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Author Topic: Battle Report: Warriors of Chaos Vs Tomb Kings (2400)  (Read 17368 times)

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Battle Report: Warriors of Chaos Vs Tomb Kings (2400)
« on: September 17, 2013, 12:14:42 PM »

Ok so here the report text, Pics to follow...

Alternatively the full report with pictures can be viewed HERE...

Warm up game

So you may have noticed I've been on a push to paint up my warriors of chaos army ahead of an inter club  show down.  Us at BattleUx (Wargamers of Uxbridge) are taking on the some up starts from High Wycombe.

So in my practise game I drew Stephen and his tomb kings.  I really like his army he's put a lot of love and thought into it and like me he doesn't try to find some gimmicky trick to pull off the win at all costs, er, win.  He plays the game because he enjoys it, like me.  I knew this was going to be a good game.

Now you'll forgive me if I get this wrong, this was the first time I've fought against these guys so was fighting in the dark a lot but here's Stephen's army

Tomb King
~can't remember what he took but he was quite killie and with a 4+ ward and obviously, regen.

Battle Standard
~banner with resurrect bound spell

Level 3 priest
~lore of death

40 skeletons
~spears shields

6 Chariots
~full cmd

6 Chariots
~full cmd

12 Tomb guard
~full cmd

2 Scorpions

10 archers

10 archers


casket of souls

2400 or thereabouts.

My Army is a lot more compact...

Kholek Suneater
(with Dragon Ogres)

Exalted Champion
BSB, halbard

(with Chosen)

24 Khorne warriors
Full cmd


14 Nurgle Chosen
Full cmd
Great weapons

3 Dragon Ogres
Great weapons

3 Skullcrushers

Here are some pics of the setup..
On my left my skullcrushers coz lets face it they can handle it.

My left flank, all of it!

In my centre my Chariot and my large regiment of Khorne warriors. there guys are flanked as you can see by a house on the left and a wood on the right.

My centre
On my right flank is where I deployed my strength. My Warshrine with battle standard in a central position, my general, Kholek and his Dragon Ogre bodyguard and then the Nurgle Chosen on the left with festus. Incidentally their eye of the gods table roll resulted in +1 armour save.  I could have taken +1T but as I had rolled Curse of the Leper meaning I could buff their toughness I though a 3+ save would be better here.  as Festus's second spell I declined Blades of Putrifaction (I didn't expect having trouble wounding) for the signature spell. After all I will be getting up close as soon as possible so that poisoned template attack would come in handy.

My right flank
Enemy deployment!

On his left (opposite my skullcrushers) are deployed one unit of chariots, then inside of them 10 archers and then the warsphinx....

My enemies left
In his centre, his horde of skeletons with 3 characters, tomb guard and second unit of archers. Skulking behind is the casket of souls.

Enemy centre field
The enemy right!
The second unit of chariots eyeing up my Nurgle chosen.  In the woods on the hill you can spot the 2 scorpions. they're currently burrowing their way beneath the sands ready to strike on turn 2. 

My enemy right
So the game starts! First turn on either side sees us move towards each other. I can see he's going to get the initial charge but I'm confident my guys can hold their own.

Shooting phase (his, obviously) see a bunch of petty arrows scatter off my armour.  The magic phases are far more interesting. He casts Purple sun of Xerxes on my Warshine  I fail to dispel but the spell scatters harmlessly out of the way.  With all my dispel dice gone he casts the casket of souls bound spell and reduces a Dragon Ogre down to 1 wound. 

In my magic phase I cast Curse of the Leper on my Dragon Ogres granting them +1T however I manage to catastrophically detonate Fetus's head. 3 chosen are caught by the blast, 2 make their regen roll and one perishes. Festus shrugs off the would rolling a 1 to wound! A lucky escape.  I then try to cast the Warshrine's bound spell to buff all my unit champions. However Stephen is not wanting any more buffs and dispels my attempt easily.

Turn two and the inevitable charges occur. Below we see the first unit career into my Skullcrushers. I have to say the dice were against Stephen here as the impact hits were not good to him and I managed to butcher a whole bunch of his guys including 6 wounds on his unit champion in a challenge with my skullhunter. I roll on the eye of gods table and get.... +1BS :(

Enemy engaged

Also in turn 2 the scorpions turn up and foil my charges next turn. the scorpion in the centre sits plumb in front of my chariot and the second one in front of my Dragon Ogres.

The magic phase and the shooting phase was less than entertaining. In fact I can't remember a single thing that actually happened here... Oh actually, Kholek managed to kill a chariot using his Lord of Storm attack. I had a funny satisfying feeling when I felled something from afar.  Maybe this is what High Elves feel like....

The centre awaiting the big push!
The second charge into my Nurgle Chosen was, for me, the highlight of the turn. Stephen rolled better for his impact hits and caused a fair few wounds. He then followed up with a couple of wounds in the combat, however they were not enough. hitting on 5s against T4 foes with a 3+ armour save and then a 5+ regen save meant he managed to kill only 4 of my chosen.  With my 2 front ranks still intact I hit back with 15 attacks needing 3s to hit and wound. needless to say as the dust settled the chariots were no more.  Stephens face was a picture.

The right  engages
Turn three was a bit of a disaster for me.  My Skullcrushers finished off the Chariots on my left and Kholek and his Dragon Ogres charged and destroyed the scorpion in their way. But this was where my good fortune ended.

My own Chariot failed to kill the other scorpion foiling my plans to overrun into the flank of the Warsphinx but even more worryingly though was my centre.

The Khorne Warriors being all brave took aim at the horde of skeletons in front of them. My successful charge was short lived as with 24 attacks I managed to hit only 7 times. I killed 5 skeletons. Plus the 2 wounds I put on the enemy Battle Standard Bearer meant I ended up losing combat.  Having lost frenzy and a flank charge from the tomb guard meant in the next turn my Khorne warriors broke and were run down.  Their blood curdling in the mud under bone heels may have pleased Khorne, but not me. I was miffed.

Regrettably, the game had to end there as we had run out of time. If we were to continue, I could see light at the end of the tunnel but I'd have to fight for it.

A really enjoyable game Stephen. A rematch is on the cards...

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