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Dark Eldar Lord Tactica

Submitted By: Date: August 8, 2005, 06:50:50 PM Views: 2988

<div align="center"><strong>The Dark Eldar lord.</strong><br /><br />A monster on its own.</div>
<br />
faq is written in my own free time and made for all those Dark Eldar
players who would like to know more about how to use a lord. I will
discuss various lords but also excluding some because I have no
experience whatsoever with them. (Hellion lord for example)<br />I hope after reading this Little faq you will have learned a bit more about how to field your lord. </em> <br />
<br />
-Archon Bjorn-<br />
<br />
<strong>Introduction:</strong><br />
Dark eldar lord. One of the most lethal models in your army. Being able
to equip him with a agoniser gives him the possibility to shred
monstrous creatures to shreds. Equipping him with a punisher will make
him fit perfectly to shred units of marines necrons or similar models.
This model will almost always get it points back once it reaches close
combat. Beware however allot of new players have the tendency to take a
big expensive HQ resulting into a mas fire magnet. It is often better
to let the lord walk alone then to throw a 200 point incubus squad
around him. <br />
<br />
The stats are everything you could desire. A very
high initiative making almost sure he will always strike first even
versus other commanders. And a high WS resulting he hits on 3+ 95% of
the time. He does however has it weaknesses. For instance he has the
standard strenght of a warrior meaning he will wound marines on 5’s. He
also has the same toughness as the standard warrior making it very easy
for the opponent to wound him. On top of that he has the same armour
save as a normal trooper!. A really big disadvantage. But then again
there is enough wargear to counter these weaknesses.<br />
<br />
The lord
however has a wide range of wargear to chose from. A agoniser Will
solve his low strenght problem because of his wound ability. A
shadowfield will solve his poor save. (The downside of a shadowfield is
of course once you fail to safe he is gone but with some decent luck
your lord will last for a long time.) you have 2 standard lords on
foot. The first one is made for high toughness creatures the second one
for standard troopers. <br />
<br />
<strong>The high toughness shredder:</strong><br />
Archon/Dracon with the following equipment: Agoniser pistol shadowfield combat drugs total 131/101 points.<br />
<br />
is a pretty simple equipped archon. Still this equipment should be
sufficient to kill wraithlords talos hive tyrants and other big ones.
The agoniser is simply there to counter the toughness of your opponents
model. The pistol is used for the extra attack the shadowfield for its
save and the combat drugs is there for a big close combat boost. <br />
<br />
If you got spare points left I would suggest you take one of the following wargear items:<br />
-Grenades: Well speaks for itself IMO<br />
talisman if it happens that your lord loses combat for some reason
outnumbering is not something your waiting for for only 2 points you
can save a outnumbering from 4 vs 1 to make it 2 vs 1 a big difference.<br />
-Trophy rack:If your archon has joined a squad then the extra leadership will come of handy.<br />
<br />
<strong>The troop shredder:</strong><br />
Archon/Dracon with the following equipment:punisher tormentor helm shadowfield combat drugs. 135/105 points<br />
<br />
a standard equipped lord. The punisher in combination with your combar
drugs (+1S) will make him wound marines on 3+ (resulting into a dead
marine of course) The tormentor helm is there for a extra attack and
the shadowfield for the save.<br />
<br />
     If you got spare points left I would suggest you take one of the following wargear items:<br />
-Grenades: <br />
-Gruesome talisman <br />
-Trophy rack:<br />
Same explanation as above.<br />
vitae: Even though the new rules practically destroyed the capture rule
it is still possible. If you succeed to capture on the extra S will
boost your Archon greatly resulting into dead marines on 2+!. However
this is a big gamble because like 80% of the time your archon wont be
able to capture a model.<br />
<br />
<strong>Combat drugs note</strong>:Never take
more then 2 options at the same time the risk of instant killing your
archon is simply not worth it. I would suggest taking the re-roll
misses and +1A for the monster shredder lord and +1S re-roll misses for
the troop shredder. If you are not able to assault then the 12’’
assault move option is also something that will help you allot I would
drop the re-roll misses in that case because most of the time you will
hit on 3+ anyway.<br />
<br />
These are the 2 standard lords like most of us
know them. Don't put to many fancy stuff on him it is only wasted and
makes him a even bigger magnet. Once the players know how devastating
your Archon can be they will try to do everything they can to stop it
reaching CC.<br />
<br />
<strong>Poison lord: By Leon AKA Tycho</strong><br />
This is a
lord a friend of mine uses so the credits are for him. He equips him
exactly the same like a monster killer but adds a tormentor helm and
poisen blades. (scrap the pistol) This way you can choose if you want
to wound n 2+ with saves or 4+ with no saves. (2+ vs orks or nids is
pretty good) <br />
<br />
So the lord is equipped like this:<br />
Archon/Dracon with the following equipment: Agoniser tormentor helm poisen blades shadowfield combat drugs.140/110 points. <br />
<br />
Extra wargear same like the monster shredder lord.<br />
-Grenades: <br />
-Gruesome <br />
-Trophy rack: <br />
<br />
<br />
<strong>The reaver jetbike lord:</strong><br />
interesting lord. He is fast meaning he will reach close combat quickly
 and your opponent has hardly the chance to shoot at him. He can not
have sadly enough a punisher meaning he will lose that +1S bonus BUT if
