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Author Topic: [H] Bretonnians : [W] $$ : Will ship internationally (SOLD)  (Read 1338 times)

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[H] Bretonnians : [W] $$ : Will ship internationally (SOLD)
« on: February 19, 2016, 05:08:53 PM »
*** SOLD ***

I am looking to sell my Bretonnians for Age of Sigmar. I have enough games on the go right now, and I have rarely used these models in the past several years. With the Bretonnians being pulled from the GW product line soon, I figured now would be a good time to sell to anyone that is interested. Prior to the game changing to Age of Sigmar, this collection would have totalled around 3500pts

What the collection include:

- Fay Enchantress (no base)
- Green Knight x2 (one modelled and painted for Bretonnian Lord)
- Special Edition Battle Standard Bearer
- Horse lord with lance

- 14 6th edition peasant archers (no defensive stakes)
- 15 5th edition peasant archers
- Box of Men-at-Arms (unsealed, but still on sprues)
- Questing Knight command (been using the standard for a BSB, and Champion can be used for Questing Vow Paladin / Lord)
- 8 Knights Errant with full command
- 20 Knights of the Realm (bits will be included to do any repairs that are needed)
- 15 Grail Knights
- Trebuchet & crew

I am looking to sell the entire collection in one shot.  eBay Link.

Asking price is $400CDN ($295USD) + shipping, but I am open to reasonable offers as well.

Complete collection:

Bretonnian Lord (Green Knight Model):

Bretonnian Lord w/ Lance:

Special Edition Battle Standard Bearer:

Green Knight:

Fay Enchantress:


Knights of the Realm:

Knights Errant:

Grail Knights:

Peasant Bowmen:


Questing Knight Command (standard makes for a good BSB, and Champ makes for a good Paladin):

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