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Author Topic: Necrons vs Dark Eldar Tips  (Read 5785 times)

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Necrons vs Dark Eldar Tips
« on: February 27, 2015, 12:25:47 PM »
Hi there. I'm just getting back into 40k after several years hiatus.

I have a necron overlord, necron lord, 1 cryptek, catacomb command barge, 70 warriors, scarabs, 5 immortals with Tesla, 5 immortals with gauss, 5 deathmarks, 5 lychguard, and a ghost arc.

I also have Trazyn, Imotekh and Illuminor Szeras.

I am certainly planning on getting a squad of 5 wraiths as well and likely a night scythe.

Any ideas or input? Should I try using the new Necron formations?

I know the player I will be up against mostly will be pretty heavy on the incubi, wyches and scourges. also I believe he plans on taking eldar iyanden wraithguard as allies.

We will be playing at 1500 pts.

I appreciate any input you might have!  ;D
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Re: Necrons vs Dark Eldar Tips
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2015, 04:41:40 PM »
What are your lynch guard armed with?

Lynch guard with warscythes and a cryptek (or equivalent special character), are fantastically tough. Toughness 5, 3+ save and a 4+ Reanimation Protocol are phenomenal. That unit is a great counter assault unit.

All the units you have are useful. I wouldn't use any of those special characters though. If you can get Orikan, he's phenomenal.

I think that most units in the book, besides flayed ones and most of the special characters are quite useful. The Formations are fun if you want to use them (either to supplement another detachment, or included as part of a Decarion). I think that if you are going to use a lot of warriors, ghost arc and Immortals, you want to use a Combined Arms detachment, to get Objective Secured. Once that is done, you can use the formations if they tickle your fancy.

If you have access to it, the Detachment which is included in the Shield of Baal, Exterminatus book (mephrit dynasty?), is really nice and has some fantastic relics and a better warlord trait table.

You're goal should be to shoot the crap out of stuff and then if folks get to close, charge them with wraiths or lychguard. Play for the mission (claim them objectives!) and you should do just fine!
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Re: Necrons vs Dark Eldar Tips
« Reply #2 on: March 1, 2015, 09:22:50 PM »
I actually like Flayed Ones... shred and AP5 is nice, as well as fear... not bad at all and they are able to deep strike or infiltrate which is very handy in Maelstrom missions.

The named HQ's you have are pretty mediocre. Trazyn is now... horrible. I hate to say it. The generic Overlord is great.

If you have the codex, the easiest advice I could give you is try to build a Decurion. It's almost autopilot.

(Oops, I see you don't have tomb blades so that's out.)

I am playing the Mpehrit currently and it's fun but you give up Objective Secured. Since you're just coming back, I honestly would just play a CAD. (HQ, 2 troops, etc.)

I actually think without the Canoptek Harvest formation, I don't think I'd take scarabs at all.... YMMV.

You have enough for some of the gold stuff in the codex and it's all quite basic. Just put 10 warriors (can't take less than 10 now) in a Ghost Ark. Take your immortals. An Overlord is better now... and have some fun.


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