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Author Topic: Kur'Suk Craftworld  (Read 1010 times)

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Kur'Suk Craftworld
« on: April 16, 2002, 05:04:08 PM »
The craftworld i play is the Kur'suk Craftworld.  Heres a little fluff.

Report of the Kur'Suk Eldar
Iquisitor Seindra

Though my stay was breif on the Kur'Suk craftworld , I learned a great deal on one of the most recently discovered craftworlds of the eldar, and possibly one of the recently built.  I received the chance to board this vessle when one of the Kur'Suk's young farseer was captured after they launched a raid on a excavation site that had found some mysterious runes.  For the Farseer's return, i was granted a week on the craftworld to learn all i could about them.  The first thing i noticed was their armor, it was twisted and distorted and much changed from the normal craftworld eldar that the Imperium usally sees.  This was cause to the pure nature of the craftworld.  Roughly translated, Kur'suk means dark redemption, for these fallen eldar were once a dark eldar kabal.  After years of fighting against a craftworld, they were convinced by the craftworlds farseer to come into the light again.  Most of the dark eldar accepted and went to live on the craftworld and choose to fight against their former brothers in darkness.  After a few years, the Kur'Suk wished a craftworld of their own, and built one with the help from the other craftworld.  That happened about 790 human years ago, and the Kur'Suk have been on a self-redemption crusade for centuries.  Some of the Kur'Suk consider themselves redeemed from their years of dark acts and shuck their dark skins for the enlightenment of eldar armor of the aspects.  Others are forced to take new armor, like the gaurdian armor of other craftworlds.  Others do not believe they have been saved, keeping their dark and twisted armor.  The young farseer was quite freindly for being held hostage of the imperium for some time, telling me all this even though his father , the older farseer of the craftworld, willed against it.  The young farseer, whose name was all but unpronouncable to me, claimed that chaos was the only true enemy, and that he would ally with humans even when not necessary.  Such words make me think if these aliens are as trecherous as the chaos traitors, or are our brothers in battle.  Either way, this craftworld is another threat for the Imperium, and one that should not be taken lightly.

So, what do you think?
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