreadnought on the table, you'll be hard pressed to take it down (and it WILL make its presence known if you don't have an effective way of dealing with it).


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