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Author Topic: Inside the Mind of a Farseer- A Fanciful Journey  (Read 549 times)

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Inside the Mind of a Farseer- A Fanciful Journey
« on: October 3, 2002, 04:42:50 PM »
Hey eldaronline guys! Its been awhile since i last posted here on eldar online because... well to be blunt, u guys are just too good. Every question i posted in the rules forum was answered, most within an hour. But i grew tired of the internet for a time as i no longer had questions that needed to be answered... well warhammer questions anyway. But i'm back and i hoped you guys would accept me into your honourable and glorified ranks again. As a small gift *cough* bribe *cough* to those great ones of eldaronline like the mighty brain i present Inside the Mind of A Farseer. Its a jumble of thoughts supposedly from the mind of one of the craftworlds' greatest. I wrote it for a GW exibition at my local hobby store around a year ago and i thought you guys might get a kick out of it.

Inside the Mind of a Farseer

Farseer Black-Kith of Iyanden- “The day may be dark for our resurrected brethren, but the thought of eternal rest shall drive them with an implacable will to destroy the enemies of our great craftworld”

Farseer Aravan of Biel-Tan- “Run pitiful monkeys, the warriors of the eldar are upon you!”

Farseer Elthir of Saim-Hann- “Come brothers, follow me, we hunt across the skys! Come chosen of Khaine, and see how our prey, the gangly mon-keigh flee! There is no place for them to hide under the pale face of Lileath the moon, nor under the sun, the face of Asuryan!”

Farseer Waylander of Alaitoc- “The great scouts of our world are ready to depart and the sniper kin are prepared to spill the blood of the insolent mon-keigh. Let us see what the vile monkeys have created in our 400-year absence.”

Eldrad Ulthran of Ulthwe- “My seer council, prepare for battle! The guises of the Great Enemy are many and varied. We must meditate and ready ourselves for the coming of She Who Cannot Be Named. This battle may not end with victory for us. A great black tide rolls over the void. Many of our brethren shall meet their end battling in this conflict. But I know that my seer kin are strong and we shall take as many of the Great Enemy’s foul perversions of life screaming into the void with us… Hey! Who moved my Staff of Ulthamar!?! Oh well. I guess the Tau could beat all these daemons for us; I’ll talk to one of their leaders after we get back from watching Harry Potter. I think maybe that magical boy rivals the power of our greatest seers; we must find a way to induct him into our great council.

Well, be sure to tell me what you think

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