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Author Topic: 100 additional command asset cards  (Read 522 times)

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100 additional command asset cards
« on: July 10, 2019, 07:22:43 AM »
Has anyone bought the additional command asset cards for apocalypse? On the GW site it says the following:

"This deck of 100 additional Command Asset cards is designed to expand upon the 300 Command Assets included with Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse. The new cards are divided between universal cards that are usable by any faction, as well as cards that are tailored to each of the individual factions that feature in Apocalypse. Regardless of your allegiance, these additional Command Assets offer a huge variety of new tactical options."

I was wondering if anyone had bought it if they could please tell me how many additional universal, asuryani and SM cards there were?


I had some money come in and threw caution to the wind and bought the cards. Here's the breakdown.

Imperial Knights 4
Imperial Guard 8
Sisters of Battle 4
Adeptus Ministorum 1
AdMech 5
Custodes 1
Sisters of Silence 1
Astartes 11 (5 generic, SW/BA/DA 1 each, GK 3)
CSM 7 (2 generic, 1k Sons 3, 1 DG, 1 nurgle psychic power)
Daemons 7
Generic chaos 1
Traitor knights 1
Dark Eldar 10
Tyranids 3
Orks 4
Tau 3
Gensestealer cults 2
Necrons 3
Harlequins 2
Ynnari/Aeldari 1 (old SFD or re-roll morale for any aeldari)
CWE 6 (all generic some very strong)
Aeldari/Slaanesh 1 (Ancient doom)
Generic Apocalypse 14
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