you print out the faq on the GW site you will read that bikes do give a
+1S bonus yeah! (And bikes do give a standard+1 toughness)<br />
<div align="center">         <strong>Note: Bikes do Not give a +1 on your armour save</strong>!.</div>
<br />
So this time your Archon will look like this:<br />
Archon/Dracon with the following equipment:power weapon tormentor helm shadowfield combat drugs jetbike. Total 155 points.<br />
<br />
Altough rather expensive compared to the other lords this lord is ALOT faster.  <br />
If you got spare points left I would suggest you take one of the following wargear items:<br />
-Grenades: <br />
-Gruesome talisman <br />
-Animus vitae: <br />
Same explanation as with the previous lord.<br />
<div align="center">      <strong> Note:Your lord 12’’ assault range drugs WONT work anymore!  </strong> </div>
 <br />
<br />
lord can not have a incubus retinue or course one of the downsides
using the jetbike. He can however join a jetbike squad. (They are to so
expensive IMO) equipping the jetbike with 2 blasters makes it a hard
hitting unit that is able to deal with tanks!.<br />
<br />
You can also fly
near some raiders if you use a raider rush tactic. The rules state you
can not target a independent character if he is not the closest target.
The raiders are pretty hard to get down. (letting 2 raiders fly in
front of him sure makes your opponent sweat.) <br />
<br />
Then we got the <strong>hellion lord</strong>.
I do not have any experience what so ever with this lord. It seems to
me that it works similar to a jetbike lord. The advantage is he gains
+1 on his armour save the downside is he does <strong>NOT</strong> gain the +1
strenght and +1 toughness bonus that the bikes gives. A small advantage
is that you can take the punisher again and do hit and run tactics
however I would reconsider this lord and get a reaver jetbike lord
instead.<br />
<br />
<strong>The webway portal lord: </strong> <br />
This is also a lord
I have never tested but I have seen allot of topics were ppl use them
for some reason as WWP carriers. Altough I would advise not to do this
it is still a option. It will be a expensive lord and a fire magnet
 but a hard nut to crack.<br />
<br />
If I would ever use it this is what I would give him:<br />
Archon/Dracon equipped with the following wargear: Agoniser shadowfield combat drugs web way portal pistol. 181/151 points.<br />
<br />
you can see he is exactly the same like the monster shredder lord BUT
he wont be able to take those small pieces of wargear. I advise that he
will Not join a squad instead let him walk behind a big warrior squad
using them as a meatshield. Arcas gave me the tip letting raiders fly
in front of him. A interesting option because several raiders are quit
had to take down with all those glancings. (You can get around 4
raiders for one warrior squads for a Little extra you can equip them
with dissies also)  Perhaps I will try this out the next Battle or so.<br />
<br />
<strong>The Retinue:</strong><br />
Think twice before you give him a retinue. If
you give him a retinue then do not use warriors. You don't want that
your lord takes morale checks. Instead let him join other squads.
(wyches in a raider is a good example) Also a fun combination to try
out is a grotesques squad. Their terrifying opponent rule combined with
your archons close combat capability is a lethal combination. Suddenly
those necrons LD of 10 does not matter anymore. Also this is a VERY
hard meatshield to shoot away. There feel no pain really helps so much
vs armies like tau. <br />
<br />
Like I said before it would be wise to let him join a <strong>wych squad </strong>
in raider. If you play a WWP army like I do then you will notice how
easy it is to let him reach close combat. You still are able to FoF
(that makes a difference trust me on that one) and the wyches
themselves added with a succubus with a agoniser and a pistol will
boost the squad’s kill count even more. <br />
<br />
<strong>Incubus’s</strong> are a
excellent retinue. To bad they are so expensive. They also will withold
your lord to FoF a BIG disadvantage. Think twice before taking them and
never take more then 5!.<br />
I would only use them versus a 3+save army
(SM CSM ‘crons) to many incubus will only result into wasted points. 5
incubus will give 15 S4 power weapon attacks together with your lord
thats a total of 21 power weapon attacks enough already to take out any
marine squad.<br />
(Also don't take assault incubus they are not that
good as you think go for those 3 extra power weapon attacks instead of
one S8 AP2 attack!)<br />
<br />
<strong>Reaver jetbikes</strong> are quit risky IMO.
They are fast but will get shot down really fast at least take a squad
of 6 when your letting him join a reaver jetbike squad. (Don't forget
turboboosting will make there save invulnerable) <br />
<br />
<strong>Some tips:</strong><br />
It is better to walk behind a squad then to join it. Morale checks is something you should try to evade as much as possible. <br />
be afraid when he gets show with S8 weapons instead be more afraid of
the standard weapons that troopers have. Your lord weakness is that he
can not keep saving everything with his shadowfield.<br />
Put your lord ALWAYS into BtB contact with your opponents models otherwise he can’t hit them :p.<br />
Don't tool your lord to much. He will get shot allot already making him expensive will only mean he will get shot more.<br />
<br />
<br />
is all I can come up with ATM. I will @ more once I remind it. Any
comments would be greatly appreciated. (how to field a hellion lord for
example or if you know more lord combinations). <br />
<br />
<strong>Credits:</strong><br />
<strong>-Arcas</strong> for his tip to let your lord walk behind raiders.<br />
<strong>-Leon aka Tycho</strong> for his poison lord.<br />

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