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Title: Bat-Rep: Maggotkin vs Deepkin
Post by: Myen'Tal on April 19, 2019, 10:55:24 PM
Battle Repoort!
Deepkin of the Fuethan Enclave vs. the Maggotkin of Nurgle
Army Strength: Warhost - 2000 Points
Relocation Orb

Fuethan Enclave:
1x Fendriach, the Benighted Prince (Akhelian King), Sanguine Pearl, Born from Agony
1x Ellion'Draich, the Banishing Blade, Lens of Refraction
3x Ondaric Sentinels, Akhelian Ishlaen Guard
3x Talons of Sul'furion, Akhelian Ishlaen Guard
3x Reapers' Shoal, Akhelian Morrsar Guard
3x Depth-Dwellers' Shoal, Akhelian Morrsar Guard
2x Abyssal Hunters, Akehlian Allopex Squad
1x Void Leviathan, Akhelian Leviadon
10x Bleak Oath, Namarti Reavers
1x Akhelian Corps Battalion

Maggotkin of Nurgle:
1x Great Unclean One
1x Festus the Leechlord
30x Plaguebearers
10x Plaguebearers
10x Plaguebearers
5x Putrid Blightkings
5x Putrid Blightkings
3x Plague Drones
3x Plague Drones
1x Tallyband of Nurgle Battalion

Deployment Phase:

A neglected hamlet overrun by the deathly magic of Shyish, becomes the battlefield between Prince Fendriach's mighty Phalanx and an endless, pestilent tide of Nurgle's servants. In the north-western sector of the battlefield, groves of deceased Wyldwoods encroaches upon the skeletal ruins of the hamlet. Fendriach commands his phalanx into formation in the safety of the Wyldwood's shadow. 

In the North-Eastern sector, an ancient monument to the ruinous powers still pulses with forbidden power. Behind the ruin lies the remains of a deceased Realmgate. A lone observatory keeps vigil over the battlefield from the very heart of the landscape. A destroyed Occularis occupies the south-eastern objective. A defunct realmgate remains idle in the South-Western objective.

The Benighted King's reconnaissance have spotted a diseased horde, a thrice-cursed Tallyband of Nurgle, roaming toward the outskirts of the hamlet from the South-East, presumably in search of the same prize that Fendriach would claim for himself. 

Maggotkin Deployment:

Two units of ten Plaguies array themselves to advance across the South and Center of the battlefield. Behind the screen of deathless minions, three Plague Drones ready to leap over their zombified minions and enter the fray, stand ready. A unit of Blight Kings gather behind the Plague Drones in turn.

In the center of the Maggotkin's deployment, a horde of thirty Plaguies gather right on the edge of their deployment zone. They're eager to wade into the heart of the battlefield and claim the orb for Grandfather Nurgle. Another unit of Blight Kings  and three Plague Drones linger on the extreme flank.

Behind the thirty Plaguebearers in the center, the Great Unclean One and Lord Festus command their teeming horde.

Fuethan Enclave:


I deploy my Deepkin in an aggressive formation, one meant to take the fight to the enemy. I didn't know what to expect, going up against Nurgle for the first time, but I know that I don't have the numbers to get caught in a meat grinder. I have to hit my opponent hard, and clear these Plaguie hordes off the field before their regeneration becomes a massive nuisance.

Two Ishlaen Guard squadrons create the initial screen, nestled between the Wyldwood groves. Behind them, the Leviadon provides an anchor that most of the Deepkin will deploy around for the free cover access. Fendriach and Ellion'Draich anchor themselves behind the Ishlaen Guard. The AKhelian Guard deploy on either of the formation's flanks.

On the extreme right flank, I deploy my Namarti behind a Gloomtide Shipwreck. I conveniently placed that terrain piece so that the Namarti would be within 6" of it even after fortifying their position in a barricade. Behind them, a squadron of two Allopexes lies in wait for anyone looking to make an easy meal of the Reavers.

Turn One - Deepkin:


The Deepkin surge across the battlefield, toward the Relocation Orb positioned at it's heart. Despite their overwhelming reach, the Fuethan decide that claiming the objective too quickly would be too much of an over-commitment. They remain out of reach of the objective and taunt their opponents to come claim it.


Some shooting from the Namarti Reavers into the nearest unit of Plaguebearers removes four from their diseased ranks. The combined shots from the Allopexes' Retarius Net Launchers dish out six wounds, and kills a five wound Plague Drone. Not bad for an initial skirmish!

Turn One - Maggotkin of Nurgle

Two deceased Plague Bearers spring up again.

The first of three Gnarlmaw Trees are laid down on the battlefield, right next to the relocation orb. I didn't realize at first what a Gnarlmaw quite meant for the forces of Nurgle. Not until I was informed that any Nurgle unit within 12" of it could run and charge. So, the Maggotkin rushed up the battlefield, with the intention of being in range of the Gnarlmaw to slingshot themselves into threat range.

Shooting: Allopex takes two wounds from a Blight Drone unit.

