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Author Topic: Etheran Snow Hounds (Retconned)  (Read 973 times)

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Etheran Snow Hounds (Retconned)
« on: November 18, 2007, 01:06:41 AM »
Hey everyone, after taking a bit of a break from Warhammer 40K, I finally found myself clawing my way back to my models begging them to take me back. Anyways, since I've just got back, I've decided the first thing to do was to rewrite my Guard's old history write up. Well, here it is, and I hope you like it. Any Criticism would be appreciated.

The Etheran Snow Hounds

Source of Request: Imperial Library 223.7721.FFTNH
Access Request…Etheran
Input Authorization: Pauline Scotch

+++Authorization Cleared+++

Public Access Granted

+++Accessing Imperial Records+++

Input Request:…

+++Accessing Imperial Records+++

Etheran System: 6 planets (I-VI), 2 inhabitable (Ethera I-II)
Size: Equatorial Distance: 230,000,000,000 miles
Gravity: 1.03G
Satellite: 1 moon
Population: 5,700,000,000 approx
Rotation Speed: 1,200 mph
Climate Classification: Moderate - Mild/Severe Arctic Temperate
Atmospheric Composition: Nitrogen 78.08%, Oxygen 20.95%, Argon .93%, Carbon Dioxide: 0.038%
Planetary Governor(s): 23 Elected Representatives… (Click to see list)
Climate: Cool to Extreme Arctic. Warmest climate located along the equator.
Mean average temp of coastal regions is 12°C (54°F). Average daily temperature of −15 °C (5 °F), could drop as low as −40 °C (−40 °F).
Geography: Varied geography, multiple large seas heated by geothermal activity, several small oceans.
Political Division: Divided among 23 provinces, democratically elected representative per province. 23 representatives form High Consul, ruling over planet; will elect 1 representative as dictator in times of crisis.
Provinces: Jamaal, Orrax, Moskau, Vovalgia, Mantras, Ingra… (Click to see list)
Economy: Civilized Planet, diverse economy.
Society: Diverse, ranging from poor miners to wealthy merchants and scholars. Places heavy emphasis on military service (Subsidiaries per Imperial Guard family provided by local Government) and family honor. Generally well educated. 
Principle Exports: Ores, manufactured equipment, food, men.
Principle Imports: Self Sustaining…
Known History of Ethera: Ethera was founded on 362.M36, according to local records, but lost contact from the Imperium in 549.M36 due to a warp anomaly. Contact was reestablished 419.M39 after the passing of this warp anomaly. Ethera was soon brought back into the folds of the Imperium soon after. However, a rebellion broke throughout the planet of the planetary tithe, the people found the tithe unacceptable. A dispute over the planetary tithe, and specifically the area of Imperial Recruitment, was the cause of this.
   The people would not accept the thought of their citizens not being allowed to return home (Imperial Guard regiments are placed under control of the Departmento Munitorum). The High Consul unanimously and wisely condemned the rebellion. 3 Imperial Guard Regiments were dispatched to assist in restoring order. To help calm the populous, the Planetary Government subsidize the family of Imperial Guardsmen, providing for any, but not limited to children, spouses, and any other close relative of every soldier.
   Now, Ethera is a valiant member of the Imperium, fighting the enemies of the Imperium with great honor and duty. They have provided thousands of vehicles, millions of men, and countless tons of supplies for the Imperial cause. Military service is not required, but considered a high honor on the planet, seen as a way of providing in the eyes of the populous.
Imperial Guard Recruitment: Ethera has raised over 501 regiments for the Departmento Munitorum, all having served, and serving all across the Imperium. The 499-501 Etheran Regiments were raised for the conflict of Medusa V, where they served valiantly and assisted in the recue of millions in a glorious victory against the Emperor’s enemies. Men all over the planet are recruited; all the provinces have provided a large number of men for the Imperial Guard.
   It should be noted that a bulk of the recruits (approx 35%) come from the single province of Orrax. The people of this province take military honor to the extreme. Men are raised from a society hell bent on slaughtering the enemies of the Imperium. Hailing from a military society, every male citizen of age is immediately conscripted and sent to the PDF, and most eventually into the planetary tithe. The Orrax people are known for their ferocity in combat, and their high regard of honor. They’re high training has lead them to become and equivalent of Imperial Storm Troopers.
   Regardless of which province these men hail from, the Etheran are known for their ferocity in combat, their loyalty, and their will (no matter how imposed) to take one step forward. What more could you ask?

