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Author Topic: Bat-Rep: Deepkin vs Sancrosanct Chamber  (Read 650 times)

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Bat-Rep: Deepkin vs Sancrosanct Chamber
« on: February 7, 2019, 03:46:50 AM »
Battle Report!
Deepkin of the Fuethan Enclave vs. the Sancrosanct Chamber of the Hammers of Sigmar
Army Strength: 2000 Points
Scorched Earth

Fuethan Enclave:
1x Fendriach, the Benighted Prince (Volturnos)
1x Eidolon of Mathlann, Aspect of the Sea
20x The Siren Shoal, Namarti Thralls
19x Bleak Oath, Namarti Reavers
6x Ondaric Sentinels, Akhelian Ishlaen Guard
6x Reapers' Shoal, Akhelian Morrsar Guard

Hammers of Sigmar Sancrosanct Chamber:
Lord Arcanum on Gryph Charger: Lucian Sunscryer
Knight Incantor Wynnomar Red Hand
5x Firebrands, Sequitors
5x The Last Brotherhood of Sharr, Sequitors
5x Red Maws, Sequitors
1x Gates of Azyr, Ballista
1x Shield of Hammerhall, Ballista
3x Tempest of Scions, Evocators on Celestial Dracolines
5x Fury Divine, Evocators
5x The Stormbolts, Evocators
3x The Red Marksmen, Castigators
1x Celestian Vortex
1x Everblaze Comet
1x Cleansing Phalanx Battalion

First off, before we begin, this is somewhat a beginner's game. I lent one my friend's interested in coming back to the hobby my stormcast for a 2000 point game of AoS. Coming fresh into the new edition, there was a lot for him to take in and for me to remember as well. So, some things were unfortunately missed. But I think we'd do better next time!

Deployment Phase:

A blasted battlefield, once a grand bastion of order, is reduced to a hollow shell of it's former glory. On the outskirts of the ruin, the skeletal remains of once proud achievements dot the land. Between them is a great hill marked with a pile of stones. To the left of that lies an abandoned and once-breached barricade.

The Greater bastions that once dominated the cratered marshes -or what remains of them- dominate the landscape still further past the Fortress perimeter. South of the stone-marked hill sits a great watchtower. Further west, a half-collapsed cathedral of Sigmar blocks off most of the western flank. Further ruins dot the land to the east.

The board is measured out and three objectives spaced equally from one another and laid down on either deployment zone. The Hammers of Sigmar begin to muster their defenses at the first signs of the Ethersea crashing upon the battlefield. The Celestial Wizards of the Sancrosanct cede the fortress' outer perimeter and claim the southern half of the battlefield as their deployment zone.

In the north, the Idoneth amass.

Post Deployment, Pre-battle: Hammers of Sigmar

Atop the three floor ruin on the western flank, the Castigators take up their position on the highest floor of the terrain piece. Just beneath them, one of the Celestar Ballista hunker down on the second floor. Beneath them on ground level, a unit of Sequitors claims the South-Western objective. Behind the Sequitors, the Lord Arcanum oversees the preparation of the defense. Just around the corner of the South-Western ruin, the noble Evocators on Celestial Dracolines prepare themselves for an aggressive assault on the Fuethan's objectives.

In the center, another unit of Sequitors and the Knight Incantor are deployed behind the Great Watchtower, blocked from line of sight, and claim the center objective. To the left and right behind them, two units of Evocators on foot are positioned to support the center. On the south-eastern flank, another celestar ballista is deployed on the white ruin on the extreme flank. The last unit of Sequitors is positioned in the ruin a little north of that white ruin, and claim the south-eastern objective.

Post Deployment, Pre-battle: Fuethan Enclave

The Idoneth favor a more compact deployment. The Namarti Thralls form a phalanx around the center objective. A unit of Morrsar Guard form behind them. The Reavers cluster around the north-eastern objective. The Eidolon, Ishlaen Guard, and Volturnos take up positions on the north western flank.

Turn 1: Fuethan Enclave

The Eidolon moved up 10" to park himself behind the barricade by the great hill. Fendriach cycles into the Eidolon's previous position to claim the north-western objective. The Ishlaens shimmy over to the otherwise impassable barricade beside Volturnos to lend support to the flank if need be. 

The Thralls advance an extra inch over their regular movement and slog their way over the first barricade in their way in the center of the battlefield. Unencumbered by their wretched warrior slaves, the Akhelians kick their mounts into full tilt and surge over the heads of their Namarti Thralls. They take up a screening position in front of the Namarti.

With the Thralls gone, the Reavers shuffle around to claim both the center and the north-eastern objective on their own.

Eidolon opens up the fight with some Blasts of Abyssal Energy, and obliterates one of the castigators atop the ruin. However, Lord Arcanum's cycle of the storm ability kicks in and the archer is recreated with one wound remaining.

