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Warboss Tactica [Broken HTML]

Submitted By: Date: June 2, 2006, 04:31:22 PM Views: 2910
Summary: <p class="heading">Uses of a Warboss</p> <p class="subheader">Morale Guards</p> <p class="body">The purpose of this Warboss is to keep the Boyz moving forward, with a leadership of 9, 10 if using Iron Gob, they can keep your troops calm under the heaviest of firestorms. These are frequently the cheapest of the Bosses as they require little in terms of equipment. A standard outfit for such a boss is a Choppa, Slugga, Big Horns, and maybe a Iron Gob. A morale boss does not need a retinue as it defeats his purpose, he needs to be an independent character to join a squad. Essentially this is the poormans warboss as he can be outfitted to be much more effective. The primary advantage here is the cost.</p> <p class="subheader1">Suggested Equipment:</p> <p class="body">Iron Gob/Big Horns<br /> Choppa<br /> Slugga</p>

<p class="subheader">Close Combat:</p>
   <p class="body">He is an Ork after all. This maybe the most common, with good reason. This warboss has been given an expanded invetory to deal death in copius amounts. I would recommend this kind of Boss to be equipped with a Power Klaw and a Choppa. In a lower point game a retinue is extremely cost prohibitive, it is much more pratical to have him join a squad rather than to buy one of his own. The squad he could join would be frontline sluggas or whatever is the vanguard of your army. Another viable option is to join trukk boy squads. Here one will take the speed of trukks and combine it with the devastating power of the warbosses skills in close combat. A major hazard for ork warbosses that one must always bear in mind is how fragile the boss really is, while on the outside he may be a giant lumbering warmachine, on the inside he is extremely vulnerable to Powerfists wielded by the ever-so-popular Space Marines. With the best invulnerable save of 5+ on a Cybork Body, Warbosses should avoid these like the plague. Avoid Plague Swords too.</p>
<p class="subheader1">Suggested Equipment:</p>
<p class="body">Power Klaw


'Eavy Amor</p>

<p class="subheader">Shooty:</p>
<p class="body">With the large array of Ork equipment it is possible to make a rather shooty Warboss. Since he will be hanging back, it is best if he doubles as Morale Guard. Keep in mind that the Orks are a primarily close combat oriented army and the while shooting does have its place, shooting is definately secondary. For example, small unit of Imperial Guard can put out an equal or even greater amount of firepower for less. Depending on you enemy a shooty boss should be equipped with a different heavy weapon. Big Shootas against horde armies rokkits against Power Armor and Tank Heavy forces. Ammo Runts for the Rokkit launchas are useful. Alternatively one could give a warboss a sooped up Shoota with different Kustom Jobs and Kombi Upgrades. This will make your warboss capable of fighting any kind of enemy. Retinues for this Boss can be outfited to have ten big shootas or rokkits, but as entertaining as this idea is, keep away from it. It can easily turn into a point sink.</p>
<p class="subheader1">Suggested Equipment vs Marine Tank:</p>
<p class="body">

Ammo Runt

'Eavy Armor

Big Horns

<p class="subheader1">Suggested Equipment vs Infantry:</p>
<p class="body">
Big Shoota

Ammo Runt

'Eavy Armor

Big Horns</p>

<p class="subheader">Retinues:</p>
<p class="body">To retinue or not to Retinue? That is the question! While these units are extremely expensive and fragile for the amount of firepower the attract, they are incredibly powerful and a crazy cool. In a game smaller than 1500 I would say they are too expensive, leave them. Upwards they have potential to unleash a wrath seen rarely in Warhammer 40k. It is important to keep them cheap, relatively speaking. I would reccomend a relatively small squad as only a few are necessary to massacare squad. 5-7 Nobz should be good.

In terms of equipping them Sluggas and Choppas are effective, Nobz are already strong and their intiative (espcially when doubled) can slaughter whole units before they have a chance to react. Power Klaws are far too expensive for everyone but excellent for a single Nob as it is defended by the impressive amount of wounds. 'Eavy Armor will greatly lift the survivablity of the squad, but wiegh it carefully. It will add up.