This paid off for my opponent big time. The unit of thirty plaguebearers managed to charge out of their deployment zone and crash into my screen of Ishlaen Guards! Another unit of ten Plaguies managed to reach the fortification that my Reavers hunkered in. A unit of three plague drones managed to charge into my Allopexes.

A Reaver is slain in combat and so is one of the Ishlaen Guard. In return, a total of fourteen Plaguebearers are lost in the aftermath. Allopexes chomp down a Plague Drone and leave one slightly wounded and the last one standing.


Dead Piles:

Turn 2 - Deepkin

The Relocation Orb moves, right onto the fortification that the Namarti Reavers guard.


An Ishlaen Guard and Morrsar Squadron commit to the center fight against the ravenous Plague Bearer horde. Fendriach leads by example and wades into the combat. Another unit of Ishlaens, still free to choose their foe, fly over melee and position themselves between two units of Plague Bearers. Ellion'Draich, a unit of Akhelian Guards (who had their movement and charge halved by a cursed spell, but still made it!), and the Leviadon break away from the formation and hit the Southern flank of the Maggotkin.

Another Ishlaen is dragged down into the teeming mass, but the Deepkin strike back hard. Fendriach himself accounts for several Plague Bearers, while the Ishlaens positioned behind the daemons charge them from the rear and unleash absolute havoc. In the aftermath, about only nine Plague Bearers were left standing.

On the left flank, the Namarti Reavers account well for themselves, and surprisingly do so all game. They hack down eight of the ten Plague Bearers that assaulted them with no losses of their own. The remaining Plague Bearers flee the fight.

Ellion'Draich throws down a whopping four wounds on a Plague Drone, and the Morrsar Guard protecting him finish it off. The Leviadon piles in, but inadvertently brings another unit of Plague Bearers into the fight. It isn't very effective!

 Dead Pile:


Maggotkin: 3
Deepkin: 0

Turn Two - Maggotkin:


Nurgle regenerates some wounds, thanks to the Great Unclean One (or Festus, cannot remember) and the Tallyband Battalion buff. A couple of Plauge Bearers come back in the center fight, and the Plague Drones pitted against Ellion'Draich's cohort heal up the best they can.

The Blight Kings and remaining Plague Bearers in the South intercept Ellion'Draich's cohort. Two Morrsar Guard are laid low and two wounds are dealt to the Banishing Blade.

Leviadon decides to make an attempt at Play of the Game, and chomps down the rotten flesh of the ten Plague Bearers that tried to kill it. It continues the combat against the Plague Drones with two wounds on it.

Ellion'Draich himself, surrounded and with the odds against him, opted for glory over shame. In a pique fit of rage, the Akhelian King smacks down six wounds off of the mighty Great Unclean One poised to strike him down. The GUO now sits on ten wounds.


On the left flank, Putrid Blightkings slingshot themselves with the help of another summoned Gnarlmaw into the midst of the Reavers and the Relocation Orb. They strike down about four of the Reavers, who deal a bit of damage in return. One of the Allopexes piles in and chomps down one of the Blight Kings.

Maggotkin: 3
Deepkin: 4

Turn Three - Maggotkin & Deepkin:

Alright, there isn't much outside of combat going on at this point, so I'm combining the turns.

Relocation Orb moves again, this time where the Great Unclean One can simply sit upon it until the challengers have all died of plague and age. The Blight Kings, GUO, Festus, and Blight Drone are all that remains of the Maggotkin.

The High Tide comes. When there is blood in the water, none are safe!


Maggotkin: 7
Deepkin: 4

All of the Deepkin, affected by the Tides of Death, deal their blows in combat before any Nurgle unit can retaliate! The results are not that spectacular, with only a handful of Blight Kings or less being taken down from either squad.

The Blight Kings throw down a hefty ten wounds on Fendriach, but miraculously, the Akhelian King comes out unscathed. Indomitable!

Festus charges into the last two Ishlaens and begins to throw out wounds at them.

Deepkin's turn sees that Fendriach, the remaining Ishlaens, and the rest of the Blight Kings on the table are slain.

Turn Four - Maggotkin and Deepkin:

Relocation Orb moves back onto the Namarti Reavers, of which there are about five still alive.


At this point, only Festus and the Great Unclean One remain on the battlefield for Papa Nurgle. I've got the Great Unclean One pinned with a charge from my full unit of Morrsar Guard, which pummels the Greater Daemon down to five wounds. The GUO once whittles the Morrsar down to their unit commander.

At this point, in order to reach my Namarti Reavers, The GUO would have to pummel through the last Morrsar and the Allopexes blocking off the objective.

My opponent and I agreed to see if there was a turn five. If there was, then we'd play on to see if there was a chance that he could win. But me having rolled a four, there would be no turn four and thus my opponent conceded.

We called it a good game, and then a great game.

Final Score:
Deepkin: 8 vs. Maggotkin: 7
Minor Victory for the Deepkin!