Turn 1: Hammers of Sigmar

The Stormcast pretty much baton the hatches and prepare to defend their objectives from the enemy. The Evocator unit between the eastern and center flank marches to reinforce the outpost on the south-eastern flank. The other unit of evocators between the center and western flank move further toward the center of the board to reinforce the Incantor and the Sequitors stationed there.

The Celestial Dracolines and Lord Arcanum have a different strategy in mind. Using the Lord Arcanum's Indefatigable Mount Trait for that extra inch on movement, the Dracolines and their Lord sally out toward the North-western objective.

Evocators cast empower on their fellow Sequitors

In the shooting phase, several shots are let loose from either Celestar Ballista, but nothing substantial is gained from the volley.

Turn 1 Victory Points:
Stormcast: 3 VP
Fuethan: 3 VP

Turn 2: Idoneth:
Eidolon casts Mystic Shield upon the Ishlaen Guard and fails his other spell. He hurls another flurry of Abyssal Energy, this time into the Lord Arcanum, blasting him down to four wounds.

The Namarti continue to hurdle over the fence laid out before half of their unit, slowing making their way to the South-Center objective. The Morrsar Guard race around the flank of the Great Watchtower and poise themselves for a sudden charge into the center objective garrison.

The Ishlaen Guard fly over the barricade before them, poised to intercept the Celestial Dracolines and seize the initiative.

The Morrsar Guard crash into the unit of Evocators on the center objective. Still, three Evocators are impaled on their impetuous charge and wound another.

The Ishlaens charge in to intercept the Lord Arcanum and Dracolines, but the Lord Arcanum strikes first. The Lord Arcanum dishes out some wounds to the Ishlaen Guard.

The Ishlaens spring their assault and cut down the Lord Arcanum in a flurry of Helsabre cuts and gnashing Fangmora maws and tails. One of the Dracolines is left reeling from the sudden attack, lingering on with two wounds remaining.

The Celestial Dracolines join the fray and after the dust has settled, three of the Ishlaen Guard litter the battlefield, torn from their mounts in an absolute pique of violence.

Also, the Eidolon had switched places with Volturnos once more. Since it was Flood Tide (Which I forgot that Fuethan gives you two rounds of Flood Tide!), Volturnos zoomed across the board and made a fancy change onto the second level of the South-western ruin, brining him into contact with the Ballista Crew.

Turn 2: Stormcast:

The Knight Incantor summoned the might of the Everblaze Comet, scolding the Eidolon for one wound and damn-near immolating one of the surviving Ishlaens down to one of his four wounds. Empowers go off across the board, with the Evocators on foot buffing their Sequitor cousins, while the Dracolines empowered themselves.

The combats continue, the Evocators, Knight Incantor, and Sequitors manage to pull down one of the Morrsar Guard and leave another half dead.

Volturnos trades blows with the Celestar Ballista, and takes two wounds for his trouble, whilst offering not much punishment in return. The ballista receives two wounds between the Ballista crew and the Sequitors that charge in to aid their beleaguered brethren.

The Celestial Draconlines, empowered with the celestial wrath of Sigmar, proceed to butcher what remains of the Ishlaen Guard and opening the north-western objective to a direct assault.

Post Turn 2 Victory Points:
Fuethan: 6 VP
Hammers of Sigmar: 6VP

Turn 3: Fuethan Enclave & Hammers of Sigmar.

Sorry, didn't take enough pictures of turn 3, so things are a little fuzzy.

High Tide has begun. The Supreme Lord of Tides ability has been cast on the Morrsar Guard
The Namarti Reavers hold their ground. The Thralls continue to slog it toward the center to aid their Akhelian nobles, who are getting swamped suddenly. Finally, the unit of twenty reaches the perimeter of the Great Watch Tower.

Two more Morrsar Guard are brought down in the ensuing combat. Another one is wounded in the combat.

Volturnos trades blows with the Sequitors and Ballista crew, he cuts one or two of the Sequitors down and puts another wound on the ballista. But his wounds begin to mount as he dealt three more for a total of five out of eight wounds.

Celestial Dracolines push forward and assault the north-western objective, looking to carve down the Eidolon. The Eidolon has already suffered four wounds due to earlier shooting and magic spells being cast, even after healing a measly one in the earlier battle round. The Dracolines increase the pressure, and though their empower spell did not go off on them this turn, they carve another five wounds onto the Eidolon for a total of nine wounds.

Having more models on the objective in the north west, the Dracolines also burned their objective for three victory points!

Post Turn 11 Victory Points:
Fuethan: 11 Victory Points

Turn Four: Fuethan Enclave:

Ebb Tide:
Volturnos retreats from out of the ruin to make another charge, due to ebb tide, and so do the Morrsar Guard still in the fight. Both of them successfully charge back into their combats for another invigorated round of wholesale slaughter. He slays a few more Sequitors for their trouble.