Warbosses in Retinues are pefect for Powerklaws as they will almost definately get their attacks since the Nobz will defend him even against the dreaded dreadnaughts.

Oddboyz are iffy. A Mek boy with a KFF can help protect the squad while Doks achieve the same. Doks can be useful since the only need to pass their fixit check twice to pay his own point cost in saved Nobz. One very problematic thing about DOks is that they take up a large space in a Trukk which will retrict the size of the Mob. Doks and Meks are just about the only justifiable place to put an 'Uge Choppa.

Trukks are nearly a must. They close the distance in nearly a single turn and get the Nobz into combat fast. If one lets them in sight for longer than a turn, expect the Nobz and the Boss to be very dead very fast. New entanglement rulez means you be pinned regardles of your great leadership. Use Buggies, Terrain and other Trukks to defend this expensive and destructive unit.</p>

<p class="heading">Review of Ork Weapons and Equipment</p>

<p class="subheader">Choppa:</p>
<p class="body">This is an excellent choice frequently pair with the Power Klaw. This lets the Warboss take advantage of his great intiative. While a Power Klaw is usually almost guaranteed to kill more, sometimes your Warboss is in danger of dying to quickly at the hands of a Powerfist or Dreadnaught. If the situation has reached that points, it maybe better to accept that your boss will die and kill a few marines before that accursed sargent finally delivers a killing blow. Another reason to use a Choppa is if the battle is the polar opposite of the aforementioned situation. If the odds are stacked against the enemy, it is still likely that he will strike first as Ork initiative is miserable. In this case a Choppa can reduce the number of dead boyz so the next assault is met with a few more orks.</p>

<p class="subheader">Slugga:</p>
<p class="body">This is a weapon that should not really be used much. Unless one is exceedingly strapped for points a Choppa is usually a superior choice. The option to shoot is basically redundant as you will probably fire this gun once before engaging into close combat.</p>

<p class="subheader">Shoota:</p>
<p class="body">If your fire you cannot assault. If you dont fire than you wasted points that should have been spent on a Choppa, avoid this weapon for your Warboss.</p>

<p class="subheader">Kombi Shoota (Skorcha):</p>
<p class="body">This weapon is not very helpful.Its greatest strength is probably its greatest weakness: It kills a lot. The weapon can easily reduce any 4+ Armor squad like Fire Warrior, Scouts, Stormtroopers, and Genestealers with Carapace into ashes. The problem is that it is very likely that you will kill everything in assault range! Remember guys, a boss in the open is a dead boss. Except for that last one on the list you will probably want to assault all of those. One reason to use this weapon would be in the very unlikey situation that you enemy is stronger in close combat and you are in cover, in which case you would flame say Genestealers and that assault from cover. However I maintain this weapon is too much for two little.</p>

<p class="subheader">Kombi Shoota (Rokkit):</p>
<p class="body">This adds a little ranged anti-tank power to you Boss. However it takes up two hands and is unlikely to hit anything as it only fires once.</p>

<p class="subheader">Kustom Jobs:</p>
<p class="subheader1">More Dakka:</p>
<p class="body">This is the most expensive and useful of the three. It allows the Warboss to fire and keep moving. This means a Warboss can get a shoota, bionik arm, and another CCW and still retain his Close Combat effectiveness. However Orks are relatively cheap. I would adive against decking out a Warboss as the points can be just as easily spent on more Orks</p>

<p class="subheader">More Shooty:</p>
<p class="body">This Make the weapon very adept at wounding basically anything. One may be tempted to make a Dakkin Shooty  Shoota Warboss and give him this along with More Dakka however then it is just more pratical to get a Big Shoota as it has an extra shot as well as an extra 12". Still I advise to keep ones warboss primarily Close Combat oriented.</p>

<p class="subheader">Blasta:</p>
<p class="body">This weapon can be fun and good against marines or even terminators. However for this upgrade to be of use one must be within a a very close distance of the enemy. If used it is likely that you will get one or two shot before finally getting stuck in combat for the rest of the game. The upgrade would be quite reasonable on Mega Armor as the save of the Armor would most likely protect the Boss against any...mishaps.</p>

