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Author Topic: OrkNid Fluff  (Read 4789 times)

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OrkNid Fluff
« on: February 14, 2015, 09:43:39 AM »
Being a fan of the Fluffy, I figured why not post the continuing story of the OrkNidz.  I'd describe it, but if I was to do so it'd be nothing but a spoiler.  This thread will have a series of vignettes, currently I have four completed, with plans for more to come.  And in case anyone was wondering, yes I am in the process of converting an entire army that goes along with this fluff.

…Imperial Stardate 146-57 Year 786 M.41…
A small Tyranid Splinter Fleet enters the Ork held system of Garkrozz, eager to consume its biomass.  Unbeknownst to the Hive Mind though, several Ork Tribes constantly fight over this system, spurned on in large part by the uprising of the Mad Mek Krunkslag and Bad Dok Uzdreg, which have been fighting for dominance against a myriad of Nobz and Warbosses determined to keep hold of their dwindling power.

Not long after arriving in the system, the Nids met with a large fleet of ramshackle Ork spacecraft. What would have normally been an easy kill for the Hive Mind became the ultimate peril due to one ship in particular, the Krooza ArdJobb. The Ardjobb had a newly Mekboy designed starship drive, the likes of which have never been seen before or since that utilized ancient technology found in the Garkrozz system. When the Ardjobb's engines were damaged by the Hive Fleet, it exploded with such force that it not only nearly wiped out both fleets, but overloaded the Hive Fleet’s synaptic web to the point that each Tyranid for thousands of kilometers lost all ability to receive contact with the Hive Mind.

A single immature Leviathan class Hive Ship, made it past the Ork blockade, flailing madly and bleeding out as it became trapped in the gravity well of a nearby planetoid. From their communal Mekshop fortress Krunkslag and Uzdreg saw a streak of light and felt the ground shake from impact. Thinking it was just another Ork starship that had crashed, they sped to the scene to gather scrap, teef, and boyz to experiment on.

What they found was the dying wreck of the Hive Ship, with thousands of dead Tyranids strewn about for miles. Amongst the corpses were survivors, cut off from the Hive Mind, fighting for dominance and survival. An idea sparked between the Dok and Mek that rivaled all their previous collaborations, an idea that only crazed Orks could think of. They were going to "save" the Tyranids.

* * *

Snagog the First Model T Meganob
The hazy outline of the Mekshop was slowly coming into focus as Snagog binked. He felt strange, as something wasn’t quite right.

“Ah your finally awake, was wondering when you’d come around, da operation was a uge success” said Bad Dok Uzdreg as he and his Grot assistant, Wort, strolled into Snagog's view.

“Oi I feel funny, what you do to me Uzdreg! Why’s everything so funny, and how’d you get shorter?"
“Ah but you see I’ze haven’t gotten shorter Snagog, you’ze gotten bigger. Wort, go fetch the mirror.”

As Snagog looked into the reflection he went into a rage. His body was replaced with extensive cybernetics and Tyranid body parts. With a colossal scream he ripped himself from the chains holding him in place and shattered the mirror sending hundreds of glass shards into Wort, killing the grot, before turning his attention to the Bad Dok. Uzdreg quickly reached his hand to his cybernetically attached control panel and pressed a button. As soon as he did so Snagog fell to the ground, his body loose and limp, almost as if watching a puppet whose strings are cut fall to the floor.

“Oi whatcha do to me now ya evil git!"
“I’m just showing you who has the power. At anytime I can press this button ‘ere and you’ll be paralyzed. It’s quite practical if ya ask me.”
“I’ll kill ya!”
“No you won’t, but look at dis another way Snagog. Overnight you’ve become a mighty Nob, a Meganob in fact. A Meganob who will be going forth and controlling me and Krunkslag’s new army in a glorious Waaagh across da stars. You got a lotta strength now, more den you even fink. Why doncha ‘ead out ta town, and show all dem rivals of yourz just who they dealing wiff now."

A glimmer of pride shined thru Snagog’s eyes, as he thought of all the carnage and followers he could gather.

“Yes yes, go to town Snagog, and tell yer friends dat you will lead dem in their new Model T Mega Armor inta the most glorious Waaagh lead by me and Krunkslag… provided of course dey come in to da Workshop wiff a mere 50 teef for da operation.”

With that ultimatum, Uzdreg flipped a switch and Snagog could feel his body once more. Getting up he replied “Ya I fink I’ll do dat.”

“One last fing Snagog. Don’t ever fink of crossing me, cause all I’ze got ta do is press dis button ere and you’ll explode into a million bitz. If ya don’t believe me I can test it out, but you prolly wouldn’t survive ta see da resultz.”

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Truly beautiful work. That's the kind of stuff that makes a true mekanik cry tears of joy.
OD, you once again prove that your are still the freakin Da Vinci of plasticard


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