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Author Topic: Before you post, read this!  (Read 7672 times)

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Before you post, read this!
« on: November 7, 2006, 01:38:34 PM »
What is that new fantasy related subforum for?

Well, months passing by since the Forge was created it was witnessed that WFB related rules appeared here and there but were lost among all the 40k related stuff. The same comment may apply to the Battle report subforum, art...

So we decided to open this place in order to offer a specific and easily identified place for all these stuff.
So your fantasy battle reports, fiction, art and home rules are welcomed here!

In order to keep this place readable, all the common netiquette and rules apply, as usual. I recall that it covers posting delay (do not answer a topic that is out of activity for more than 3 weeks or left front page within the noticeable exception you would have a fruitful comment to add), give clever titles, stick to the IP policy,...
It would be great if posts were identified with a tag in head such as:
  • [batrep] for battle reports
  • [art] for art
  • [fiction] for, guess what, fiction (ie stories, comics, jokes...)
  • [houserule] for house rules
  • [armyblog] for all that would not fit elsewhere, in a "Tale for X gamers" style*

This is an opened list as sometimes we cannot plan any inventive contribution you could submit. I case of a doubt, feel free to PM a mod or to post your question in the forum and we will be very happy to answer it!

Thanks and enjoy this place, it's yours!

*As a disclaimer I would add that a typical example would be a serie of contributions dealing simultaneously with the way you built your army list, how you corrected its composition from the experiences you had in battle results, what conversions you proposed to strenghten the characterful side of your force...
This is also a good place to put in all your personnal comments and, for example, tournie or gaming group anecdotical stories...
Yet this is NOT a substitute to painting and conversion forums: only final results  and army oversights matter. Therfore ensure thatyou will keep full details on how you painted/built a miniature, keep WIP and instructions for a proper topic in the proper subforum...

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