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Author Topic: Experimental Rules for Wood Elf Lord  (Read 4898 times)

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Experimental Rules for Wood Elf Lord
« on: January 31, 2011, 12:18:02 PM »
So i am trying to make rules for these three Characters i wrote a story about.  I have completed the first one as of last night.  and i want to know if the public thinks these rules are fair and whatnot. Plz feel free to post your thoughts, likes, dislikes, and so on about these rules. 

The character's name is Lark and she is worth 250 pts. 
     She carries her own longbow that gets the following special rules:  she can fire four shots with regular arrows.  When firing regular arrows her shots are strength 4 and have the killing blow special rule.  she can also shoot a limited number of special arrows, and she can pick either Fire arrows or poison arrows as her main secondary arrow.  She can only shoot up to two special arrows, and they must be of the same kind if she chooses to shoot two.  If she stands and shoots as a charge reaction she can only shoots normal shots or her main secondary arrows. 
     Lark also has the following special rules: hit and run, forest strider, scout, skirmishers, sniper shot, and immune to psychology.  her bow is quick to draw, and she suffers no penalties for shooting multiple shots.  Lark does not take priority tests when shooting.  additionally all shooting at Lark suffers an additional minus 2 modifier as she is quick and stealthy.  Lark wears no armour but has a 5+ ward save.
     These are the profiles for her main secondary arrows:  Lark can shoot up to four shots of these shots.  These arrows are S3 or S4 at half range.
*fire arrows deal flaming attacks
**poison arrows deal poison attacks
     These are the profiles for her special shots:
-barbed arrows: these are S4 arrows that ignore armour.
-Heavy arrows: S6 and armour piercing.  resolve hits from this bow like hits from a bolt thrower. 
-Multi-arrows: S3 and each shot deals D6 wounds per hit.
-Heavy multi-arrows: S4 and armour piercing.  these shots deal D3 wounds per hit
*Lark carries 6 multi-arrows, six heavy multi-arrows, four heavy arrows, an 4 barbed arrows.
     In addition to her bow Lark carries two short swords for close combat.  These swords grant her +2 attacks at all times.  Being super fast, she can dodge any hits on a 4+
Lark's stats are as follows: Movement 8. weapon skill 6. ballistic skill 9. strength 4. toughness 3. 3 wounds. initiative 8. 4 attacks. leadership 10.
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