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Author Topic: 40kOnline WH Background FAQ: 40k  (Read 17468 times)

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40kOnline WH Background FAQ: 40k
« on: May 21, 2006, 11:02:58 AM »
As many of you know, there are certain questions that crop up time and time again on these background forums.  This isn't a bad thing since it can engender interesting and novel discussion of even these repeated topics.  However, to help a new poster who is after some of the more common information I'm going to create this thread and, every now and again, invite someone to add to it the "answers" to some of those more standard questions.  This partially ties into the "40kOnline Encyclopaedia" project so, eventually, might become redundant.  Until then, though, feel free to post this link in answer to repeated questions, etc. 

Some ground rules, though:

  • Do not post to this thread unless invited to do so.  Uninvited posts will be summarily deleted even if they do contain useful information.
  • Do not post copy/pasted, or even transcribed, tracts of 'fluff'/background.  That is in violation of GW copyright and the forum rules, and any such information will be summarily deleted and the poster "reported" for said infringement.
  • Related to the above, post summaries only.  Do not merely paraphrase and think that this is sufficient to get around the second point, above.
Thanks for listening and contributing.  The discussion version of this thread can be found:

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Re: 40kOnline WH Background FAQ: 40k
« Reply #1 on: May 22, 2006, 04:50:07 AM »
What happened to the Primarchs?

The Emperor created twenty Primarchs, genetically engineered beings designed to be superior to normal humans in every respect - strength, speed, intelligence. Two of them are lost, but of the eighteen that remained, almost all died, vanished, or assumed Daemonhood after the Horus Heresy. These were their fates -

Lion El'Jonson, Primarch of the Dark Angels
- After returning to Caliban after the Heresy, Jonson faced his former friend Luther, now a pawn of Chaos, in a duel. Luther proved triumphant and mortally wounded Jonson, though his body was never found in the break-up of Caliban. It is widely believed that he has been taken by the Watchers in the Dark, to be healed and one day return.

Fulgrim, Primarch of the Emperor's Children
- In reward for the many deeds of the Emperor's Children Legion, Slaanesh elevated Fulgrim to the rank of Daemon Prince and he now rules over a Daemon World in the Eye of Terror.

Perturabo, Primarch of the Iron Warriors
- He also acheived Daemonhood and rules over the world of Medrenngard in the Eye of Terror.

Jaghatai Khan, Primarch of the White Scars
- Some seventy years after the Horus Heresy (084.M31), he was lost while battling Dark Eldar. The White Scars believed him to be lost in the depths of the Webway, still fighting against the Dark Eldar, while others have claimed that the Khan is a prisoner within Commorragh.

Leman Russ, Primarch of the Space Wolves
- In 211.M31, on the night of the Feast of the Emperor's Ascension, Russ left Fenris during a feast in the Fang. He appeared to receive a vision and then left, taking with him all of his companions save the youngest, Bjorn the Fell-Handed, and promised he would return 'for the final battle. For the Wolftime.' His armour was discovered in a Chaos temple near the Eye of Terror during the second Great Hunt, but he has never been seen since.

Rogal Dorn, Primarch of the Imperial Fists
- During the First Black Crusade, 042.M31, the Imperial Fists fought to protect Cadia. Unfortunately, Dorn had sent the majority of the Chapter to hunt down Eldar Craftworld Ulthwé, and was caught with minimal forces by a Chaos fleet in the Cadian Gate. Dorn slew the entire bridge crew of a Chaos battleship in a boarding action, but that battleship was then destroyed from afar. The only remains of Dorn ever found were his skeletal hand, and many believe him dead.

Konrad Curze (Night Haunter), Primarch of the Night Lords
- After the Horus Heresy, a Callidus Assassin named M'Shen tracked down Curze, intending to kill him. M'Shen succeeded in his mission and slew Curze, but it is believed that Curze allowed himself to be killed.

Sanguinius, Primarch of the Blood Angels
- Warmaster Horus himself killed Sanguinius on his battle barge during the climax of the Siege of Terra.

Ferrus Manus, Primarch of the Iron Hands
- He is said to have been beheaded by Fulgrim during the Drop Site Massacre and his head presented to Horus as a gesture of faith. However, some believe that Manus sleeps on the planet Mars and may one day return, though the Iron Hands vehemently deny this.

Angron, Primarch of the World Eaters
- He was rewarded with Daemonhood by his patron, Khorne. He once led an attack on the planet Armageddon, where Grey Knight Brother-Captain Aurelian banished him into the Warp, though he has doubtless reformed and waits still within the Eye of Terror.

Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines
- Approximately one hundred years after the Heresy, Guilliman was attacked by Fulgrim and slashed across the throat with a poisoned blade. He was placed in stasis by the Ultramarines to prevent his death, and remains inside the Shrine of Hera on Macragge to this day. Some say that he is slowly healing, though this is a physical impossibility.

Mortarion, Primarch of the Death Guard
- Also elevated to Daemonhood, and rules over the Plague Planet, sometimes called Bubonicus, within the Eye of Terror, which he has shaped to resemble his homeworld of Barbarus.

Magnus the Red, Primarch of the Thousand Sons
- Rose to Daemonhood under Tzeentch's patronage, and now rules the Planet of the Sorcerors within the Eye of Terror. He has been wounded several times (most notably by Leman Russ, during the fall of Prospero, and Great Wolf Harek Ironhelm, during the Thousand Sons' assault on the Fang), but never fatally.

Horus, Primarch of the Luna Wolves (Sons of Horus)
- Slain by the Emperor himself upon his battle barge, signifying the end of the Horus Heresy. His body was retrieved by First Captain Abaddon, though, and enshrined in the Eye of Terror. Following an incident involving the theft of Horus' body by elements of the Emperor's Children, Abaddon destroyed the body to sever all links with the past.

Lorgar, Primarch of the Word Bearers
- Elevated to Daemonhood, and now rules a planet, Sicarus, within the Eye of Terror.

Vulkan, Primarch of the Salamanders
- Some thousand years after the founding of the Salamanders, he left for the Eye of Terror in a personal spacecraft, promising the Salamanders that he would return.

Corax, Primarch of the Raven Guard
- After praying for a year and day for forgiveness within the Ravenspire, he left Deliverance silently, in 022.M31, setting a course for the Eye of Terror, speaking only the word 'nevermore'.

Alpharius, Primarch of the Alpha Legion
- After the Horus Heresy, an individual identified as Alpharius was slain by Roboute Guilliman in single combat upon the world of Eskrador. This may have been Alpharius or his twin, Omegon. One was slain by Guilliman; the fate of the other remains unknown.

Uncertainties -
1/ Ferrus Manus is stated to have been killed by Fulgrim in the Horus Heresy Collectible Card Game background, and in the novel Fulgrim, by Graham McNeill. Index Astartes: Iron Hands provides the rumour that he sleeps on Mars.

2/ Index Astartes: Night Lords does not explicitly say that Konrad Curze was killed by M'Shen. It provides a pict-record which shows M'Shen facing Curze and showing Curze laughing, but shorts out before the battle begins. This has led some to doubt that Curze is truly dead. Codex: Chaos Space Marines mentions, though, the 'assassination' of Curze, seemingly indicating that the Primarch is dead, and Lord of the Night, a Black Library novel by Simon Spurrier, mentions his death. There are some players who hold that Curze is alive still, though.

3/ There is also some doubt regarding Rogal Dorn. Some have expressed the opinion that Dorn is dead, while others do not rule out the possibility of Dorn's survival. There is a lack of evidence on this issue, though. Ian Watson's Space Marine indicated that Dorn's entire body was recovered, encased in amber, and stored in the Phalanx. Subsequent materials, though, show that only his hand was recovered. The status of Dorn himself is thus in doubt.
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Re: 40kOnline WH Background FAQ: 40k
« Reply #2 on: June 9, 2006, 08:51:16 PM »
Subject: Is the Laughing God the Deceiver?

What it boils down to:
Is the Eldar Laughing God, Creagorach (or other spellings), the God of the Harlequins and possible Saviour of the Eldar actually a C'Tan hell bent on destroying the Eldar and everyone else in the 40k universe?

Position 1: No, don't be daft. Or words to that effect. This is for a number of reasons, the simplest being that all Eldar Gods are Warp Beings forged out of their Emotions and Dreams and Hopes and Desires and so on and so forth (Warhammer 40k Background about the Chaos Gods and the Warp). The C'Tan Deceiver is a Star Being which existed apparently long before the Eldar ever existed (Codex: Necron).

Also the Warp is an anathema to the C'Tan and EVERY mention of the Laughing God says that he lives in the Webway, an extension of the Warp. The C'Tan CATAGORICALLY can not enter the Warp. It was used as a weapon by the Eldar in the First Necron War against the C'Tan (via the Blackstone Fortresses). This is also from the Necron Codex.

The Eldar were created to fight the Necrons and the C'Tan by the Olds Ones. And the Deciever pre-dates even the Old Ones.

