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Mandrake Tactics

Submitted By: Date: August 8, 2005, 05:22:30 PM Views: 1854

Mandrakes: Tactics
Scribed by: Jason Juta

Mandrakes can be overlooked as they have standard warrior stats. However, three things make them cool. The first is their cover save from shooting - no more AP 5 weapons automatically wiping you out. The second is their extra attack from two weapons - a charging mandrake squad can deal out 30 attacks, which can slice and dice imperial guard, and other low armour troops. Finally, their most powerful ability is the shadow skin feature. Mandrakes are best at capturing ground and backing up an assault. If playing along the short way of the table, they can infiltrate far, and move the rest of the way through cover. Keeping them out of harm?s way means you can gain easy VPs from capturing ground, and you deny your opponent VPs for destroying your mandrakes at the same time. Nice! Backing up an assault is also a powerful option, as by turn three you can see where they?ll be most effective. Using mandrakes can force your opponent to react to you early in the game, without you even doing anything - a key element to victory.

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