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Author Topic: Phoenix Lord Drastanta the Tempest of Starlight  (Read 5688 times)

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Phoenix Lord Drastanta the Tempest of Starlight
« on: April 26, 2015, 06:20:49 PM »
So as those of you with the new Eldar codex may have spotted, page 76 indicates that we have a new Phoenix Lord: Drastanta of the Shining Spears.  I'm not a big Spears user myself, but I love Phoenix Lords and couldn't resist writing a little something up. 

Drastranta is often thought to be the most charismatic of the Phoenix Lords for his presence on the battlefield are sights of power and hope to Eldar eyes.  His spear is the most noble expression of Khaine's normally gruesome art, and the Phoenix Lord has a reputation for rushing to bring deadly light in his allies' darkest hour.  Renowned heroes and villains desperate for redemption have both sought new lives within the armor of the first Shining Spear, and it is thought that an eternity within his gleaming armor is perhaps less a curse than within that of other exarchs and asurya. 

When the Voyage of Isha drifted crippled through the void after a daemonic assault, Drastranta hurled himself alone through the void at the heart of the daemonic giant known as the Queen of Silks.  Though the warp rift and the daemons that accompanied it were banished with the Keeper of Secret's destruction, the Phoenix Lord was thought lost to the warp.  In the millenia that have followed, the shining spears have looked to their Phoenix Lord's heroic sacrifice as inspiration.  Now, however, tales travel upon the lips of webway travelers and traders that a figure in alabaster armor wearing an ancient helm of noble visage has emerged after falling lifelessly from the stars onto a maiden world.  Such rumors are difficult to verify, however, for as fast as word may travel, the Tempest of Starlight travels faster.

Drastanta the Tempest of Starlight
WS 7 BS 7 S 4 T 4 W 3 I 7 A 4 Ld 10 Sv 2+
Special Rules: Ancien tDoom, Fearless, Independent Character, Eternal Warrior, Fleet (note that his aspect warriors don't have this), Outflank, Skilled Rider, Aerobatic Grace, Expert Hunter, Tempest of Starlight

Wargear: Eldar jetbike, star lance, crown of the seventh sky, phoenix armour

Tempest of Starlight:  Such is Drastanta's speed and skill that he appears as a whirlwind of lethal light winding from one foe to another faster than the eye can follow.  Combats involving Drastanta are always resolved before others on turns that Drastanta's unit charges.  If all enemies in combats involving Drastanta are removed from play as casualties on a turn that he charged, his unit may immediately initiate a charge against a second enemy unit and fight in that combat as well. This ability may only be used once per turn. 

Crown of the Seventh Sky:  Legends say that the helm now born by Drastanta was once a gift from Asuryan to an Eldar king.  Any who wear the helm are haunted by the whispers of those whose trust they've betrayed.  Thus, the helm of the seventh sky is proof of Drastanta's nobility and clean conscience.  The helm gives those who follow him confidence enough to follow him into insanely swift and dangerous charges.  After rolling charge range, Drastanta's unit may add 3" to its charge distance.  If it does so, each model in the unit must make a dangerous terrain test (in addition to any test they'd normally make due to moving into terrain).

So yeah. I'm thinking About 240 for this guy (or gal; genderbend her as you wish)as he's faster and harder hitting than any of the phoenix lords save arguably Baharroth.  He doesn't have a ton of special rules, but what he does have potentially lets him bring 5 star lance attacks to two different units in one turn along with all the attacks and hammer of wrath hits his buddies bring.  That's quite a bit more powerful than the other phoenix lords even if it is short-ranged.  I could actually see this guy being a bit more expensive, like in the 270 range, but I feel like the pricyness of his fellow shining spears mitigates this somewhat.  What do you think?

Oh, I also really like the idea of giving him a shooting attack that uses a reverse flamer template for a sort of "spear laser," but it seemed like overkill considering his other abilities.
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Re: Phoenix Lord Drastanta the Tempest of Starlight
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2015, 06:35:17 PM »
Heee that seems really good to me. I love that starlight traits, i would defenetly try this out.
I would have the helmet being +6 to range before concidering terrain rather than +3 after would allow longuer move without terrain but stay the same vs terrain, or maybe being 1d6 to add to charge range after terrain modification of the range.

If you keep ylur rules i would give about 250-260 pts if you change to mine i would go for 270-280. But srly that would make him really really expensive. So maybe a bit less attack or something, to lower his strenght, i don't know.
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Re: Phoenix Lord Drastanta the Tempest of Starlight
« Reply #2 on: April 30, 2015, 10:44:32 AM »
Actually, Drastanta made an appearance before this codex.  He was in Iyanden.  Or more specifically, his weapon, the Celestial Lance was.  So any rules made should use that as his weapon.

I made my own version which I can offer if you'd liked to see it that was much cheaper (215).  His unit could HoW at modified strength, or do d3 standard HoW.  Plus the Acrobatic Charge, etc.  Fleet in your version doesn't mean anything, since he's not infantry.

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Re: Phoenix Lord Drastanta the Tempest of Starlight
« Reply #3 on: May 2, 2015, 04:25:57 PM »
@Grizz:  Yeah, the issue that it seems like he really ought to have a star lance and a standard Phoenix Lord profile, but that's a potent combination in and of itself.  I might try him out at 250 as is and see how he holds up.

@Xabre:  I'd love to see your take on him, and thanks for the Iyanden info!  I considered doing something akin to your changes, but I worried that beefing up their hammer of wrath attacks might make them too powerful in combination with his statline.


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