Position 2:
Maybe, we don't know yet. Well it IS possible that the Deciever set himself up as the Eldar Laughing God. Why? Becuase it amused him? Becuase it could be useful? Becuase he saw the Eldar as a weapon he could use against the other C'Tan? Who knows. There IS a possibility that this may be the case from the Necron Codex, where it talks about the Eldar Laughing God doing the same thing the Deciever did in making the C'Tan eat each other. Also the language used to describe both entities is roughly similar.

This of course ignores the Fact the Laughing God is reputed to abide in the Warp and the C'Tan cannot enter the Warp without being destroyed.

Position 3: Yes, the C'Tan are behind everything and GW is setting the Harlequins and the Eldar in general up for a fall. The Deciever has found a way to enter the Webway and is pretending to be the Laughing God. After all, the Laughing God came into existence after the Eldar did, and it's possible that the Deciever manipulated the Eldar into thinking he was one of their Gods.

Other Bits and Bobs: Is the Deceiver Abaddon's new Advisor. You know, the bloke with the Warp Mutations and hanging around IN the Warp. Speculation on this is effectively over with the death of Ygethmor at the hands of the Eldar Elarique Swiftblade on Medusa V.

If you asked whether or not the Deceiver or the Laughing God has manipulated Abaddon in the past, on the other hand....

Finally: It is the general consensus of the 40k Online community (myself, Rasmus, Kage and many many others) is that the Laughing God is a Warp Entity born out of the Eldar Psyche. Born out of the urge to laugh in the face of danger/death and to employ trickery and subterfuge rather then guns and bombs.

The Deciever is a C'Tan, according to fluff the least of the remaining 4 C'Tan. A being who uses subterfuge and trickery rather then bombs and guns. So in this regard, and this regard ONLY are they the same. Their methods. Not their origin. Not their true nature. Just their methods.
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Re: 40kOnline WH Background FAQ: 40k
« Reply #3 on: July 6, 2006, 12:07:10 AM »
Who are the Eldar gods?

The Eldar gods were a pantheon of deities, once worshipped by the Eldar. Presently, they have all been consumed by Slaanesh except for Khaine, who was splintered into many shards known as Avatars, Cegorach, who retreated to the Webway in safety, and Ynnead, who has yet to be born.

The pantheon included -

Asuryan, the Phoenix King, ruler of the gods.
Cegorach, the Laughing God, god of the Harlequins.
Isha, goddess of life, birth, and the harvest.
Khaine, the Bloody Handed god, god of war.
Kurnous, the Hunter, god of the wilds, rangers, and hunters.
Lileath, the Maiden, goddess of dreams and of good fortune.
Morai-Heg, the Crone, goddess of wisdom and death.
Vaul, the Smith, god of artifice and the forge.
Ynnead, god of the dead.

Eldar mythology also included a host of minor deities and spirit. Some of these include:

Steed of Khaine = Alean
Eagle of heaven = Endobai (companion of Cegorach)
Children of Kurnous and Isha = Eldanesh and Ulthanash
Gea = Unknown female deity
Faolchú = Falcon (symbol of retribution)
Yngir = Demi-god/ group of demi-gods (?) (Possibly the C'tan)
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Re: 40kOnline WH Background FAQ: 40k
« Reply #4 on: May 17, 2007, 08:49:57 PM »
Index Xenos

A list of intelligent xenos species, courtesy of dijit80. Refer to this topic for discussion. The list is constantly in progress; PM me with any more, along with a reference, and I shall add them.

Core Races
(Those with their own models and a reasonably detailed background. References are not complete but intended to serve as links to a selection of important material.)

Codex: Eldar 2nd, 3rd, and 4th editions. Codex: Dark Eldar. 4th ed. rulebook pg 140-147. The Torturer's Tale. WD127 (Craftworld Eldar), WD311 (Index Xenos: Dark Eldar), RT Rulebook pg177-183. GW site.

Codex: Necrons 3rd edition. 4th ed. rulebook pg 148 -15. GW site. WD217, 218, 239, 271 (Index Xenos).

Codex: Necrons 3rd edition.

Orks (and orkoid sub-species)
Codex: Orks, 2nd and 3rd editions. Codex: Armageddon. 4th ed. tulebook pg152 -157, RT rulebook pg185-194. GorkaMorka. GW site.

Codex: Tau, 3rd and 4th editions. 4th ed. rulebook pg158 - 161. Fire Warrior. GW site.

Codex: Tyranids, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th editions. 4th ed. rulebook pg162-167, RT Rulebook pg200-202. GW site.

