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Author Topic: Adepta Soroitas codex update  (Read 5933 times)

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Adepta Soroitas codex update
« on: November 13, 2013, 03:30:10 PM »
For those of us with the ebook version, it was updated on the 7th. The condemnor is back to the WD version and is thus useless. there is something else about allies but I haven't found it yet.

Redownload time if you  haven't gotten a copy since the 7th. Additionally, there's no corresponding FAQ/Errata entry on GW's website (makes sense, but not having a pointer to what was changed is irritating).

EDIT: Sent a mail to Black Library asking for some way of notifying us eBook purchasers when our products update.
I'll probably run a diff of the old codex and the new one in a bit, help to at least get the sections that have been changed.

EDIT x2:

After unzipping both versions of the ebook (epub is just a special zip file) and running a diff, the changes are the aforementioned change to Psi-Shock, some minor formatting changes (removal of spaces in the XHTML, some other stuff that's related to what they used to author the epub, etc), and a designer note was added to the "Army of Ecclesiarchy", explicitly stating what anyone with a disinclination to be a jerk regarding the Allies matrix in the BRB would have granted.

TL;DR: Download the new version of C:AS from Black Library if you got it before the 7th and are using the eBook version.
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