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Reavers: Tactical Review

Submitted By: Date: August 8, 2005, 05:33:58 PM Views: 700

Reaver Jetbikes: Tactical Review
Scribed by: Incubi Master RumblebellySugarmed o

First, clear your mind of everything you have been told about Reavers ... Done?  Okay, these might be my favorite unit in the Dark Eldar army.  Shall I illumine what has here-to-for been in darkness?  Here are the key tactical uses for Reavers: 
1) Kill The Devastator Squad- or the equivalent.  Take a unit of five Reavers (150 points) and rush them at the nearest Devastator squad.  Laugh maniacally as you suck up all their heavy weapon fire leaving your Raiders and Warriors free from the plague of their heavy weapons.  Watch their lascannon and plasmacannon shots bounce of your bikes like a 25 cent rubber ball in a 3 foot concrete cube.  Then when it is your turn, assault them and tie them up for a few turns, or just kill them outright!  If they simply ignore your bikes, then you should be able to shred them in close combat and you can proceed to roll up their flank.
2) Kill The Armor - Take a unit of five, two equipped with blasters and a succubus armed with haywire grenades.  Ride straight towards the armor and put it out of commission. 
3) Draw Fire - take three units of five.  Speed them directly at the enemy and bring your Raiders in behind them.  If the enemy shoots the Raiders, your jetbikes consolidate and start wiping out units.  If they shoot the bikes (which 9 out of 10 times they do, either because your Raiders are behind cover or they don?t do the math with fleet of foot) you can again chuckle like a wizened old soothsayer as they destroy much less than they thought they would with your invulnerable save and a four toughness.

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