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Author Topic: White Dwarf Issue 450  (Read 342 times)

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White Dwarf Issue 450
« on: January 23, 2020, 06:09:53 AM »
White Dwarf Issue 450 content

MISCELLANEOUS: 7 pages, 4.79%

1 page of meet the team

1 page of editorial

2 pages detailing the contents

2 pages of letters submitted to White Dwarf.

1 page of adverts

WARHAMMER 40K: 8 pages 5.48%

40k Section Introduction: 2 pages to introduce the 40k section of the magazine. One photo, spread across two adjacent pages, of models artfully arranged in a city scape.

Last Of The Silent Kings: 6 pages of background regarding Phaeron Szarekh.

AGE OF SIGMAR 47 pages 32.19%

AOS Section Introduction: 2 pages to introduce the AOS section of the magazine. One painting, spread across two adjacent pages, of two armies facing off.

Fiction – Red Prospects:  3 A Kharadron Captain encounters daemons during a salvage operation.

Skies of Slaughter: 1 page to introduce the new rules for Skies of Slaughter .

New Rules – Skybattles: 21 pages of a new missions (5 pages), warscrolls (14 pages) and  campaign rules (2 pages) for aerial battles in the Age of Sigmars.

Rules of Engagement: 4 pages – Jervis Johnson writes about the three way to play Age of Sigmar.

Battle Report  – Destroy The Nexus: 16 pages of a Battle Report featuring Ogor Mawtribes and Ossiarch Bonereaper armies .

SPECIALIST GAMES: 36 pages 24.66%

Kill Team – Kill Team Dispositions- 1 page introduction to new rules for Kill Team.

New Rules – Kill Team Dispositions- 5 pages of new Dispositions for use in your narrative Kill Team games.

New Rules – Kill Team- 8 pages of new missions and tactics for Kill Team.

Glory Points - Beastgrave: 4 pages of John Bracken writing about how to prepare for  a tournament.

Fiction – Fates Intertwined:  4 A Grot searches for a fabled blade deep within Beastrgrave.

Blackstone Fortress Introduction: 1 page to introduce the Blackstone Fortress section of the magazine. Half a page of words and a half page photo.

New Rules - Blackstone Fortress: The Weeping Labyinth: 9 pages of new rules for a new Blackstone Fortress quest.

Fiction: Blood Bowl – 2549 Lustrian Superleague Semi-final- 1 page of a background piece for a legendary game that took place between the Queasers and the Terradons.

Blood Bowl – Classic Plays- 3 pages of new rules and rosters to let you recreate the legendary semi-final between the Queasers and the Terradons.


Reader’s Models: 2 pages of models painted by readers of White Dwarf.

Galactic War Zones – Urban Battlefields: 8 pages detailing how to paint and convert your models to show that they fight in an urban environment.

The Stormvault Warlords: 2 pages to introduce the Four Warlords section – One and a half of the two pages is taken up by photographs of models painted by the Warlords.

A Tale of Four Warlords: 8 pages – Four hobbyists paint monsters for their chosen armies.

Basing Masterclass: 6 pages of how to create and paint exciting bases.

New Year, New Army: 8 pages of four armies to inspire you to collect and paint a new army.

Terrain Showcase – Raising The Westfold: 6 pages of how to use the Rohan House kit to create a village.

Inside the Studio: 2 pages detailing what the Design Studio team are currently painting and playing.

OTHER: 6 pages 4.11%

Worlds of Warhammer: 4 pages of Phil Kelly writing about how a good base can add to the narrative of a models look.

1 page of a painting depicting a battle between the Kharadron and Demons.

Warhammer Resolutions: 1 page that challenges you to paint one model a month and provides a way of keeping score.

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Re: White Dwarf Issue 450
« Reply #1 on: February 10, 2020, 09:25:33 AM »
YMMV, but I will score this issue 2.0 out of 5.

You will like this issue if you like new rules and if you like looking at pictures of painted models.

I notice that since the last issue I bought the tag line ‘the ultimate wahammer magazine’ has been removed from the cover. In different forms that tag line has been included for as long as I have been buying the Dwarf and it makes me wonder why it has been removed.

As with every issue since the Dwarf was reimagined the Worlds of Warhammer article leaves me nonplussed and IMO is the weakest article of the mag. For me the base of a model is just that and I doubt very much I will ever look at a base and be able to discern anything about the person that painted it as the article suggests may be the case.

The header for the WoW article states that it is intended to delve into the background of AoS and 40K, but this article is a very personal account of Phil Kelly’s change in attitude towards painting his bases and creating a narrative with them. The article just seems pointless and it tells me nothing about AoS or 40K.

The ‘last of the silent kings’  article, which is what made me but this issue, is also a bit lacklustre. This six page article only has three pages about the Silent King and the other three are just fluff pieces written to look like letters and radio broadcasts.

The theme of lack of detail is continued in the Galactic War Zones article. This month's ‘Zone is about how to paint and build your models to represent the planet they live and fight on. Whilst potentially a good article due to the lack of detail the article ends up just being six pages of painted models.

This month’s Rules of Engagement is all about the three ways to play AoS. The problem with this, IMO, is that the three ways to play have been around since 2016, so it seems far too late to be explaining the differences between the three ways to play.  Another problem with this article is that Ben Johnson covered pretty much the same content back in Nov 2016.

Ben talked about playing the different kinds of games in the ‘General’s Almanack’ of Nov 2016 and he covered most of what Jervis covers this month, but he did so in a much more (IMO) informative manner.

A welcome change was that this month’s ‘A Tale of Four Warlords’ wasn’t too bad a read and this was because it wasn’t purely about how the Warlords painted their models. There is information about how the Warlords expect their units to perform and information on games the Warlords have played.

Conversely this month’s Warlords highlights why I don’t normally like this article. I would much rather read about why a Warlord has chosen a particular model and how they think a model will perform than read about which colours they used to paint their models.

I nearly liked the Battle Report, but once again it has been let down by its incoherent layout and the narrative style write up. It gets off to a really good start with the army lists and their general’s thoughts on their game plan. This is followed by a half decent deployment section. All of this good stuff is then followed by what is essentially a story style write up of the game. YMMV, but I do not find this style of battle report to be informative enough.
The normally brilliant Glory Points is a bit of a disappointment this month and somehow reads like a rehash of past articles. This feeling is reinforced by the fact that the article points you in the direction of past article for more information on the subject in hand.

The two fiction pieces are a welcome break from new rules and pictures and they are an enjoyable read.

The terrain showcase is really good and details how to use the Rohan House kit to create different house designs. I particularly like the use of two kits to produce one large house.

31.5% of this magazine is made up of new rules. Whilst I applaud the support for the specialist games  I do wonder if this is too much of a good thing all at once.
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