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Title: So....
Post by: Dread on May 13, 2021, 09:51:17 PM
Wow! Well first off, Hi everyone! Second, can hear the crickets and tumbleweeds rolling thru here. 3rdly, why dont we just discuss what we do have, their good points and bad points, stratagies, combos, what can be improved on and what we still like.

Ill give it a quick start. I like what theyve been doing with other armies, so much plastic, its great. The plastic banshees got my hopes up for the other aspects. If and when they get to scorpuons i hope they fix the horrible helmets they have now. Maybe go back to the old style and tweak them. Also for wargear, give them their haywire grenades back as well as a hide in plain sight when set up. The mandiblasters are good in my opinion as they are.

I also want for my Wildriders to have their list back. The cheiftain, cant remember his name, sorry tired, would be a good possible new model. Anyhow i miss my conversion of him i did long ago and the ability to take a real Saim Hann army. But thats just me.

Anyhow, i hope this will help to to breath new life here.
Title: Re: So....
Post by: Blazinghand on May 16, 2021, 10:39:13 PM
Hey ! I'm still around and check this forum every 2-3 days. I sadly haven't played 40k in over a year but I hope to get some play in this summer, either before or after. If I had a hope for a new apsect kit, for me it's shining spears: give me some spears on the new jetbikes!
Title: Re: So....
Post by: Myen'Tal on May 16, 2021, 11:36:33 PM
I myself am hoping for a craftworld update this edition. Whether that will happen or not, I'm not certain. But Jain Zar and the Howling Banshees give me hope!
Title: Re: So....
Post by: Dread on June 5, 2021, 03:41:21 PM
I hope so too. Im really wondering what the hold up is with our army. My biggest problem is i dont like oyr troop choices in general. Yes we have 4 to choose from but nobe really feel like theyre worth their points. Guardians with a platform are good for maybe 1 turn of shooting, with the platform before theyre cc'd. Storm guardians ate really small glass cannon. Rangers, while beautiful models have a worthless heavy weapon. Dire avengers well what can i say, better save than defenders, a little better range than defenders but again just die to quickly. Hard to hold objectives with any of them.

GW really needs to bring back the craftworld builds i.e. Saim Hann get jetbike troops, Beil Tan get aspect troops and so forth... 

The rest of our army is great but the troop tax really makes it frail.

9th ed crusade stuff could really help put what we have in a better standing. * hint hint GW* using a white dwarf article but we know its to much to ask for. Phoenix rising helps but the crusade or lack of hurts.

So in light of these things what would be your 50PL roster set up to start a crusade. What craftworld? What units? Strategies? And so on.