4th ed. Codex: Tau pg17 (also 3rd ed.); 'Index Xenos - Savage Evolution Notes' AusWD264
GW site and army list.. 4th ed. rulebook pg139

Vespid Stingwings
Codex: Tau 4th ed. pg16

Significant races
(Lack models or well-developed background, but still have some description.

4th ed. rulebook pg139, Sabbat Martyr (plus other Gaunt's Ghost novels by Dan Abnett), Index Xenos: Blood Pact.

4th ed. rulebook pg139, 3rd ed. rulebook pg 116. Long flexible limbs suggesting subterranean habitat. Scavengers. Xenology and Inquisitor rulebook.

A squat semi-humanoid race. the demiurg are technologically advanced and are known as traders and miners. They made friendly contact with the tau and are somethimes encountered with them. Feature in Battlefleet Gothic; refer to the Tau fleet list; speculated to be a reconceptualisation of the Squats. Possess large mining vessels and also appear nomadic. Apparently small in size. Fought the Ice Warriors of Valhalla on Poretta, where a 'high developed sense of honour' was mentioned. (Illustrious Regiment of the Imperial Guard series, reprinted in WD several times.)

Described as being orangutang like creatures, unintelligent but incredibly technologically advanced/capable. Codex: Necrons 3rd ed. Rogue Trader Rulebook pg196-7

A centaur-like creature associated with the Tyranids. Formerly had models; now collector's items. Rogue Trader rulebook pg202.

Amphibious. Supposedly connected with the Old Ones. Former models; now collector's items. Rogue Trader Rulebook pg194-6, 4th ed. rulebook pg139.

A psychic race, part of the Tau Empire, entirely nomadic existence aboard starships called dhows, not very aggressive. Refer to the Tau fleet list for Battlefleet Gothic.

From Xenos (Dan Abnett). An insectoid race, assimilated a Chaos artefact called the Necroteuch into their collective mind, tainting the entire race. Once controlled several systems near the Scarus Sector, but after being tainted by Chaos fell from power and were eventually exterminated by the Imperial Navy. They have no optical or auditory functions (i.e.: no eyes and ears) but their sense of smell and taste are much more developed than human standards. Good description here:

Insignificant races
(Barely a few lines of background, usually just a one-off mention.

Clawed fiend present in the Donorian Sector. P. 116 3rd ed. rulebook; see also back cover to 4th ed. Codex: Black Templars.

The Flight of the Eisenstein (James Swallow)

Fulgrim (Graham McNeill) Exterminated by the Emperor's Children.

Drugh from Pryus
Described as 'worm-like'. 4th ed. rulebook pg139

Lacrymole Shapeshifters
Xenology; 4th ed. rulebook pg139, Inquisitor rulebook pg144–145.

Described as hyper-violent. 4th ed. rulebook pg139

Described as 'mind eating'. 4th ed. rulebook pg139

Described as winged and fickle mercenaries. 4th ed. rulebook pg139

"Purple skinned giants" according to Colonel 'Iron Hand' Straken. Codex: Catachans pg 22.

3rd ed, Codex: Blood Angels pg23. Defeated by the Blood Angels and forced from the planet Stryia V.

3rd ed. rulebook pg 116; 3rd ed. Codex: Necrons. A creation of the Old Ones.

3rd ed. Codex: Necrons. A creation of the Old Ones.

3rd ed. rulebook pg 116, Kill-Team

Psy-Gore of Perseus
3rd ed. rulebook pg 116.

3rd ed. rulebook pg 116.

Located near the Gothic Sector. Battlefleet Gothic features a Fra'al raider wequiped with 'ether cannons'. Battlefleet Gothic rulebook.

Highly advanced insectoids. Xenology

Xenology. Located in the Segmentum Pacificus.

Index Astartes: Crimson Fists. Slew Chapter Master Alexis Polux but were in turn crushed by the Crimson Fists.

Inquistitor rulebook pg 80

Unknown 'tentacled beasts'
Encountered by General Sejanus. Able to defend themselves against extermination but otherwise passive. 3rd ed. rulebook pg 101

Unknown four-legged race
A xenos race working with the humans of the Diasporex. Eventually wiped out by the Iron Hands and Emperor's Children. Fulgrim

Overlords of Barbarus
Xenos that live in an environment extremely toxic to humans. Exterminated by Mortarian and the Death Guard. Index Astartes: Death Guard.

Cythor Fiends
Codex: Black Templars p. 44

Horus Rising (Dan Abnett). Eventually destroyed by the Imperium during the Great Crusade.

