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Tactica Flying Toasters (Scarabs)

Submitted By: Date: June 19, 2006, 12:00:00 AM Views: 1988
Summary: Flying Toaster Time. Scarabs, one word that brings a tear to almost ever Cron player. We love the little blighters, and they love us. It also brings a tear to most other player’s eyes, but for a completely different reason. I remember the First game I had where I fielded Scarabs using the New rules(they used to be bombs). I had no idea on how to really use them, so I thought that I will just straight forward and get into combat with what ever I could. The closest target was a Landraider Crusader, full. I got into combat on turn 2, and killed a total of 600 points. I feel in love, the Space Marine player wrote to games workshop to complain J

As the above paragraph explains, Scarabs are little computers that can do a whole heap. Not only are they fast, but they have a large number of wounds, a huge amount of attacks, and can be given a Disruption field(only unit in the Cron army that should have it). All this adds up to a small fast unit that excels at holding other units up in combat, or killing the biggest tanks in the game(as well as covering all the exit points J ).

Small Size.

Scarabs have one thing that really goes for them, there size. So small most people will not notice them the first game, and the rest of the time, you should be able to hide them anywhere you wish, be it behind some trees, Barrels, or even a low fence. There special rules also makes this a major advantage with a enhanced cover save.


The Speed Bump.

As a speed bump, scarabs are basically there to get killed. They use there large number of them to slow or stop a enemy unit getting to your lines. This can be down in 2 ways. The simplest of them is to stand in front of the unit and get assaulted, or assault them yourself. This is easy to do, and very effective when you count the number of wound each base has. There’s not much to add to this method.

 The Second Method is a lot more effective, but takes a few games vs. someone to work well. Anyone who has played vs. Scarabs knows one thing, NEVER, EVER let them near a tank(more to come on this later). We use this to make them chase the Scarabs, while letting us shoot what’s running after them. To do this, run the scarabs up close to a enemy unit(lest say 19” away), but heading towards one of there tanks, if your good at guessing range, and there not, he will hopefully move to intercept your scarabs. Your scarabs will just be able to keep moving away from them, while your Immortals/Destroyers keep on shooting. This works best if you use your boost ability one the first turn to get next to the unit, so that he dose not move forward, but sideways(this is assuming you can get some guns in range).

Eating Tanks(Or Landraiders Taste Funny)

The smallest thing in the game will normally kill a tank in one turn, any tank(well, not skimmers). To do this, you want to wait until his don’t move, or move very slowly. If the tank moves too fast, you will never be able to hit it enough.

Lets say you got lucky, the SM player hast sat his landraider still to max his shooting. Fly your scarabs straight at it, and get into combat ( in your movement phase, try and circle that tank as much as possible), and when you move into base-to-base, try and get as many of them covering any exit points there might be. Now, you pick up 40 dice for a full squad of Scarabs, and try to roll as many 6’s as possible. One Avg you roll between 5-7. Now with 5 dice, your have a VERY good chance of getting a 6 on the glance role, but even if you don’t, that tank should have no weapons left, cant move of fire next turn, and should not be able to move at all for the rest of the game. Even if you don’t kill it, it becomes a rock.

Numbers Mean Everything.

With Scarabs, you really need a lot of them to do anything well, and as there so cheap(well, for Crons anyhow) you should take as many as you can… WITHOUT damaging your numbers of Destroyers. 30 Scarabs might be fun, but all you will do is be in combat for 4-5 turns, and not kill much. You want to find a nice number of them, and large squads. One squad of 10 is just as good as 2 of 5(better I think, as you can fit a lot of models within 2” of a scarab base), and one squad will still let you take 2 squads of destroyers.

Different Uses.

I said the Main 2 uses for scarabs are Speed Bumps and eating tanks, but people have come up with a lot of interesting uses for them.
The Lord of Destroyer body, with lighting field is always a fun one. With 30 Wounds, and a S3 hit each time one is removed, you can kill a lot while he kill you(just try not to get the lord in the middle of the combat, or they will target him, place me on the edge of the combat, so that he is in base-to-base with one or 2 models)

Boosting the scarabs 24” in front of a heavy weapon team first turn is also a nice idea as it makes 3 things happen. They Shoot as many of the Scarabs as possible, and normally will no be able to kill them all(Boosted Scarabs have a 5++ save), then you assault them(Good). A 2nd unit assaults them, and blocks LOS for the heavy weapons team(Ok, as the heavy weapons should be able to move away). His Whole army stops what its doing and shoots them(still good), this will kill the scarabs, but hey, his whole army just spent a whole turn doing nothing as far as your destroyers/Immortals/Warriors concerned.

Vs IG and Tau.

Vs these 2 armies, I think 30 Scarabs would win any game. The Scarabs should out number most units, have more attacks, and just be better then them. With these 2 armies, the scarabs should be able to eat anything that comes towards (have abit of problems with suits, but its doable) and come out on top. I have seen 2 units of 5(only time I have fielded them) eat most of a Tau Fire warrior line(total of 48 of them). When using scarabs vs. these, I would say Boost them as close as possible, Hiding the Scarabs if at all possible, then get into combat turn have a 36” 2 turn charge range, so its very doable, and you should cut straight though the first unit.

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