<p class="subheader">Rokkit Lauchna:</p>
<p class="body">This weapon is better left to slavers and tankbusta squads. If has a better chance to hit than the Kombi Shoota due to the sheer amount of time you will probably fire this weapon. Unfortunately it still takes up two hands and seriously affects your close combat.</p>

<p class="subheader">Big Choppa:</p>
<p class="body">This weapon does for suck what the sun does for light. It sucks in every direction. You would be much better off with a Choppa, or even a Close Combat Weapon, and thats not even a choice! It is too expensive for what is offers. A Power Klaw is (except in cost) is superior in almost every way. It is one handed versus two, Ignores Saves versus reducing them, and double the strength versus adding one. Avoid this weapon.</p>

<p class="subheader">Big Shoota:</p>
<p class="body">For a Warboss, this can be a viable option when leading the horde of Orks as it will get used several times. However in an army where the Boss is expected to join Combat at an excellerated pace (Put in a Trukk or Wagon) This weapon will not be used enough to justify the cost.</p>

<p class="subheader">Power Klaw:</p>
<p class="body">The grand daddy of all weapons in the Orky armory. This is the single most expensive weapon in our armory, and rightfully so. It give you the ability to kill anything with a decent measure of reliability. To make the most out of this weapon make sure that you give it a secondary weapon like a Choppa, Slugga, or a Bionik Arm.</p>

<p class="subheader">Frag Stikkbombz:</p>
<p class="body">While these can be useful in a very particular situation, they are better left alone. If your enemy is in cover you should use your Power Klaw as the disablity of attacking last is made pointless.</p>

<p class="subheader">Krak Stikkbombz:</p>
<p class="body">While these are cheaper than Tankbusta Bombz, they are pretty much redundant. They are only effective against a narrow selection of vehicles, and against those with less than 12 armor, it is better to use your base strength as it is only one less and your get several attacks as opposed to a single hit.</p>

<p class="subheader">Tank Bustabombz:</p>
<p class="body">Good for well, busting tanks. They are much better than stikkbombz but still aren't nearly as good as a powerklaw. Only use these if your Boss doesn't have a Klaw. Viable option if low on points.</p>

<p class="subheader">Ammo Runtz:</p>
<p class="body">Your shooting is pretty much pointless anyway. When used with a Rokkit they can raise your chances of hitting from 3/9 to 5/9 which in comparison to the rest of the Orks is rather decent. They raise up the use of the Rokkit, but not by much. If you will take them, I recommend only taking two, not three. My reason lies that in a 6 turn game, it is likely that you will propbably be shooting for only 4 or 5 turns because of close combat, line of sight, concealment or other reasons. That means the chances are you will hit twice naturally and use the runts in turns when you do miss. May not make perfect sense but your Boss is not meant to be a shooter.</p>

<p class="subheader">Attack Squig:</p>
<p class="body">This little guy adds two s3 i4 attacks in close combat. While not extremely potent, he may save an orks life from an i3 attack. However the Attack Squig offers a rather devious combination. If one were to take a massive HQ, ten nobz each with 3 Squigs, the enemy would have to kill 20 squigs before they even touched a ork. Be warned this tactics is a bit of a longshot and may fail horribly, they are really easy to kill.</p>

<p class="subheader">Bionik Arm:</p>
<p class="body">This is an interesting piece of war gear. The attack is nice and makes you feel like a winner everytime it kills something. The additional attack power in close combat is good but not this weapons best feature. This provides a CCW which does not count as a close combat weapon at all. Therefore you could have a two handed weapon such as a shoota or a rokkit and still enjoy the benefits of having an extra attack in close combat with your power klaw or choppa. The problem with this item is it's cost. If you don't have a two handed weapon, this is not worth it. The less expensive Squigs (despite the reduced strength and initiative) have a chance of hitting twice (25%) will probably hit at least once (50%) or miss (25%).</p>

<p class="subheader">Bionik Bonce:</p>
<p class="body">If taken it is pretty much useless unless combined with 'Eavy Armor in which case you get to see why every one loves Space Marines so much. However it can end up getting costly and won't improve your chances of survivng any powerfist totting marines.</p>