Inquistor rulebook pg 74. Xenology.

Kill Team, p. 194. Part of the Tau Empire.

Krashrak the Stalker's race.

Codex: Dark Angels 4th ed., pg 74.

Codex: Eldar 4th ed., p. 13.

Paramours of the Morpheus Rift
GW site.

Horus Rising (Dan Abnett), p. 199.

Horus Rising (Dan Abnett), p. 199.

Horus Rising (Dan Abnett), p. 199.

Ravenor (Dan Abnett), p. 306

Unnamed methane breathers
Ravenor (Dan Abnett), p. 306

Ravenor (Dan Abnett), p. 306

Unnamed molluscs
Ravenor (Dan Abnett), p. 306

Unnamed blue-skinned humanoids
Ravenor (Dan Abnett), p. 306

Ravenor (Dan Abnett), p. 306

Ravenor (Dan Abnett), p. 306
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Re: 40kOnline WH Background FAQ: 40k
« Reply #5 on: June 7, 2007, 10:12:48 PM »
What are the Blackstone Fortresses/Talismans of Vaul?

Firstly, the Blackstone Fortress is the Imperium’s term for a Talisman of Vaul.  This may help to save confusion.

Basically, the Imperium found six of these things in deep space, and towed them back to the Gothic Sector. Each station, dubbed 'Blackstone Fortresses' was refitted and turned into a base for the Imperial Navy. They didn't know exactly what the Blackstones were or what they did, but they were able to use them as powerful, almost impregnable starbases, once they were equipped with batteries and lances and their formidable docking facilities were made use of. There was one in each subsector, except for Port Maw. The Imperial Navy was very proud of the fact that no Blackstone had ever fallen in battle.

Here is the model of a Blackstone Fortress

Then the Gothic War started. Abaddon's Chaos fleet attacked the Gothic Sector. Abaddon had a pair of artifacts of unknown origin (“incredibly ancient alien artefact”, and thus likely of C’tan origin) called the Hand of Darkness and the Eye of Night. With these (although it's questionable what actually allowed him to do it, it’s assumed it was the Hand and the Eye), he was able to shut down a Blackstone from a distance. Using this, he was able to capture several during the war.

When the Chaos fleets were defeated and driven back, the Blackstones were lost. The three still under Imperial control self-destructed.  This may be because Abaddon ordered them to, with his ancient artefacts, though there's no real evidence on what did it.  Of the three controlled by Chaos, Abaddon successfully retreated with two back to the Eye of Terror. The last one was surrounded by the vessels of the Imperial Navy, bombarded, and destroyed.

More recently, in the 13th Black Crusade, the two surviving Blackstones were in the vanguard of Abaddon's fleet. This time, the Necrons sought direct conflict with Abaddon, in order to destroy them. The Necrons essentially failed in this. Eldrad Ulthran lead an Eldar strike force from Craftworld Ulthwé to recapture one, but failed and “his soul was dragged screaming into the depthless heart of the Blackstone Fortress”.  After Cadia held out and Abaddon retreated back to the Eye of Terror, he took the two Blackstones with him.

What are the Blackstones capable of doing?

The Blackstones have enormous power. One Blackstone is capable of firing a weapon (most likely it's Warp Cannon) which was described as “a rippling cascade of blazing light” causing white hot fires to leap from the ground in a thousand metre high pillar that incinerated everything in its path.  By linking two Blackstones, Abaddon was able to scour the planet Fularis II, destroying all life on the surface, and all that was left was a barren rock. With three, he destroyed the star of the Tarantis system. Fortunately, Abaddon only ever captured three out of the six total.  With all six under his control, the weapons would presumably have been potent indeed.

What are the origins of the Blackstones?

There is much speculation on who (or what) created the Blackstone Fortresses originally.   The Eldar call them Talismans of Vaul, and believe that their god Vaul forged them and gave it to the Eldar in order to fight the C'tan.  It's also possible that the Eldar built them themselves in the distant past, or the Old Ones or Slann built them as weapons and gave them to the Eldar for the war.  Speculation is rife, due to the unusual construction of the Blackstones – they are not visually similar to the known Eldar constructions.

What was the purpose of the Blackstones?

It has been stated unambiguously in the Necron Codex that the purpose of the Talismans of Vaul was to destroy the C’tan if they ever rose again, using their warp-based technology (one of few things a C’tan is vulnerable to).

Note that although only six Blackstone Fortresses are known of, there may be more undiscovered.  It has not been stated either way.


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