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Author Topic: Making a streamlined 40k system (The Main Section)  (Read 1474 times)

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Making a streamlined 40k system (The Main Section)
« on: July 8, 2016, 10:57:56 AM »
I'm continuing what I started in two threads here.  This thread will be the main thread.  It'll cover the turn sequence, model stats, reserves, all the core elements of the game.

In the theme of keeping things simple, I've managed to narrow the characteristics of the models down to six stats:

Movement: How far the model can move.
Skill: What a model needs to roll on a D6 to score a hit with a weapon.
Endurance: What an attack needs to roll on a D6 to score a wound on the model. (thank you Flames Of War!)
Save: What a model needs to roll on a D6 to prevent damage.
Wounds: How much damage a model can take before they are slain.
Leadership: Used to test for morale and other abilities.

These are universal by the way.  Vehicles will have these exact same stats as well.  Here's an example of the stats in action for an Imperial Guardsman:

Movement: 5"
Skill: 4+
Endurance: 3+
Save: 5+
Wounds: 1
Leadership: 7

And I've managed to get weapon stats down to four stats too:

Range, Attacks, Penetration (this is the same as Rending from AoS), Damage (how many wounds it inflicts).

Since there will be so many weapons, I think it's best to keep the stats low.  I'm also looking to eliminate templates.  For blast weapons, I think each hit on a unit of 6+ models is multiplied into D6 hits is simple and easy.  And for template weapons: don't roll to hit, just roll a D6.  1-2 = 1 model automatically hit, 2-4 = D3 hits and 5-6 = D6 hits.

The dataslates (warscrolls) will detail any special rules the model have.

Here's another big idea I have: in both the shooting phase and combat phase, the AoS system of 'player who's turn it is attacks first with one unit, then opponent attacks with one unit, then player who's turn it is attacks again until all units have attacked' will be used.  This will hopefully make the game more tactical and interesting, and also is a way to resolve over watch.

Finally, here's an attempt to easily write reserves: simply roll a D6 and add the turn number.  If it's 7+, the unit arrives.  So it will be possible to bring reserves in on the first turn.

What do you guys think?


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