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Ork Possessed Demon

Submitted By: SKEETERGOD Date: September 23, 2012, 07:50:42 AM Views: 3646
Summary: Converting the hell brute into an ork meka dread.

-Turning A Hell Brute Into an Ork-

Demons are not used to being possessed, they are usually the possessors, but when a motivated Big Mek finds a machine just laying around on a battlefield the results are an Ork possessed demon war machine.

I started off by removing all the hell brute pieces off the sprue and fitting them all together. The first thing that I noticed is that the head piece fits in from behind. A little work with the razor knife turning the face into a lump to fit an Ork head on, and the choosing of a large enough spare head (of which every Ork player should have a few spares in the bits box) soon solved that problem. I glued on the head insert from behind and then glued the Ork head over the lump of the original face. Note; I left off the tentacle collar as it wouldn’t fit over the large head.

Next, I spent an afternoon with the sander of my rotary tool sanding down the various bumps and odd looking lumps. Then cutting and attaching squares and rectangles of thin plasticard to cover the now shapeless top and back. I also cut off the rock on the left foot, and the chain on the right foot. I then attached thicker plasticard to the bottoms of the feet to begin making them into proper Ork stompy feet compared to the squishy feet that are part of the original model.

The next afternoon I boxed in the feet, and added the chain from the foot to the two other chains. A rooting around through the bits box came up with three space marine heads that were attached to the ends of the chains by slightly spreading out the ends of the chains to hold the top of the helmet.

The gun that was included with the model was too small, so using a left over zap gun from my battle wagon kit, I cut off the rear end and glued it to the bottom of the gun like a magazine. Then cutting off the barrels of the brutes gun and sanding it smooth, I glued on the former zap gun and called it a shunta. Looking at the options for a meka dread I noticed the bomb rack would be good as template weapons are an Orks friend (that whole not having to roll to hit thing). Rooting through the bits box and I found a set of missiles that I had looted from a “True Heroes” army man set a few years back and with a minimum of rotary tool work got it to fit nicely on the top and back.

A bit of rotary tool work to make the feet more “aesthetic” (a strange term for an Ork) some work with a drill bit and a cutting wheel to make some battle damage and it was ready for primer and paint.

I then made a grot rigger from some spare spider rider bits and gave him a spare head from some grot parts I had. I then gave him a few bits that looked like the part I wanted it to play. Since it looks like the grot is laughing it is because he has the remote control and the plug. I painted the grot separately to insure a decent paint job, and then place him on the rear foot so it looks like he is in for the good joke that the grot is the one in control. (I hate to explain a joke, but, the grot is control of an ork possessed demon machine)

For the fixin klaws I cobbled together some spare bits and left over sprue parts. The gears I got from some bubble gum toys that were on clearance at a toy store. The gum lasted about five minutes, but I had bought the toys not for the gum, but for the parts; mainly the wheels. I attached these by drilling a hole in the gills on the back and pinning them in.

The base is simple beach sand (there is a lot of that in Florida) a wash of Delevan mud and Badab black and there you have the finished work.



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