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Author Topic: First Beastman Torni !Results!!  (Read 5072 times)

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First Beastman Torni !Results!!
« on: September 5, 2009, 04:31:25 PM »
Ok first let me give a big and VERY special thanks to the people who helped me save face. Khemri. , PMF and Benis .


1st First game Beastmen(me) VS. Bretonnia(Jack) Think that is his name if not I made a butt off myself lol.

My army you seen vs a heavy calvery army. Which was a bunch of Bretonnian Pegasus Knights, Bretonnian Knights and Bretonnian Hero on Pegasus.

    He did full charge basically, just charged right for my men all his units in full charge. I had Hounds up front and the horde.
    He hit the horde first full charge by I think it was 2 Knight squads of around 4 or 5. My Horde fellback and was less then 25% so it was gone. He did the same thing with my other horde but with his pegasus's and hero.
    My mino's by this point where in charge range and hit them from the flank, which killed alot off them. After this his units fell back but rallyed.
   My other mino's 2 squads off them charged the knights which went very well. I forget, it was either a turn or 2 later his hero with pegasus's squad came back thankfully I had a hound between my doombull/trolls and his pegasus's squad.
    So after he butchered my hounds, it was my turn. I was able to flank him and do frontial charge with my doombull and troll squad and a shaggoth.
    This resulted in his hero dieing and all by 1 pegasus knight so he quit.
    I forget when but he lost a full squad of knights aswell. Thanks to Doombull/trolls

2nd Beastmen(me) VS Tomb Kings (Travis)

Ok he had..... like countless archers, some chariots and the High Queen Khalida.  He hit with chariots first keeping my men back and would run them away when to low on wounds or to close to Mino's. Thanks to that damn High Queen my men got butchered by archers. At the end of the 6th turn I killed 2 squads of skullie's and he killed everything but my doombull and 1 troll.

    Not sure what to add to this one. I did full charge with hounds up front with the horde. I went first and put myself in shooting range. He killed off both my hordes got them down to less then 25% and other was aorund 40% but never rallyed "damn dice".
    My minos got to charge 1 squad off skullies but he fleed with his men and they rallyed quickly.
    The other squad I charged with doombull/trolls also fleed. His charitos just kept hitting and trying to flank my mino's, which he did mroe then once
   He just never let me get close enough to kill anything and picked my men down with alot of squads of archers.

p.s. what the best way to deal with chariots? Hit the guy's? Hit the chariot itself or what.
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Re: First Beastman Torni !Results!!
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2009, 03:04:09 PM »
It's good to see that you did well Scarycrow.

Bretts are suually very hard for us so I'm glad you did well. 

On the TK

Am I mssing somthing here the undead units can't flee. If they did he was cheating.  The best way for us to deal with a chariot is a greatweapon, gotta love strength 7 hits. TK fear is hard for us to deal with though.

Well done.

PS In future could you try to detail what happened in neach turn? Not to detailed but just some idead. Still congrats on the win.

EDIT I was right he can't flee from CC
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