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Author Topic: The Legend of the Soul Stealer Part 3- DE Fiction  (Read 821 times)

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The Legend of the Soul Stealer Part 3- DE Fiction
« on: May 4, 2002, 09:50:54 PM »
Author's Note-- Read the previous two parts otherwise this will not make sense.

All three Kabals are picking up traces of the sword's power. It seems that the Kabal of the Black Sword is making the most progress as this blade was wielded by one of their own. Qui'llesh is still being held captive by the Green Thorns... or he was. It is believed that Decapitator the Mandrake took matters into his own hands and stole the Dracon for his own purposes. This recent chain of events has left the streets of northeastern Commorragh running with blood. The Blood Archon is said to smile from his balcony overlooking the section of the city. After all his Kabal was founded on that of an aggressive principle. The stage is set for a dramatic undertaking, one that could forever alter the history of Commorragh itself............
And so the search continues hour after hour, day after day, week after week. The Kabal of the Black Sword has even withdrawn their expeditionary pirate force from Warp Space to look for the sacred blade.
One especially dark evening an echoing cry was heard by all in northeastern Commorragh. A cry that was truly undescribable. Truly hideous. And truly... full of glee. A portal to the void was created in a second, and all the cries of the imprisoned souls were heard making all who heard them shake in fear... All forces in the section converged unto the site to create the greatest battle ever fought in Commorragh itself............. ........ End of Part Three

Just like all the other books out there I ended right on the climax. Well I will post the next part tommorrow. I hope there are more stories coming from everybody. Later, -Blood Archon
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