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Author Topic: Warhammer FPS Co-Op  (Read 4441 times)

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Re: Warhammer FPS Co-Op
« Reply #20 on: April 3, 2018, 05:22:10 PM »
How does the game compare to the first one?  I picked up Vermintide from a HumbleBundle.  Expecting something like Left 4 Dead, I was sorely disappointed with the gameplay.

There's a lot more variety in gameplay. Of the 5 characters, character has 3 classes which changes their gear and powers and such, and each class has 5 talent slots to pick different buffs or effects. Each character has a ranged class, a melee class, and a support class. For example, Bardin's 3 classes:

1. Ranger Veteran -  Ranged Class: access to ammunition-based ranged weapons and 2-handed melee weapons. passive drops of ammunition for more crossbow or handgun shots. Ult makes him invisible to enemies
2. Ironbreaker - Support Class: access to sword/board melee weapons and heat-based ranged weapons. passive blocks enemy attacks, and ult taunts enemies and vastly increases block.
3. Slayer - Melee Class: Access to dual axes, carries 2 melee options and no ranged options. passive increases attack speed, ult is a short-cooldown leap that increases attack speed.

It's significantly less like L4D now, but in a good way in my opinion. There's much more variety of enemies, like shield-bearing stormvermin, northlander berserkers, and Chaos Warriors, who are gnarly as heck. There are new specials- sorcerers and warpflamer-bearers, and now several new bosses besides just rat ogre. There's the Stormfiend who has warpflamers, the Chaos Spawn who is a lot more scary in game than on the tabletop, and the Bile Troll, who has unique breath weapon attacks.

At the end of each mission, you get a chest with 3 items. Every item has a power rating, which increases your hero power. Hero power is basically your catch-all stat for attack and defense. Item traits will do stuff like help your crit, blocking, bonus vs certain enemies, extra health, etc, but Hero Power is the name of teh game and is independent of the bonus on the item. So you might have an item that grants 40 hero power, and +5% crit chance, and another item that grants 46 hero power but no bonus, etc. Every time you open a chest, it checks what the highest hero power item you've ever gotten is, and gives you an item around that range; so over time, hero power goes up as you open more chests.

With the higher number of items it's easier to swap between characters.

It's much less like L4D, kinda like a first person version of diablo.

If you want to do mostly shooting, play Bardin or Siena.
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