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Author Topic: Updated list with a Fun Alt list too  (Read 847 times)

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Updated list with a Fun Alt list too
« on: January 22, 2018, 06:52:04 PM »
WildHost Outrider Detachment [Saim-Hann](+1 CP)

HQ Warlock 30
FA 3 Wind Riders 79
 Twin Shuriken Catapult Scatter Lasers x2
FA 4 Exodite Dragon Knights + Lord (counts as Shining Spears + Exarch) 126
 Star Lance
FA 3Wind Riders 79
 Twin Shuriken Catapult Scatter Lasers x2

 Total 314

 FieldCraft Battalion Detachment [Alaitoc](+3CP)

HQ Warp Jump Autarch {Warlord-} 83
 Force Field + Power Sword + Banshee Mask
HQ Spirit Seer 45
 T 5 Dire Avengers +Dire Sword 60
 T 5 Dire Avengers +Dire Sword 60
 T 5 Dire Avengers +Dire Sword 60
 E 5 WraithGuard WraithCannons 200
 HVY Wraithlord Shuriken Catapults x2 + EML 128
 HVY Wraithlord Shuriken Catapults x2 + Bright Lance + Ghost Glaive 133
 Trans Wave Serpent 140
 Twin Star Cannons + Twin Shuriken Catapult

 Total 909

 Field Craft Battalion Detachment [Alaitoc](+3 CP)

HQ Farseer 100
 Doom/Will of Asuryan
HQ Warlock Conclave x2 60
 Empower/Enervate + Protect/Jinx
 T 5 Rangers 60
 T 5 Rangers 60
 T 8 Storm Guardians 56
 HVY Vaul's Distortion Canon 75
 HVY 4 Dark Reapers + EML 108
 HVY 5 Dark Reapers + Shuriken Canon 123
 Trans Wave Serpent 134
 Twin Shuriken Canons + Shuriken Canon

 Total: 776

 Total Army 1999 and 10 CP

 So there are 14 drops. WraithGuard is a WebWay Strike then Fire And Fade into the triple Shuriken Canon Wave Serpent for a round of protection. (they basically do what the Nova Lance Autarch used to do but with more durability)

 The Reapers, 10 dire avengers and all the psykers start in the 2 wave serpents.
 Most of the units set up in a fire base.

 What should I give to the Warlord Autarch? He has the warp jump to claim objectives and to fight incursions into the fire base. Shard of Anaris???

 What trait should I give him?

 For an alternative fun list I also want to try this:

 SwordWind Battalion (Bieltan) [+3cp]

 Avatar 250
 Autarch 83
 Warlock 30
 5 Dire Avengers 60
 5 Dire Avengers 60
 6 Dire Avengers 72
 Wave Serpent 140
 Twin Star Canons + Twin Shuriken catapults.

 total 695

 Sword Wind Battalion (Bieltan) [+3cp]

 Asurmen 175
 Spirit Seer 45
 5 Dire Avengers 60
 5 Dire Avengers 60
 10 Dire Avengers 120
 Wave Serpent 140
 Twin Star Canons + Twin Shuriken Catapults

 total 600

 { ? } Vanguard [+1cp]

 Jain Zar 140
 Farseer 100
 Doom/ Mind War
 E 5 WraithGuard 200
 E 5 Howling Banshees 65
 E 5 Howling Banshees 65
 Wave Serpent 134
 Twin Shuriken Cannons + Shuriken Cannon

 total 704

 10 CPs and 1999 points

 8 Drops. WraithGuard again in the Webway.

 All 3 wave serpents are filled to max.

 So the mob will be set up Avatar + Wave Serpent + 6 Dire Avengers on one corner. On the other side I set up Asurmen + Wave Serpent + 10 Dire Avengers. By the 7th drop I can see which side I want to deploy and I put the 3rd Wave Serpent with that group. When my opponent is done I use Phantasm to move the 3 units from the other side so everything is in one flank of the enemy. Hopefully I will have placed my enemy in a poor set up.

 So the Wave Serpents are in front as a big shield wall in deployment. First turn everyone jumps out. and one serpent rushes forward. The other 2 will act as screening units for the blob.
 You have The Avatar and Asurmen with Fearless and 4++ save for the Dire Avengers (maybe more for the 10 man unit in front with Protect. (40 or more models with 4++)
 Jain Zar and the Banshees will charge when and where applicable.
 The Wraith Guard webway and Fire and Fade into the lead Wave Serpent.

 Not sure how well it will play but should be a slugfest if I make it across the field

 So what should the Farseer and Jain Zar Vanguard trait be? Beiltan or Saim-Hann.

 What should the Warlord trait be?
 Who should be the Warlord (the autarch??)
 What relics should I take? (Shimmerplume or shard of Anaris or something else?)

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