<p class="subheader">Big Horns:</p>
<p class="body">Totally Useless.</p>

<p class="subheader">Iron Gob:</p>
<p class="body">While it does the same exact thing as Big Horns, it is awesome because Orks with Iron Gobs look great. But seriously speaking these upgrades help the Warboss and his mob moving forward. With this, even small mobs will ignore pinning and other morale failuires. If taken widely through the army keep in mind not to buy this upgrade for the nob leading the squad with the Boss will join. His leadership is better.</p>

<p class="subheader">Boss Pole:</p>
<p class="body">Looks cool, I'll give it that. This is best for bosses who will be moving within the front of a massive mob or orks. Combined with Iron Gob or Big Horns it basically ensure you will mob up.</p>

<p class="subheader">'Eavy Armor:</p>
<p class="body">This is a good upgrade. The armor bonus is significant and keeps your boss alive from pesky bolter fire and standard marine attacks. The problem is that your enemy is usually going to send something to kill your Warboss that gets through the armor anyway. However, this may not be an option for him if you keep your boss fast (Trukks come to mind) in which case the the enemy may have to deal with the armor. Goes great with a Bionik Bonce.</p>

<p class="subheader">Mega Armor:</p>
<p class="body">Is it worth it? Tough tough question. Here you have a 2+ save for the price of basically 3 pts since one will probably purchase a power klaw anyway and you get a shoota for free. Unfortunately the Mega Armor makes you lose your precious extra two-weapon attack and the strategy of Orks demands that you move forward full speed. You NEED to get arcoss and spending every movement phase in difficult terrain is not a pleasant prospect at all. Even worse is being in dificult terrain during the assault phase were inches determine whether your annialate the enemy or lay in the open for a turn. But for these inherest flaw the is a way around them. Putting your Boss in a Trukk will (for the most part) eliminate the speed disadvantage. Remember to get out of the trukk very close to your enemy or the assault may fail.</p>

<p class="subheader">Mega Boosta:</p>
<p class="body">Good for reducing the speed disadvantage of Mega Armor. However keep in mind that if your Warboss is going to be staying on his one he can reroll dificult terrain by the virtue of being an independent character. This is useful for when he will be joining other squads.</p>

<p class="subheader">WAAAGH! Banner:</p>
<p class="body">This is a one per army item which is relatively costly.This item is best used by several smaller groups of orks like Kommandos or Trukk boyz If your boss is accompanying those kind of mobz this may be worth its very high cost. However against armies with intiative 4 or higher it is not very useful.</p>

<p class="heading">Klan Specific Warbosses</p>

<p class="subheader">Goff:</p>
<p class="body">These Orks are used just like any other Ork Warboss but with free Big Horns/Iron Gob. This give your Warboss an advantage to  have the Morale of your mobz from breaking.

Suggested Equipment:



Big Horns</p>

<p class="subheader">Bad Moon:</p>
<p class="body">This Warbos has a Kustom Mega Blasta for free. To make full use his spiffy weapon one should always purchase Mega Armor.  While it slows you down, the KMB counts as assault. Moving slowly is better than moving not at all. Afterwards your Boss will need to fill his 40 requirement as Bad Moons are so rich. I suggest Ammo Runtz to make sure that at least a few of yyour deadly blasta shots hit.

Suggested Equipment:

Mega Armor

2 Ammo Runtz</p>

<p class="subheader">Evil Sunz:</p>
<p class="body">This Warboss has the option to take a Warbike. The Warbike makes the Warboss even better at what he does with an increased survival. T5 is dificult for most infantry to kill. However he is still vulnerable to the same dangers that a standard Warboss must watch out for. The Warbike adds another dimension to the Warboss as well, Tank Hunting. If equipped with a Power Klaw, it can be pretty sure that any vehicle that wanders within the 18” charge zone of the Warboss is scrap. Tankbusta Bombz are unecessary. Another recommended upgrade is 'Eavy Armor and a Bionik Bonce. If the Warboss turbo boosts he will have a 3++ save. That is enough to survive most anything. However it is still best to keep safe and steer clear of S8 Weaponry. This also applies to the Speed Freeks.

Suggested Equipment:


Power Klaw

Bionik Bonce

'Eavy Armory</p>

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