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Author Topic: Tuskbreaka The Mammoth Lord :D  (Read 5034 times)

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Tuskbreaka The Mammoth Lord :D
« on: August 25, 2010, 06:48:14 PM »
Here is a quick story I thought up for my Orc warboss on mammoth :D. I will be adding alot more detail to it later this just a quick rough draft. What ya think?

   The story of Breaka the Mammoth Lord starts out the same as many other orcs largely unnoticeable. He lived on the outer reaches of the chaos waste with the other savage orc boyz. The Orc Waaaagh! with the Ogre tribes and the northrenmen constantly giving them a reputation for being rock hard.

   After a attack against a largely unprotected village, the savage orc boyz began to feast on the dead. After a full night of feast the became sluggish and full which was a great mistake. The northmen attacked full force killing all the savage orc boyz in the village capturing a few for their pit fights.

   Breaka one of the orcs captured in the counter attacked was brought to the northern waste where he was thrown into the pits. A vile and disgusting place where the prisoners where whipped into battle feed the dead and where death was not a matter of if but when. Under the eyes of Gork and Mork, Breaka gained favour for the slaughter of many beasts. From the mightyest captured chaos champion to the most vicious beast that could be captured, Breaka killed and ate them all.

   As time passed Breaka's body became harder then any normal orc as if his skin was rock and bones where steel he was withstanding a blow that would kill a normal orc with ease. As his bones and skin hardened he became slower and could not respond with nearly as much ease as he once could.

   The next pit fight Breaka fought a mighty boar, this boar was so faster then Breaka could have ever imagined and was as vicious as his brother orcs. The wild boar charged and gouged Breaka over and over but still the mighty orc stood his ground, after many hours of fighting the boar became slow and tired. This was Breaka's chance he grabbed the beast by the tusks smashed it to the ground all to the roar of the crowd. He dragged the beast off to his pit to be devoured, or so the northmen thought. Within a week the boar seen Breaka more as a brother in blood then a foe.

   The northmen opened the pit to Breaka's cage and out rode a demon of a boar and riding on top of it was the mighty Breaka. With the boars help Breaka was finally able to scale the cliffs of the pit and butchered all of the northmen along with the help of the pit creatures who where released. All the newly freed orcs, trolls and giants followed Breaka into the northrern waste. The butchered many creatures for food and for a good Waaaagh!!! Until the day they stumbled apon the ogre kingdom where Breaka knew he would find a real good fight.

   Breaka took the name Toofbreaka after all his fellow orc boyz followed in his steps and claimed a boar of their own for the fight against the ogres. The ogres where in the midst of a great feast when the orcs hit they where butchered quickly and soon all the ogres where brewing in their own pots.

   After the boar boyz killed the ogres in a quick and bloody raid, they inslaved the rinoxes who where kept for food. These new beasts where bigger and more vicious then the boars ever where. Which inspired Toofbreaka to claim one as his own, beating the bull rinoxe to death with his bare hands, the other rinoxes quickly feel in step. He claimed the biggest for his own broke it in and charged even further north.

   Toofbreaka attacked many northern tribes across the waste's. Until the day Toofbreaka attacked the mighty Khazag tribe, all was acording to plan until the tribe released their greatest weapon the WarMammoth. Quickly and surely the boar boy tribe was crushed into the earth, the last few orcs fled to the mountains and even Toofbreaka lost his mighty mount when the mammoth stepped upon him, thankfully his iron hard body lived up to its reputation.

   Toofbreaka became infureated and demanded that he must have the biggest beast. He sent hundreds off goblins out to look for one, none returned until one night a single goblin returned with news of a bull mammoth the biggest he ever seen.

   Hearing this news Toofbreaka grabbed a mighty spear and chain taken from a northmen long ship and headed towards the bull mammoth. He found the beast sleeping in a valley throwing his spear deep in the back of the beast his boyz charged hundreds where killed by the mighty mammoth. After many days the mammoth became weak and tired falling to the ground with a mighty thud.

   Toofbreaka ordered his boyz to nail a howdah to his back and build him a throne like the north boyz had. After the howdah was built Toofbreaka force feed the mammoth the dead orc and any mushrooms the goblins had on them even some living goblins, who did not give their mushrooms up quickly enough.

   The mammoth was thrown into a blood fury rage sickened by the constant blood and pain of his injurys he was released and charged through the valley killing all types of beasts, until he heard his masters voice siting on his back. Charge with a slight tug the mammoth charged down the valley towards the Khazag tribe. There are no accounts of what happened on that day yet the now famous Tuskbreaka rides his mammoth through the waste's with his faithfull mammoth boyz at his side. Tuskbreaka has not moved or spoken in many years now, some say he is dead others say his body has hardened fully and he is now trapped inside his own body. All that is known is his blood lust and rock hard body is living on in his deadly Warmammoth.
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Re: Tuskbreaka The Mammoth Lord :D
« Reply #1 on: September 7, 2010, 11:24:53 PM »
I like the story good job. I always love fantasy fluff and the fact that I am an orc player, I love your story even more. Now my question is..... do you have a model to represent Tuskbreaka on his mammoth? I would love to see a set of orc mammoth riders (but not the mammoth price).

Keep writing!!
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