…501st Etheran…

+++Accessing Imperial Records+++

Regiment: 501st Etheran
Commanding Officer: Colonel Joseph Lavotski
Founded: 000.M42
Strength: Classified
Location: Classified

...Personnel files…

+++Accessing Imperial Records+++

Name: Colonel Joseph Lavotski
Age: 53
Province: Jamaal
Position: Regimental CO
Info: Joseph Lavotski was born in the Jamaal province of Ethera, he crew up in a wealthy family, and lived a comfortable life due to the work of his grandfather; who was in the Imperial Guard. Government subsidiaries provided his father the education he needed, allowing him to become a successful asset to the Etheran government. Inspired by the work of his father, he joined the Imperial Guard. His first posting was on classified where his growing potential would bring him to the position he is now.

“The enemy of my enemy is the next one to die.”

   -Colonel Joseph Lavotski

Name: Major Michael Hanhson   
Age: 31
Province: Orrax
Position: 1st Battalion CO
Info: Hans, as he is simply known, is a cold and ruthless man. Born and raised in the province of Orrax, he was immediately conscripted by the provincial government and sent to the PDF at the age of 17. Applying for officer schooling, he quickly showed his ruthlessness at suppressing local rebellions that even his own superior officers feared him.

              He is unwavering in his loyalty to his honor and shows great distain for men who don’t hold up to his standards. He is a Commissar in his own right and rumors had it that when the 499th-501st Etheran Regiments were formed, his superiors were more then eager to transfer him into the Imperial Guard. Despite his ruthlessness, Hans is an excellent military commander and proven time and time again to be the most reliable man in the entire regiment, ready to lead his men to hell and back.

“He is a cold ruthless bastard who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. He would rather see us all dead then surrender, and would shoot us all before we rout. Even the Commissars fear him. I hate that man, he has allowed so many of my friends to die. But…I would truly follow him anywhere, because I know he will lead us to victory… the bloody bastard…”

   -Captain Leopold Scotch.

Name: Captain Leopold Scotch   
Age: 26
Province: Moskau
Position: 1st Battalion, Alpha Company CO
Info: Leo, or more commonly “Butters” as he is affectionately known by his men, was born to a poor in the Moskau province of Ethera. Having no real plan to enlist in the Imperial Guard, he went through his life believing he would leave a normal life. Unfortunately, or maybe so, he was signed up by his parents against his will (This is currently under investigation by the local Government) and shipped off to his first combat zone.
   Despite this, he quickly flew through the ranks as he proved his military prowess and supreme leadership capabilities. . He is beloved by his men, and those under him show such loyalty to him that many superiors are worried about the power he could posses. They claim; if he so desires, he could turn the entire regiment against their commanding officers and take control of them himself.

“We love Butters (Leopold) so much, that if asked, we would forsake our own family honor.

   -Trooper Alex Bale

Name: First Lieutenant Gregory Koral
Age: 35
Province: Unknown
Position: 1st Battalion, Alpha Company XO
Info: Not much is known about Lieutenant Koral. It has shown that he is an excellent leader of men, and has an eerily good skill at keeping the men’s morale. He believes himself to be a great comedian because every time he speaks there is always snickering in the audience (As it turns out, he has a hilarious accent). He spent most of his early life as a pirate, scouring the Volgolgan Sea for many years. In the end, he was captured, and presented with two choices, death, or the Imperial Guard. Obviously, he chose the latter. He showed great leadership qualities, and was well liked by the superiors, appointed Lieutenant upon the founding of the 501st Etheran Regiment.



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