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Author Topic: What would it take for 40k to have non-random powers?  (Read 1662 times)

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What would it take for 40k to have non-random powers?
« on: January 5, 2017, 11:00:09 AM »
There's speculation and wishlisting going on about what people want to see for 8th edition 40k, and while there are assorted "tweaks" that I feel would be nice to see, what I would ultimately like to see would be non-random powers. Be it Warlord Traits, Psychic Powers, Combat Drugs, First Curse Boons, Grotesquerie Alterations, etc, this is the sort of thing that should be inherent to army creation rather than playing a power lottery, and it should not be a band-aid for some powers causing more trouble than others ("Oh, Invisibility is fine. They have to actually roll the power..."). The question is, what sort of things should ideally be reigned in to make "non-random" powers less of an issue? So far I'm imagining three things in total would ease a LOT of complaints that would occur:

* (This is the big one): Invulnerable Saves that are not explicitly worded as 2+ Invulnerable may not be improved to better than 3+ Invulnerable by any means whatsoever, be it the Grimoire, Cursed Earth, Blessing of Tzeentch, Sanctuary, etc. Even 3++ Rerollable can be overcome; there's an order of magnitude difference between failing 1 in 9 saves versus failing 1 in 36!

* Modify Invisibility to use ITC rulings: Rather than "Snapshots when shooting, 6s to-hit in melee", make it "WS 1/BS 1 when making attacks against this target", so that blasts/templates still work against it.

* Remove Deathblows from the Destroyer Table; instead, all non-Dispersed Destroyer Weapons inflict a -2 penalty to Invulnerable Saves.

Those are the "big tweaks" that I feel would remove a LOT of the actual hate for non-random powers. Other notable that would round things off, include:

* You may select your Warlord Trait. Enjoy. :)

 * If you have the option to roll for an additional Warlord Trait, you may select an additional Warlord Trait instead. If that option only lets you roll for an additional Warlord Trait for a specific table (or set of tables), that additional Warlord Trait must be selected from that table or set of tables.

 * If you have the option to re-roll your Warlord Trait (due to a Detachment, or otherwise), you may select a second Warlord Trait. If that option only lets you re-roll for a specific table (or set of tables), that additional Warlord Trait must be selected from that table or set of tables.

* Multiple non-repeated options are cumulative. For example, Creed in a CAD could roll for 3 Warlord Traits due to generating 2 Warlord Traits normally, and the CAD granting a re-roll. However, a Demi-Company Warlord in an Angel's Blade Strike Force would only get 2 Warlord Traits (as the "reroll" bonus is the same for both the formation and the parent detachment).

* Optionally, Special Characters with fixed Warlord Traits (except Zahnrekh, see below) can get a point break of 25 points or so. Fateweaver isn't as special when any old Herald lets you re-roll Warp Storm results :)

As for specific powers:

* For Conjuration powers, you must declare what exactly you wish to summon before you roll, including any relevant upgrades and options. Gives your opponent more information as to whether they want to try to Deny or not.

* Sacrifice is Warp Charge 2. You can cast it as Warp Charge 3 or 4, each additional WC letting you spend an extra 15 points on upgrades for the Herald.

* Models that are summoned via Telepathic Summons roll a D3 instead of a D6 on the Cult Ambush table. You can summon stuff, but you need to think more about how to actually get them into the fight! No playing "Summon to fish for 6s on Cult Ambush" shenanigans.

* Shifting Worldscape is Warp Charge 2, but only moves a terrainpiece 6". No DJ-roomba Ruins.

* Electrodisplacement only lets units assault if both units being Electrodisplaced are allowed to assault at the start of the turn. No "Switching your Drop Pod Grey Hunters with a Wulfen" shenanigans.

* Models that gain Infiltrate as a result of Master of Deception may not use it to Outflank.

* The Dark Angels Warlord Trait "Hold At All Costs" only benefits the Warlord and all models from Codex: Dark Angels in the Warlord's unit. Nay to Barkbarkstars

* Eldritch Storm is WC 2 for a small blast, WC 3 for a large blast, and WC 4 for a massive blast. Eldrad may cast it at WC 5 as an Apocalyptic Blast.

* Azrael costs the same as normal, but chooses a Warlord Trait from Codex: Dark Angels in addition to normal ones. His Lion's Helm is modified so that it gives all friendly models within 9" of Azrael an Invulnerable, instead of it being his unit The Lion Helm is modified to be an "aura" instead of affecting his unit, because of its traditional usage in the Barkbarkstar.

* Nemesor Zahndrekh's Adaptive Tactics are modified so that if he is your Warlord, he always has Eternal Madness, and a second Warlord Trait, no matter what you use for your primary detachment; that second Warlord Trait may be changed as per the normal rules for Adaptive Tactics. Zahndrekh is a tactical genius, but that doesn't mean he suddenly adapts to not be crazy. :)

* The Alpha Legion trait Many Heads of the Hydra stacks with "reroll warlord traits" effects. I'm sure you can have fun with this.

* Jokaero can stay random. That's literally written into their fluff!

* Dark Eldar Combat Drugs are chosen at the start of the turn.

* The first Exalted Reward is replaced altogether with a new Exalted Reward, Mythic Legacy: This Daemon has a Greater Reward. Once per game, the Chaos Daemon player may switch out this Greater Reward for another Greater Reward.

What are your thoughts?
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Re: What would it take for 40k to have non-random powers?
« Reply #1 on: January 5, 2017, 12:39:06 PM »
I like this. I've long thought that Invisibility needed to have that fix as standard. 2++ re-rollable invuls are ridiculous. I'd love to be able to pick my warlord trait. I'd love to take two traits.

About the only thing in there I don't like is the nerf to Shifting Worldscape. Granted, it's a bit ridiculous, but you could keep Warp Charge as-is and limit it to a 12" move of terrain and it would be fine.

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Re: What would it take for 40k to have non-random powers?
« Reply #2 on: January 5, 2017, 05:01:20 PM »
Eh, I feel there are enough power combos that make Worldscape OTT, especially when it can make allied D-Scythe Guard or other stuff even faster. (And you have people talking about using Worldscape to toss Sisters of Silence into the enemy ranks...)

Optionally, one could make it so that you can use multiple castings on the same terrain-piece, if you want to bring multiple casters with Worldscape, as this would prevent the power from being just a bit too easy to exploit with a Conclave. If this is the case, restrict the power's range so it can only move a terrain piece that starts within 6" of the caster in question, and the terrain-piece must remain within 6" of the Psyker, so positioning matters more, and the power is more "carefully picking up and placing terrain" rather than "surfboard of doom."

Other random thoughts:

* Kill-Dakka isn't a random gun at deployment. Rather, you can use each gun profile once per game. Be an Orky Obliterator!

* Redo Tigurius's Master of Prescience Rule, that once per game he may forget one Psychic Power to automatically learn another one; this may remove his Psychic Focus of course. :)

* Severin Loth chooses one BRB (barring Daemonology) or Angels of Death Disciplines and automatically knows all powers in it.
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