The Namarti Thralls finally cross into charge range and manage to connect with the reara of the Knight Incantor and Sequitors. This gives me enough models to claim the objective and burn it for three Victory points!

This is where I made a critical mistake, but I suppose it didn't really matter anymore since I burned the objective in the center. All of the units still in combat there wouldn't really help at all for the rest of the battle.

I chose to attack with Volturnos fist to wipe out most of the remaining sequitors on the left flank, in the ruin. Doing this, exposed my Thralls to a thrashing dished out by the Knight Incantor. Six Thralls were brought down by him alone. The Sequitors managed to drag down two more Akhelians, buffed with Sigmar's might, and the last Evocator still standing at the center objective cut down a couple more.

In the end, the center objective looked a lot like this!

Oh, did I mention the Knight Incantor summoned the Celestial Vortex to throw another handful of mortal wounds onto the thralls!

Realizing that I wouldn't be able to hold the north-western objective with the Eidolon alone. I used the ebb tide to have my Eidolon retreat to the south-western objective and make a hurge charge over the ruin wall (hooray for flying). Between the Eidolon's Abyssal energy in the shooting phase and his close combat attacks, the ruin was finally cleared, and volturnos was left alive with one wound remaining.

I burn the objective for a further two victory points, wonderful!

The Dracolines meanwhile, move to their fullest extent and make an absolutely disgusting and brutal charge into my Namarti Reavers, who are spread between two of my own objectives. Between their D3 Monstrous claws on the charge, and their plenty of attacks with Tempest blades and staves, and the celestial arc energies, 16 of my 19 Reavers are simply butchered.

The Dracolines burn the center objective for another two victory points... tied!

Post Turn 4 Victory Points:
Fuethan: 14
Hammers of Sigmar: 14

Turn 5: Fuethan Enclave

Nothing is in range to catch the Dracolines at this point from walking onto the last objective and burning it. The last three Reavers who survived their onslaught fled in terror.

Turn 5: Hammers of Sigmar
Dracolines walk up to the last objective and burn it for one point, giving them the victory!

Victory Point Total:
Fuethan: 14
Hammers of Sigmar: 16

Victory for the Hammers of Sigmar!

So, trying to get better at making Battle Reports is something I'll continue to learn about! This was beginner's game, and there were mistakes on both sides. But honestly, most of the mistakes we made were simply forgetting rules as opposed to getting them wrong. Like Evocators counting as wizards if they hold a certain number of models, or their electric arc ability. Or that the Knight Incantor had a God-Forged Blade, and that the Hammers of Sigmar ability can only bring back Redeemer units and not Sancrosanct units, kind of making it useless for an all Sancrosanct army.

I'm open to feedback and any reaction to the great game that was had!

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Re: Bat-Rep: Deepkin vs Sancrosanct Chamber
« Reply #1 on: February 7, 2019, 09:00:08 AM »
I don't know enough to give you any specific tactical advice, but thanks for the report--that looked like an awesome game. I really like how "elite" the Stormcast feel in AoS. I wish the Marines in 40k felt the same way.

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Re: Bat-Rep: Deepkin vs Sancrosanct Chamber
« Reply #2 on: February 7, 2019, 10:31:30 AM »
I don't know enough to give you any specific tactical advice, but thanks for the report--that looked like an awesome game. I really like how "elite" the Stormcast feel in AoS. I wish the Marines in 40k felt the same way.

Thanks, Wyddr! I think that my tactical mistake was with the two-prong attack I launched on two of the objectives. I didn't have enough strength in either quarter to really contest the objectives. As a result, my momentum stagnated very quickly.

I feel like Volturnos really should have cleared out that western ruin in two turns max, but he just kept flubbing the vast majority of his rolls. Also for some reason I forgot to apply Fuethan's wound rerolls of one for their mounts for him.

That, and I underestimated the durability of the stormcast. You're completely right about that elite feel the army has. The Sancrosanct chamber especially so, since there are so many synergies with the Wizards empowering either themselves or their foot troops. They were on fire with all of their spellcasting, my opponent failed the empower spell a couple of times, but other than that, nearly all of his spells went off and had a great impact.

When we discovered that Evocators could empower themselves, the Dracolines went from a kind-of scary calvary to absolute meat-grinders. And those monstrous claws going from one damage to D3 on the charge really shredded my Reavers. The celestial lightning arc added much insult to injury!

This game has renewed my interest in my stormcast. There are a few options that I'd change for the list too. Dropping the Castigators (which are pretty worthless, if you ever play sancrosanct, do yourself a favor and take Judicators instead ;)), and the Knight Incantor to get Astreia Solbright or just a Lord Arcanum on Celestial Dracoline.

And perhaps eventually get myself Aventis Firestrike on Tauralon. Beautiful model :).
“Evil is relative…You can’t hang a sign on it. You can’t touch it or taste it or cut it with a sword. Evil depends on where you are standing, pointing your indicting finger.”
― Glen Cook, The Black Company


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