1850 GK with SoB

Started by Halollet, May 30, 2015, 03:42:54 PM

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Hi there! I'm trying to improve on my GK/Sis list. Last time I deployed this list against Blood Angels my Canoness cut a Librarian Dreadnought in two with one hit. I want to keep going with that awesomeness.

Sister of Battle


Eviserator Mantle of Ophelia Rosarius
Litanies of Faith
These two go with the Paladins


Battle Sister Squad x5
Heavy Flamer Melta Gun Rhino Dozerblade
Battle Sister Squad x5
Heavy Flamer Melta Gun Rhino Dozerblade

Fast Attack

Dominion Squad
Melta Gun x4 Rhino Dozerblade

Grey Knights


Mastry Level 3 Cuirass of Sacrifice Combi-Melta Nemesis Hammer


Terminator Squad x5
Psycannon Nemesis Falchions x1 Nemesis Hammer x1

Paladin Squad x4
Nemesis Hammer x1 Nemesis Falchions x3 Apothecary
Land Raider

Fast Attack

Storm Raven
TL Assult Cannon TL Multimelta

1691 points
32 models.

That Canonness and priest go with the Paladin in the land raider making a pretty good death star. All power weapons, 2 ap 2 weapons, hammerhand, armourbane, force, reroll to hit, reroll armour saves, feel no pain, yeah, its got a lot of stuff.

Sisters stay in their tanks and do drive by shootings, dominions outflank for suprize melta. Librarian joins the terminators and deep strike in, or can ride in the storm raven but I don't see why unless I really needed to assault the turn they show up.

Lots of bolters, flamers, psychic powers, melta melta meltas, death star. I just don't know what to do with that last 159 points.

fill out those sister units
add an assassin
change rhinos to razor backs but loose drive by shootings
proxy a dreadknight, since I don't have one, and squeeze that in somehow
change the raider to a crusader to have more paladins
take more terminators
drop a dreadnought from the raven

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